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Fight Fatigue with These Energy-Boosting Foods

Healthier Eating Habits You Can Starting Doing, Today!


Fight Fatigue with These Energy-Boosting Foods 6


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Put an End to Destructive Health Cycle of Sugary and Salty Snacking!

Feeling sluggish every day? You’re not alone. Many men and women wake up tired, and go through their day feeling exhausted. In an effort to stay awake and function, they turn to food – but it’s the sugary, high caffeine options that have them crashing 30 minutes to an hour later.


Fight Fatigue with These Energy-Boosting Foods 2

Substitute Dark Chocolate for Milk Chocolate for a Healthier Snack!

You can use food to provide energy to your body, but it has to be done the right way. For instance, if you’re used to eating a chocolate candy bar for energy, then switch to a couple of ounces of dark chocolate instead.

You get the caffeine and sugar, but also the health benefits of this wonderful food and in moderation, you won’t suffer from the typical sugar crash you have after a milk chocolate candy bar.


Fight Fatigue with These Energy-Boosting Foods 3

Use Spicy Herbs for a Quick Pick Me Up!

Flavor your meal with some spicy herbs for a quick energy boost. Foods with capsaicin – like hot chili peppers – can boost your energy and provide other health benefits, too.

Bananas Contain Potassium for a Quick Energy Boost!

If you need a snack to wake up and get tasks done, reach for a banana. The potassium helps keep your blood sugar levels stable so that you don’t have that midday crash in energy.

A great high fiber, high carb snack that won’t pack on pounds is popcorn. Eat the healthier versions, not those laden with tons of movie theater butter slathered all over it.


Fight Fatigue with These Energy-Boosting Foods 4


Whole Living Green Leafy Vegetables Contain Tons of Energy!

Iron-rich foods like leafy green vegetables can supply you with tons of energy. When your iron levels wane, it makes you feel weak and lethargic. Try greens like kale, spinach, collard, mustards and turnips.

Fresh fruit can do the job!

Grab a handful of grapes, or use citrus fruits as a quick pick-me-up. Oranges, or even lemon added to your water, can perk you up if you start slumping.

Great Health Benefits from Eating Curry!

Find a food cooked with curry! Not only is it delicious, but curry stabilizes blood sugar to prevent crashes – and it also helps with the circulation in your body to keep your body well oxygenated.

Drink Lots of Filtered Water!

And don’t forget water. Although it’s a drink and not a food, it’s what helps keep your body operating in tip top shape at a cellular level. Without proper hydration, it won’t matter what foods you eat because the nutrients won’t be able to do their job.

Remember: Not all water is healthy to drink. Drink filtered water, only. It is a very small investment into the best water filtering system on the market: ZeroWater water filter systems, which you can learn about at


Fight Fatigue with These Energy-Boosting Foods 5

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