1. Courage

1. Is Courage—

Strength of Character


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1. Courage
This mind map reveals the general pathway of experiential expansion beyond the dead (pre-moral) center of human animal consciousness into the mid mind zone of soul-conscious contact with and embrace of morontia mota (spirit-insight into spirit realities).

Adjutant Mind Spirit

  1. Spirit of Intuition–quick perception

101:3.2 Faith-insight, or spiritual intuition, is the endowment of the cosmic mind in association with the Thought Adjuster, which is the Father’s gift to man. Spiritual reason, soul intelligence, is the endowment of the Holy Spirit, the Creative Spirit’s gift to man. Spiritual philosophy, the wisdom of spirit realities, is the endowment of the Spirit of Truth, the combined gift of the bestowal Sons to the children of men. And the co-ordination and interassociation of these spirit endowments constitute man a spirit personality in potential destiny.

*All three of these spiritual gifts are concomitant–instantaneously accessible by and receivable in the mind, upon the making of the first super conscious (moral) decision. And it is the natural mortal animal mind-consciousness making contact with the spirit of understanding (and to greater or less extent–all of the first five adjutant mind spirits (intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge and counsel), and responding to these adjutant mind-influences, which first leads the individual to the free will making of the first moral (raw mortal-morontia energy) decision.

Morontia Mota Corollary Vibrational Contact Points with the Mortal Mind

(through the experiential embracing of and evolutionary unfolding–subsequent to choosing to live by these first four principles of highest mortal philosophy)

48:7.3 1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

Reduction: specialized skills & cleverness are not substitutes for spiritual capacity & true character.

Morontia Mota Insight

I am conscious of you, Father; It is my will that your will be done. I follow the leadings of the indwelling divine spirit; I am growing into my true character.

48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.

Reduction: Fear in any and every manifestation is an illusionary prison around the mind, practiced upon the self and upon others.

Morontia Mota Insight

I am morally conscious of my duty to move beyond fear into faith-trust in your will, Father. I do not engage in fear-deception, neither with myself, nor with others.

48:7.5 3. Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.

Reduction: Purely five senses living is mechanical animal level living; this fear-prison around the mind is a barrier to receiving the leadings of the indwelling divine spirit.

Morontia Mota Insight

In daily dynamic faith living and trusting in your will, Father, and listening to your still small voice within–I move into the ever-expansive realm of spiritual understanding–spiritual seeing.

48:7.6 4. Few mortals ever dare to draw anything like the sum of personality credits established by the combined ministries of nature and grace. The majority of impoverished souls are truly rich, but they refuse to believe it.

Reduction: Receive one or many talents; bury these into the darkness of the animal mind, where they never receive light; they do not grow and they do not multiply.

Morontia Mota Insight

Father, I lay claim to my divine inheritance; I become the sower of seeds, the teacher and proclaimer of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humankind.

7th Psychic Circle

Mid Mind Mortal-Morontial-Spiritual Value:

  1. Courage= Spiritual Courage= Lowest mid mind morontia mota spirit-insight, Thought Adjuster woven soul-conscious corollary to the highest adjutant mind spirit of intuition vibrational contact points with the mortal mind through the highest related principles of mortal philosophy (true character building principles.)

Quality of Character:


Cosmic Level:

The intellectual—Intellectually he acquires the satisfactions of a more unified human consciousness.

Dominant Drive:


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