I Will Forever Choose a… ’Religion without Church’… than… ’Church without Religion’

I Will Forever Choose a…Religion without Church’…than…Church without Religion’



Always keep in mind: True religion is to know God as your Father and man as your brother. Religion is not a slavish belief in threats of punishment or magical promises of future mystical rewards.

Absolutely Right…and…Absolutely Wrong…

I learned a long time ago that…fear of being wrong…demands that the individual must declare himself to be…absolutely right…even when he or she is…absolutely wrong…

What is wrong within the individual is wrong within the whole of human civilization…the whole of individual perceptual reality. And so it follows inversely that what is right within the individual is right within the whole of human civilization…the whole of individual perceptual reality.

It is, indeed, a fact that every human individual who has ever been born, lived and passed through and on from the…human experience…has been and is…absolutely wrong. Within the framework of the…master universe…all of every human individual perception, comprehension, understanding and wisdom-discernment…falls absolutely short of…absolute reality…

The True Definition of ‘Religion’

Within our backward, primitive and barbaric human animal civilization…there exist upwards of five hundred different definitions of the word ‘religion.’

The most typical way in which the word ‘religion’ is misused and abused is by assigning the word religion to an organic organized system of beliefs, which almost always leads to the formation of a 501(c) (3) corporation, legalized nonprofit person, under state laws. My religion is Christianity; my religion is Islam; my religion is Catholicism; my religion is Buddhism, etc.

In my view and life experience…there is only one true definition of religion:

…to know God as your Father and man as your brother…

And yes…the dynamic religion of faith-experience is just that simple and uncomplicated in both definition and outward personality character manifestation-interaction with our fellow beings.

  • What hidden mandate were we taught as children which dictates that…if it is not complex in definition, structure and belief-adherence, propounded by an authority-figure…it cannot possibly be true?
  • And inversely…is not wisdom acquired through the experience of discovering a personal system of proven moral and spiritual values, which lead the individual to be ever happy and joyous in the discovery that our Paradise Father’s spirit lives within us and is ever encouraging us to live in accordance with a personal system of proven moral and spiritual values, which are ever leading us toward ‘spiritual unity with our fellow beings’, rather than ‘intellectual uniformity’?
  • What is…’experiential living religion’…in contradistinction to ‘mere intellectual adherence’ to a…’second hand, secular and fossilized system of religious beliefs’?
  • What does the term ‘second hand God’ really mean?

The Complexity of Individual and Group Systems of Belief

  • What is the difference between ‘mere intellectual adherence’ to a belief and ‘experiential knowing’?

In the most basic meaning…to believe that a thought-idea is true…requires only the intellectual consent of the individual brain-mind connection. In contradistinction…to know that a thought-idea is true often requires the fear-anxiety-intellectual challenge of interaction with another or others, which proves the truth or falseness of the thought-idea. This is clearly expressed in the following principle of high mortal philsophical-spiritual-value-concept:

You cannot know truth until you feelingly experience it. And many truths are not really felt except in adversity.

Over the eons of time…all falsely-called religions—second hand religious systems of belief continuously build upon an original, less complex set of beliefs…becoming increasingly more complex, until they reach a hierarchical status—system of beliefs—set in stone—fixed—unbending to outside influence and unchanging—absolute. All such complex systems of belief become…tyrannical…each requiring ritualistic intellectual assent to the ‘full and unquestioned authority of the group-herd-belief and their appointed religious leader—authority-figure, who is endowed with absolute authority to continually reinforce the accepted beliefs of the group—continuously group-speak the contrived absolute and fossilized system of beliefs, which keep all adherents enslaved to the system itself.

The influx of newly mind-controlled, intellectually assenting adherents, in addition to the existing body of believers, coupled to their group financial support of the religious system of beliefs, gives the system itself…perpetual motion…over many centuries of time-passage…

It is also factual to say that all adherents to any system of belief—be it…scientific, philosophical, religious or wholly secular, political and financial—rarely ever questions what they believe and why they believe it.

Intellectual Uniformity vs. Spiritual Unity

While there are three manifestations of the religious urge in the human child of the Cosmos, two of the three are self-enslaving. These two are:

1. Primitive religion. The seminatural and instinctive urge to fear mysterious energies and worship superior forces, chiefly a religion of the physical nature, the religion of fear.

2. The religion of civilization. The advancing religious concepts and practices of the civilizing races—the religion of the mind—the intellectual theology of the authority of established religious tradition.

While primitive religion is almost wholly arising from the fear response of the unkown and ignorantly understood, the religions of the mind are also self-enslaving and it is still largely the fear-response which keeps the human mind self-enslaved to these thought-idea, religious belief systems.

The third manifestation, however, stands in stark contradistinction to the previous two:

3. True religion—the religion of revelation. The revelation of supernatural values, a partial insight into eternal realities, a glimpse of the goodness and beauty of the infinite character of the Father in heaven—the religion of the spirit as demonstrated in human experience.

And another way of say the ‘true religion’ the religion of revelation is…to know God as your Father and man as your brother.

  • What is a supernatural value?

The acquiring supernatural values only happens through the evolutionary experiences of increasing sincerity within oneself and the subsequent decision-making—choosing between the higher thought tendencies and the lower animalistic tendencies of the brain-mind connection.

True revelation is the result of the sincere choosing to be more than a mere animal; therefore is the personal revelation of supernatural values a ‘partial insight’ into eternal realities—insights into the realities of the spiritual universe. These partial insights are a direct response to the inner leadings of the divine spirit, sent from the Paradise Father to indwell the individual mortal mind. And therefore must these ‘partial insights’ into eternal realities inevitably lead to the recognition of the goodness and beauty of the Paradise Father.

And this constitutes the whole of the ‘religion of the spirit,’ as opposed and in stark contradistinction to the ‘religion of the mind’ and the even more primitive religion, almost wholly based in total fear-response to one’s life experiences.

Second Hand God

Any religious experience based on tribal or group fear-based beliefs, intellectual assent, acceptance and self-enslavement or forced enslavement to a system of beliefs, in which the tribe or group, or a figure of authority has the ultimate power of determining who is accepted as a member, who receives passage into the worlds beyond the mortal experience, who is saved by a god, who is condemned by a god, who may be authorized by a god to kill those outside of the tribe or group, and who holds the power of life and death over others, in any form, be it—physical, emotion, mental, spiritual or all of these levels, is teaching, preaching and condemning others to worship a ‘second hand god.’

The religion of revelation—the direct connection to the divine spirit, sent by the Paradise Father to indwell the individual mortal mind…requires no intermediary—no direct authority figure, on any level, between the individual and the indwelling divine spirit of the Paradise Father. And the moment the individual becomes super consciously (soul-consciously) aware through personal revelation of this fact of human experience…is the moment the individual stops believing in a ‘second hand God’ and experiences…’spiritual liberty.’

And this is the true meaning of what Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said…”Go into all the world and preach the glad tidings of the kingdom. Liberate spiritual captives, comfort the oppressed, and minister to the afflicted. Freely you have received, freely give.

  • Are you truly free?
  • Or are you yet a prisoner to the system of beliefs imposed upon your brain-mind connection, by others?
  • Are you super consciously (soul-consciously) aware that the prison door to the cell of imprisoning beliefs around your brain-mind connection has…never been locked?
  • Do you see that you may walk out through this unlocked door into spiritual liberty, at any time you so choose to do so?

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