The Twenty-Eight Statements (Supplemental)


The freest person in the world is

the one who has nothing to hide…


A Collection of “Mere Aphorisms?”

Many readers of the Fifth Epochal Revelation see the twenty-eight statements, perhaps, as a “human curiosity,” a collection of mere aphorisms which our superhuman allies simply borrowed from human sources. In fact, some seasoned readers have gone out of their way to focus on identifying the human sources of these twenty-eight statements. My interpretation of this attitude toward the twenty-eight statements, while not a judgment or indictment, has ever been in my view, little more than “straining at a gnat and swallowing the camel.”

It is my goal, in this presentation, to reveal the possible real reason, I discern, as to why the Archangel of Nebadon made the following statements:

(556.1) 48:7.1 The lower planes of morontia mota join directly with the higher levels of human philosophy. On the first mansion world it is the practice to teach the less advanced students by the parallel technique; that is, in one column are presented the more simple concepts of mota meanings, and in the opposite column citation is made of analogous statements of mortal philosophy.

Why would it even be necessary to use the parallel technique—“…in one column are presented the more simple concepts of mota meanings, and in the opposite column citation is made of analogous statements of mortal philosophy,”except in connection with the deficiency training correction of character deficiencies, never self-corrected and self-mastered, during the mortal life in the flesh?

“The warp of morontia is spiritual; its woof is physical—means that this phenomenon is not just occurring during the transit through the mansion worlds; it is occurring, here, on Urantia, as well. Otherwise, the individual mortal could never attain to the status of light and life, complete At-onement with the indwelling Thought Adjuster, and subsequent fusion.

So the Thought Adjuster weaves the warp of morontia upon the fabric of mortal moral experiential attainment—into increasing morontia mota insight?

–”morontia mota ever-momentarily joining—being woven into the higher levels of human philosophy?

–And what is the result?

–the mid-mind—growing morontia soul-consciousness? What else could it be? How else do you logically and adequately explain this?

–Has the importance of the revelation of the twenty-eight statements being used to teach less advanced students (those with many character defects remaining, which were never self-corrected during the human experience) been more or less completely misunderstood?

  • Is there a deeper meaning and relationship of the twenty-eight statements to the seven adjutant mind spirits and the corollary seven psychic circles of experiential attainment?
  • Is a simultaneous resonation with and in the Supreme the realization of the actuality of the attainment of morontia mota–morontia wisdom–full soul-consciousness–true character?
  • And what was it exactly the author said?

(556.2) 48:7.2 Not long since, while executing an assignment on the first mansion world of Satania, I had occasion to observe this method of teaching; and though I may not undertake to present the mota content of the lesson, I am permitted to record the twenty-eight statements of human philosophy which this morontia instructor was utilizing as illustrative material designed to assist these new mansion world sojourners in their early efforts to grasp the significance and meaning of mota.

  • And how do these morontia students grasp the significance and meaning of mota?
  • Is it by first embracing what they already possess of mindal and spiritual capacity to discern—the lower planes of morontia mota that join directly with the higher levels of human philosophy—now that all the garbage of non survival value has been wiped clean?
  • Where does the one end and the other begin?
  • Is this the definition of the difference between merely embracing intellectual concepts, as belief scaffolding, and spiritually seeing?
  • Have you ever met or known a Urantia Book reader—even long time readers, who can quote whole sections of The Urantia Book, but whose depth of understanding of the experiential meaning of the content of the book is as shallow as a mud puddle?

Note that the author does not say you have to be a resurrected morontia student to comprehend morontia mota, nor have I found such a statement, anywhere within the Fifth Epochal Revelation. This is a critical factor in mortal discernment of the deeper relationships of the twenty-eight statements to the individual’s perceptions and experiential acquisition of corollary morontia mota.

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