Intellectual Courage (Potential) vs. Spiritual Courage (Actual)

The freest person in the world is the individual who is happy, joyous and living moment by moment in the experiencing-knowing of the Paradise Father’s personality, feelingly knowing his divine love—in the living of the spiritual liberty of tested and proven courageous loyalty—in the freely giving of oneself in loving service to one’s fellow beings.

1. The Question?

3:5.5 1. Is courage—strength of character—desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.

The Goal:

  • Courage—strength of character

    • 16:8.7 1. Moral decision, highest wisdom.

The Adjutant Mind Spirit

  • Spirit of Intuition

    • 36:5.5 1. The spirit of intuition

    • quick perception,

    • the primitive physical and inherent reflex instincts,

    • the directional and other self-preservative endowments of all mind creations;

    • the only one of the adjutants to function so largely in the lower orders of animal life and

    • the only one to make extensive functional contact with the nonteachable levels of mechanical mind.

The Spirit Mind Contact Tones

1. The intellectual (Self-correction)
  • Intellectually he acquires the satisfactions of a more unified human consciousness.
  • The mathematical or logical recognition of the uniformity of physical causation.
  • There is first the mind consciousness—the comprehension of the idea of God.

48:7.3 1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

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  • How does one exhibit spiritual capacity?

  • Does the intellectual courage (conceptual potential) required to make a moral decision transmute to spiritual courage (experiential actual)?

  • To remain with only specialized skills and cleverness…or…to muster and manifest the moral courage—moral intuition—faith insight—embracing spirit-consciousness—God-consciousness…is the difference between remaining a “mere animal—mere living mechanical being” and “experience one’s spiritual birthday,” the entrance into the spiritually conscious realm of…cosmic citizenship…? (At the lowest level of understanding—this may translate to the human mind as…belonging to God…belonging to something more than the self…to a higher power…)

The self-correction of one’s life path course is an act of sovereign free will choice–choosing the higher vibration of God-consciousness over a state of godlessness–not knowing the Paradise Father. The differential in choosing to self-correct or not…is a universe distance between the mere animal state of the dead center of stimulus-response daily living or…courageously responding to the leadings of the indwelling Thought Adjuster–thus enlarging spiritual capacity for receptivity to embrace often difficult, even supremely difficult, and sometimes…life or death…challenges which decision-making subsequently evolves the truer, and eventually the truest of character exhibition in every new and challenging experience of mortal living.

Lowest Contactual Mota Insight Level

1. The experiential embrace of the super conscious mid mind (mortal-morontial) survival value of spiritual courage—the super conscious courage to see beyond the dead center of human animal consciousness.

When there is only cleverness, accompanied by specialized skills, there only exists the…dead center of human animal consciousness… Consciousness, in and of itself, does not indicate…spiritual capacity…nor…true character…

  • So what then does indicate spiritual capacity?
  • And what denotes true character?

The Dead Center of Human Animal Consciousness

When there exists nothing but purely selfish ambitions, the natural evolutionary human animal consciousness is wholly turned in upon itself; the individual sees and recognizes the other individuals he or she is connected to, and the purpose others serve in relation to the self, but there is no recognition of others as being…real persons…

This is the world view, in its varied expressions of the black field upon which there are but a few white spots. Only the self and the needs of the self exist… And the human animal, whether child, teen or adult, ever develops the specialized skills and cleverness to get what it wants and believes he or she needs, at any cost to the self and to others.

This is, in sum and substance, the wholly mechanical level of human animal existence, wherein there is no spiritual capacity and no true character—nothing of…survival value…

What Does the Thought Adjuster Weave as the Warp upon the Woof?

From the moment that the human animal consciousness of the natural mortal mind reaches inward and upward…in the very act of making the first moral decision (the act of turning the human animal consciousness away from its focus upon the self and unselfishly outward—toward an attitude of unselfish behavioral interaction with others), is the moment that the “I am” consciousness is responding to the sixth and seventh adjutant mind spirits of the Local Universe Mother Spirit.

This act of reaching inward and upward, making an unselfish decision of mortal human animal mind-consciousness, is the embrace—the conjoining of natural human consciousness with the specific higher vibration frequencies of all seven adjutant mind spirits (the sovereign mortal free will act of mechanical consciousness embracing something more than this dead center focus upon the self) and releases raw morontial energy; it is this raw morontial mid mind energy (the woof) upon which the Thought Adjuster builds the morontia soul-conscious energy pattern (the warp—the near future vehicle for habitation beyond the mortal existence).

This very act of super mortal decision-making is the act of…spiritual courage… It requires spiritual courage to make such a decision; the decision itself is instant mutual embrace—from above the mortal level and from below—at the mortal level. It is therefore a super mortal—super conscious—experiential embrace of the highest mortal philosophy and the lowest—mid mind—contactual morontia mota level of super mortal—super conscious insight into universe spiritual realities.

Spiritual courage is the first of the lowest contactual levels of morontia mota insight into super conscious—soul-conscious insight—wherein the dead level of belief is instantly transformed into the living faith relationship to the Paradise Father—the experiential knowing that God exists. The act of manifesting the decision-choice of spiritual courage is the enlarging of spiritual capacity and the embrace of truer character over mere cleverness, accompanied by the acquisition of specialized human animal skills.

Mota 1. Spiritual Courage–spiritual seeing–cosmic insight into cosmic realities.

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