Room to Grow

Room to Grow

Room to Grow

room to grow

How Highest Thought-

vibrations Lead to

Soul Growth,

Higher Consciousness,

Optimal Health and

Inner Happiness


  • What is the Highest-vibrating-thought which has ever appeared in Your Mind?
  • What is the longest number of seconds you held it there?

a. 10 seconds?

b. 20 seconds?

c. 30 seconds?

d. 40 seconds?

e. 50 seconds?

f. 60 seconds?

The correct answer is ten seconds…or less…

room to growRecently, I was shopping for a few organic food and herbal supplements, in a nearby store.

There is a woman who works there, with whom I have been stopping to converse for a few minutes, each time I find her working.

On this occasion, I asked her…’how are you, my friend?’ She responded: “I am very well!” I encouraged Lora to stop saying…”I’m okay,” to “I am well,” just a few weeks earlier. This higher vibration-thought seems to now have taken root and is growing on its own in her subconscious—seeping into her consciousness, and replacing the lower vibration habit of mechanically stating she is merely okay.

I proceeded to ask Lora…’what is the highest-vibration thought ever appearing in the focus of your consciousness? She was silent—seeming stumped by my question. And so, keeping the momentum going, I said to her…’maybe, it is I am well!’ She chuckled.

Then I sought to expand her thinking a little further… ‘So, tell me, my friend, how long have you ever yet held this highest thought-vibration in the focus of your mind’s eye?’ This question seemed to amaze her. She responded with…”I’ve never ever thought of either of these questions! But I will, now. I really enjoy when you come into the store. You always make me think deeper than I have ever thought before.

The Dead Center of Consciousness is a…Mechanical Existence…

”I pretty much get the same look of amazement from those individuals I encounter and engage in communication, everywhere I go. The average individual does not think beyond an extremely self-limiting set of very narrow fear-based beliefs and dead-center-of-consciousness daily habits and rituals. And nowhere is such automatic stimulus-response behavior, manifesting as self-evident, so readily observable when people are doing their routine shopping in stores.

True individuality requires the progress of soul growth; mediocrity continues in standardization and stagnation.

My fellow human beings have ever been and are my great teachers. Observing everything they do—even the smallest act…is ever so very revealing and instructive, as to the abundant mundane trifles-of-living thoughts which occupy their minds.

I attempt to engage their eyes with a smile. It is the rare individual, who reciprocates. The majority quickly look away. Fear of contact with the unknown is an ever-present barrier to meaningful contact.

Accurately guesstimating, from long decades of observation, I can with confidence say that ninety-nine percent of all individuals I observe, while shopping in food stores, automatically grab food items from shelves, bins, and freezers, without ever questioning which ingredients and chemicals they are consuming behind the closed doors of their homes.

Not only does the average individual not think beyond his or her stimulus-response, daily habits and rituals, he or she rarely ever asks a question regarding the automatic behaviors of their largely mechanical dead-center-of-consciousness existence.

I see deeply embedded fear at the ‘root cause’ of an individual’s unwillingness to embrace change, which would without doubt lead my fellow beings to higher vibration thoughts, dramatic life changes, inner happiness, peace and optimal well-being.Questions I Encourage You to Take Time to Deeply Consider…

  • Can you see the great tragedy in never questioning a largely mechanical, human lifetime of a mere seven decades, or less?
  • Have you ever thought about what I have thus far described about the human condition of automatic behavioral ‘stimulus-response’ to one’s environment?
  • Am I describing you—the life you are presently living?
  • Is there a desire in you to ‘break free’ from this tragic ‘prison of the mind?’
  • Do you feel fearful, stressed and hopeless about ever changing your negative thoughts—bad habits and automatic routines of daily living?• Have you ever experienced a high vibration thought enter your mind’s eye focus, only to watch it almost instantaneously disappear…never able to recapture it, again, the way it seemed so ideal when it first came to you?
  • Have you ever questioned what it would feel like to experience continuous inner quiet, peace and intentional thinking, when thinking and responding becomes necessary—a ‘sacred space’ you may ever-momentarily return to, no matter how much activity, noise and external engagement with environment and fellow beings is required of you?
  • What would it feel like to have as much room to grow, as there is earth, water, air and sun everywhere available on our little blue water world?• In other words…have you ever questioned what it would feel like to have a greatly expanding consciousness, which allows you to get in control of your life—your thoughts, your habits, and your daily rituals—eliminating all negative thoughts and unnecessary excessive thinking and preoccupation with ‘trifles of living,’ and the ‘busy details of daily life?’

Throughout the next series of articles to be published, and to its end, this author hopes to give you much food for thought—maybe, even life-changing information.

Only when we are no longer afraid…

do we begin to unselfishly love

and serve our fellow beings…

without expectations…



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