A Personal Note and Message

Each of you are encouraged to immediately begin practicing a new habit. Instead of attempting to read and absorb large quantities of the voluminous content contained in The Urantia Book, slow down your approach to really see what is contained in each passage—not just with the intellectual mind—but with your mid mind—soul-conscious—self.

In this basic outline of a possible whole new level of seeing how the four cosmic levels, the seven adjutant mind spirits, the twenty-eight statements of highest mortal philosophy and the seven psychic circles are integrally interconnected with each other, it is herein demonstrated as to how to do exactly what we are asking you to also teach yourself to do…

Break down each passage that contains levels and steps to the attainment of the individual evolutionary and spiritual—quantitative and qualitative—unfolding within your own personal mortal life experiences. By so doing…you may begin to interpret what you are reading, studying and meditating upon—in a whole new light of mid mind seeing


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What Are the Fusion Papers