Are You Guilty of Living Mostly on the Mechanical Level?

Smack in the Dead Center of Human Animal Consciousness?


Are You Guilty of Living Mostly on the Mechanical Level
Living in the dead center of human animal level of consciousness implies a fear-based philosophy and does not need the last two adjutant mind spirits to remain wholly focused on the 101 details of daily living…

“If we say the whole truth, then human history is the chronicle of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of man and the chronicles of man’s struggle against the crimes and the follies and the misfortunes.” –Yeshayahu Leibowitz

Let us revisit and consider the first two principles of the twenty-eight statements from Paper 48 – The Morontia Life.

48:7.3 1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.

What we see in these first two principles, clearly, is the implication of living within the first five adjutant mind spirits–within the dead center of human animal consciousness…

Not many will ever choose to comprehend beyond the hundred and one details of daily living–the level of the dead center of human animal consciousness–the mechanical level of living, because they are far too lazy to exercise their mental faculties; they dwell in the dead center of human animal consciousness…and are therefore…more dead than alive… They are mechanically alive, but exhibit little to no true spiritual capacity for the development of…true character…

There is a nervous and edgy state of bliss in choosing (yes, choosing, even when there is no conscious choice made) to remain wholly ignorant with regard to the greater meanings and realities of the duties inherent in consciousness of cosmic relationship to all other beings, both mortal, angelic (morontia) and divine (spirit) realities.

I grew up observing this ignorance in both others and myself; the difference was, in my view, I have ever been questioning, and continue to ask more questions than for which I ever have answers… I rarely ever observe this quality in others online or off.

Instead of being taught to question…children are taught…to NOT question… Rather are they taught to obey…without question (or often simply ignored–even when they do dare to question)…not only in the family…but in the school system…where mediocrity churns out mindless automatons–obedient to the state and central governments. They are taught to obey as mindless, mechanical beings through the masterful intellectual fraud of…stimulus-response… Instead of teaching the individual to question everything…whereby they would develop within the person, the creativity, individuality and autonomy of the Source-endowed gift of sovereign free will choice, family, city-state and central governments mass produce cowardly wonders, who cannot question and think autonomously for themselves, are almost wholly dependent on external authorities to think for them, advise them as to what is best for them, how long they should expect to live and when to die.

But in great juxtaposition and contrast to mindless connection to the artificially and fraudulently created mind-matrix of a few evil, sinful and wicked (soul-less) human animals–it is in the seeking–the striving–where there is greatly creative exercising of the mental faculties–not merely for the development of certain specialized skills and a degree of cleverness in the use of these skills, but for the higher attainment of the personality union of body, mind, soul and spirit; the manifestation and enlargement for the acquisition of spiritual capacity and true character, arising from the deep-feeling level of experiential truth-discernment, and choosing to live in accordance with the principles of truth in one’s life path.

Within not only intellectual courage, but within the exertion of spiritual courage, lies the great difference in the depth of spiritual understanding and spiritual wisdom-attainment–leading the individual through self-correction, self-control, self-direction and eventually to the mastery over the human animal self. And this state of self-mastery is the…true state of the…eternal now…light and life…transcending time and space…ever-momentarily living as if in the very presence of Source–the Universal Father-God, whose dwelling place is beyond time and space…on the unimaginably large ellipsoid sphere known throughout the Universe of universes as…Paradise–Absolutum–the Abode of the Gods, which…simply is…and achieving this state of increasing perfection–even while yet living out the life path journey to its completion in the mortal spacesuit…

This is the great goal of mortal human striving, which the majority–the masses of every generation, past, present and future…will never comprehend…because it is inherently easier to…do as your told…rather than ever question…just another…brick in the wall…

And so I ask you… Are you guilty of living mostly on the mechanical level? Smack in the dead center of human animal consciousness?

Within this article…may be seen the juxtaposition of the before and after…the before…great gulf between the five senses–dead center of human animal, mechanical level of consciousness–and the after…response to the last two adjutant mind spirits of worship–spiritual insight–and wisdom…(*completion of the progressive experiential requirements through the whole of the twenty-eight statements and thus…completion of the requirements to master the seven psychic circles) 28. “The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained.”–self-mastery–equipoise–electrical and chemical balance–the perfected balance between body, mind, spirit and soul–unified by and within the Father-conscious “I am” personality–wholly at-one with the Paradise Father’s will…manifestly expressed through the individual as…true character…the perfected mortal character reflection of the Paradise Father’s personality within the divine union between the mortal personality and the indwelling Thought Adjuster…

Perhaps as many as 7.5 billion human beings are all trapped in the fear-illusion of the self-imposed limits of their own mind-bending, mind-distorting systems of belief…passed on from the previous generation and drilled into their brains…from birth…

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