The Greatest of All Transformations

The Greatest of





The Life and Death Gravity of

Achieving Inner Balance…

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order;

to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order;

to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life;

we must first set our hearts right.”


The Greatest of ALL Transformations on the

Face of Planet Urantia…is Waiting on You…

48:2.21 6. Selective Assorters. As you progress from one class or phase of a morontia world to another, you must be re-keyed or advance-tuned, and it is the task of the selective assorters to keep you in progressive synchrony with the morontia life.

48:2.22 While the basic morontia forms of life and matter are identical from the first mansion world to the last universe transition sphere, there is a functional progression which gradually extends from the material to the spiritual. Your adaptation to this basically uniform but successively advancing and spiritizing creation is effected by this selective re-keying. Such an adjustment in the mechanism of personality is tantamount to a new creation, notwithstanding that you retain the same morontia form.

Never-ending Questions…

  • Are we not, if we so choose, working on the process of translating the mortal consciousness, at its present level, to the cosmic consciousness of our Local Universe Level–even to the attainment of…supreme consciousness…the eternal nowlight and lifeAt-onement with the will of the Paradise Father–with the indwelling divine Thought Adjuster?
  • How about we…choose to re-key ourselves…in wholly sincere co-operation with our Thought Adjusters, the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit, as well as opening up ourselves to near-mortal guidance of our Seraphim?
  • Is it possible that we may achieve, through embracing mortal philosophic principles and moral values, as well as in embracing morontial experiential-insight values (grasp of morontia mota insight into spirit-realities)–the equivalent of the training received during the sojourn on the seven Mansion Worlds?
  • If the individual ascender perceives it as possible…is it…possible…? If not…why not?

Remove all limitations of thinking–belief–and the impossible becomes the possible!

Yes, my friend…it is all about releasingletting go…of every thought and belief, which does not have survival value

This is the…supreme effort…to reach the…supreme goal…of the mortal experiential life path journey…

The Inherent Laziness of the Human Animal Mind

the greatest of all transformationsThe majority of mortals from Urantia will have to wait to be re-keyed… The reason is simple: The human mind is not just a little but extremely lazy when it comes to initiating change from within… And it is extremely rare, in my experience, to meet anyone, who is honest enough to admit their own…laziness of mind…

To admit your own laziness of mind means to become increasing more…intellectually honest…with yourself.

  • When you see your reflected image in a physical mirror…how do you see yourself?
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • Do you feel love toward yourself?
  • Do you feel anxious about anything which has happened, may be happening in the present, or may possibly happen to you in the future?
  • Are you honest with yourself in acknowledge the collective whole of your system of beliefs?
  • What does this collective whole of your beliefs represent?
  • Why is this collective whole of your beliefs so important to you?
  • Are you holding onto this collective whole of your beliefs, like a rabid dog hangs onto the last moments of its life, before it ceases to live?
  • How aware are you that whatever this collective whole is that you hang onto…is what you also feel…compelled to defend?
  • And how aware are you that the…argumentative self-justification of what you ‘belief to be true’ overshadows and is a self-imposed limitation upon what you otherwise ‘know to be true’ and do not need to defend?
  • When you stop yourself long enough to stand before yourself, in the physical mirror–looking simultaneously into the mirror of mind, and in the presence of the indwelling presence of the Paradise Father, the presence of the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit, what is the value of the collective whole of the beliefs you are clinging to and continue to reactively feel you must defend?
  • What is it, in reality, you would…actually lose…by making the decision to let go of everything you only merely believe to be true?
  • When we choose to re-key ourselves…are we not choosing to make whatever effort it takes to correct our own…character deficiencies?
  • And does not the choosing-deciding to correct our own character deficiencies naturally lead to the self-controlling of these deficiencies–lead to greater spiritual capacity to manifest the fruits of the spirit–to unselfishly serve-love our fellow brothers and sisters?
  • Is it possible that this choosing to re-key ourselves (self-correction and self-control) also naturally leads to the faster self-direction of identification of the personality-conscious-I-am toward spirit-identification with the indwelling Thought Adjuster, making the divine invasion of the personality-identification with the morontial-soul-form…an increasingly spiritually unified–increasingly spiritizing cosmically aware personality–aware of its own expanding dimensionality into morontia and spirit realities?
  • And is not possible that this increasing self-awareness is also increasing ‘other awareness–aware of cosmic duty, in relation to, not only our fellow mortal children of our Father, but also our relationship to morontial and spiritual personalities?
  • And is it not possible that the whole of this experiential values-acquirement is tantamount to self-mastery and attainment to ever-deepening wisdom–light and light–which advances beyond the need either to defend the self or defend the truth–but to live the truth–become the change we want to see in the world–be the living light of truth in the world?
  • And would this state of the attainment to light and life–the eternal now–not be the…greatest of all transformations on Urantia–the transformed you?

  • Whatever you believe your life goal and mission to be–the doing of our Paradise Father’s will–is the path you will trend to continue to follow and manifest?
  • But I ask you, in all sincerity…how much of this goal and mission is the outgrowth of what you collectively believe to be true–truth–the Paradise Father’s will in your life experience progression?
  • And does this collective whole of what you believe to be the truth of your life path progression fall short of the goal of self-mastery and fusion with the indwelling Thought Adjuster?
  • In all sincerity…do you see the goal of self-mastery and fusion with the indwelling divine Thought Adjuster as real…or…fantasy…an impossible to achieve experience in the span of a mortal lifetime?
  • So why even consider it as a possibility?
  • Have you expended much effort, in all sincerity, in determining and clarifying in mirror of your own self-reflection…what is it that is really standing in your way of experiencing the actuality of the greatest of all goals of mortal striving?

the greatest of all transformations

the greatest of all transformations

 Do not just merely think…

Force yourself to ask questions, which invoke

…deeper thinking…

and the indwelling divine spirit of our Paradise Father will

ever-bring forth greater personal worship-insight revelations of

expanding morontia mota consciousness-

grasp of spirit-actualities…



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