Intellectual Courage (Potential) vs. Spiritual Courage (Actual) 2


The freest person in the world is the individual who is happy, joyous and living moment by moment in the experiencing-knowing of the Paradise Father’s personality, feelingly knowing his divine love—in the living of the spiritual liberty of tested and proven courageous loyalty—in the freely giving of oneself in loving service to one’s fellow beings.

2. The Question?

3:5.5 1. Is courage—strength of character—desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.

The Spirit Mind Contact Tones

2. The Morontial (Self-correction)
  • Philosophically he enjoys the substantiation of his ideals of moral values.
  • The reasoned recognition of the obligation of moral conduct.
  • Then follows the soul consciousness—the realization of the ideal of God.

48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.

The whole of human civilization displays incredible levels of specialized skills, individually and collectively. It appears that we are clever, almost without limitation.

When, however, we look for spiritual capacity and true character…it is, more often than not…sorely lacking…and seldom to be found… Yes, there is an abundance of conceptual (intellectual-ideological) idealism regarding spiritual capacity and true character–morality and God-consciousness…

Nevertheless, human civilization is poverty-stricken, when it comes to demonstrating true spiritual courage–loyalty to the Universe Father, above and beyond all fear-based systems of belief; the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humankind is still a mostly conceptual-idealistic rather than an actualized reality. I observe many attempts at forming brotherhoods on the intellectual-conceptual-idealistic level; these attempts, however, always fall short, because…

  1. Either they are based in actuality on the requirement of intellectual-belief unification, rather than on spiritual unity, or
  2. They are not based on the ideal of the Fatherhood of God transcending all human belief systems, or both.
Self-limiting Interpretation

When you read principle number two, it is easy to assign a very narrow interpretation to the implied meaning. I used to do exactly that; see it only from an individual perspective wherein it directly applied to what I was experiencing–the challenges I faced in growing beyond my fear-based, self-imposed limitations of thinking.

In the present, however, I see this from a universally implied, if not actual characterization of the collective whole of human civilization. I have never met anyone, who overtly lives up to the faith which he or she really has. And unreasoned fear is, indeed, the universal fear-based intellectual fraud the individual, as well as the collective whole, practices upon the self and upon everyone else.

It takes highly specialized skills, cleverness and extraordinary determination to climb to the top of K2; it is almost a vertical climb at 28, 251 feet. It takes great intellectual courage to climb any mountain, but spiritual courage may or may not be present in such an endeavor. When the climb goes wrong…when the weather turns foul, winds are fiercely blowing up to 60 miles an hour, the temperature drops into the minus range, and you are hanging, literally hanging onto life by a thread–a rope connected to a piton…in that instant, perhaps, a courage beyond the mortal…a super conscious spiritual courage exerts itself…

I cite this, as but one example, out of thousands, wherein the spiritual courage to feelingly experience the truth in one’s own personal experience is often only through adversity–even great adversity.


The human animal form into which we are born experiences many fears, especially abundant challenges in the earlier decades of one’s life-challenging experiences.

  • But what does principle number two mean with regard to self-correction and…spiritual courage…?

Principle number two is an expansion of principle number one. In principle number one, we see the sharp distinction between the dead center of mortal human animal consciousness (evolutionary—specialized skills and cleverness) and the super mortal-super conscious-mid mind (mortal-morontial) level of…God-consciousness (spiritual capacity and true character).

In principle number two, as an expansion of principle number one, we see the…bridge…between the dead center of mortal human animal mechanical consciousness, the bridge being…living up to the faith which one really has…which exhibition of faith (the spiritual courage to embrace spirit-insight (worship) is required to enter the…mid mind…

The mid mind comes into being…instantaneously and concomitant with the first moral decision (exhibition of spiritual courage–faith–spirit insight–worship). And in that instant…the Thought Adjuster invades the mortal mind and creates the morontial corollary to the moral decision; the individual has, if only momentarily, entered the mid mind and experienced…truer character…as a reflection of self in the mirror of the mind.

Mota 2: Spiritual Courage–spiritual seeing–cosmic insight into cosmic realities.


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