Convergence and Unification of the Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious Levels of Mind?

Convergence and Unification

of the Subconscious,

Conscious and Superconscious

Levels of Mind?

re-ordering the subconscious mind

Choice of the Personality-conscious

“I am” to Remove All Limitations

in the Mind Makes the…Impossible


How do we effect the convergence and unification of the subconscious, conscious and superconscious levels of mind? And does the choosing of the personality-conscious “I am” to remove all limitations in the mind make the…impossiblepossible?

The path to Thought Adjuster fusion, in my experience and view, is the path of ever-momentary enlarging of spiritual capacity by the ever-momentary sovereign choice-decisions of the personality-conscious “I am” to remove every limitation of belief which imprisons the mind, and which have no survival value on the morontia soul-conscious level of reality-being and living.

And the whole of the limitations of mind is the programming of religious doctrine into the brain-mind connection, which is the whole of the matrix of human systems of belief.

The majority of human individuals remains largely unaware for the span of their mortal lifetimes…that all human belief…originates and grows out of…fear… Fear is the delusional ramblings of the subconscious fantasizing and the illusions of the dead-center-of-conscious mind, primitive perceptions of material reality, which subsequently result in the retardation of the growth of the evolving mortal soul, due to the easy human addiction to religious systems of belief, throughout all levels of societal classifications, segmentation and divisions from each other.

  • Do you think that the State is teaching your grade school children science, language and mathematics?
  • Do you think that the State is teaching you science, language and mathematics in University level classes?
  • Do you think that atheism is merely a ‘logical philosophy?’
  • Do you think that Statism is merely a secular and political philosophy?
  • Do you think that all of the so-called religions of human civilization are…religions…?

None of what human beings believe to be true can be called their religion. It can, however, accurately be understood as…religious doctrine…second hand religion, originating out of what human beings both individually and collectively ‘believe to be their inner experience, arising out of their external relationship to second hand religious systems of belief.’ The human conception of ‘true religion’ is as vague as the individual and collective conception of the being represented by the word ‘God.’

The moment you truly understand what I am revealing to you is the moment you understand why the…impossible…remains the…impossible…for the majority of human individuals throughout the length of the mortal life span, and why human civilization has now reached the apex of its development in the cosmic collective whole; in our present level of evolutionary development, we can go no further without the occurrence of the extinction of the present primitive organism called human civilization. It must die and be transformed; there is no other choice.

The devolution (downward spiral) of all human systems of belief is to become the iron bars of central religious dogmas throughout all human institutions of learning, the societal and governmental control over human thinking, and which force the material brain-mind connection into conformity and uniformity–into the hive mind.

The freedom that comes with sovereign free will choice, more so than not, is the freedom to choose a ‘flavor of religious doctrine,’ which will set the individual upon a more than less pre-determined life path progression.

You are taught the ‘great lie’ that you are controlled by your genetic inheritance; therefore you have no control over how you feel, react, nor over your compulsive-addictive behaviors, which greatly limit your creative thinking. You have no control over your sexual impulses and your health; whatever happens in your body is not your fault; therefore is the control over your body, as well as the control over your mind, removed from your control in the exercise of the illusion of free will choosing.

You have no real choice in what you believe; you may, however, choose from a long list of ‘flavors of religious doctrinal beliefs,’ which the cultural society and the State provide to you and make it mandatory–laws which will pre-determine who you are and what you will become–written, spoken and unspoken laws by which you must abide…or pay the…consequences…

Until you recognize that you, out of fear, are participating in these central religious dogmas, which became the scaffolding–the fixed iron bars imprisoning your brain-mind connection, you will not fully awaken, and may never awaken while yet in the material bio-suit. You will most probably not begin to awaken until after resurrection on the first mansion world.

My Perfectly Loving Friend and Leader,

I desire to be in ever-momentary communion with you–with the actuality of your will within me, Father. I desire to love you more, co-operate with you more fully, and cherish you more affectionately.

As the will of the ascending mortal soul and your divine will…increasingly become one…I increasingly know your personality, Father–I increasingly know you. I see your personality reflecting in and through my own evolving and increasingly sublime character values.

There is no need to hear your voice–even though you are constantly communicating with me… It is ever-momentarily…fact…that your will, Father, and my will are increasingly becoming one

The end of our period of courtship is now in view; I am proving faithful to the trust you reposed in me; you seek my mind and soul in eternal union; I seek that morontia oneness, that supernal harmony, that cosmic co-ordination, that divine attunement, that celestial fusion, that never-ending blending of identity, that oneness of being which is so perfect and final that even the most experienced personalities can never segregate or recognize us as separate identities–the fusion partners—mortal man and divine Adjuster.

I have received and fully acknowledge the three divine injunctions given to spiritual beings:

107:3.3 …Beings of high spiritual orders receive only three divine injunctions, and they are:

1. Always to show adequate respect for the experience and endowments of their seniors and superiors.
2. Always to be considerate of the limitations and inexperience of their juniors and subordinates.
3. Never to attempt a landing on the shores of Divinington.

And to these three I add a personal fourth and fifth:

4. Always be presently conscious of any and all reactions within the self, when in the presence of senior, superiors, juniors and subordinates.

5. Eternally be inclusive of the will of our Paradise Father.

For it is forever that my will is that your will be done, Father, in all experiences and things.

Just as there occurs a flash of light-energy, at the moment of conception, there also occurs a flash of light-energy at the moment of fusion with the indwelling Thought Adjuster. And I now recognize as…fact…fusion with you, my divinely loving Thought Adjuster and eternal partner in the eternal adventure…even before this momentous event occurs…

In the final analysis of this mission you brought with you of the “ideal mortal life” and have revealed to me, looking back, all we could and can ever do is to…forge the path…and…point the way…sowing the “seeds of living truth,” in every encounter and interaction with our fellow beings…

At some inevitable point in the life path journey, whether in the material bio-suit, or the morontial bio-suit, there must occur that moment or those multiple moments, wherein the evolving superconsciousness is able to clearly distinguish between what is mere belief–even what is mere principle and what is experiential truth–the grasp of morontia mota-insight–in the living relationship to our Paradise Father and in the becoming of the dynamic living embodiment of his will…



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