The Urantia Type of Personality

16:8.15 The Urantia type of human personality may be viewed as functioning in a physical mechanism consisting of the planetary modification of the Nebadon type of organism belonging to the electrochemical order of life activation and endowed with the Nebadon order of the Orvonton series of the cosmic mind of parental reproductive pattern. The bestowal of the divine gift of personality upon such a mind-endowed mortal mechanism confers the dignity of cosmic citizenship and enables such a mortal creature forthwith to become reactive to the constitutive recognition of the three basic mind realities of the cosmos:

1. The mathematical or logical recognition of the uniformity of physical causation.
2. The reasoned recognition of the obligation of moral conduct.
3. The faith-grasp of the fellowship worship of Deity, associated with the loving service of humanity.

  • Do you challenge any and all thoughts which your super conscious mind sees (identifies) as…less than dignified…not being worthy of the dignity of a cosmic citizen?


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