From Mortal to Morontial to Spiritual Identity…






Spiritual Identity…

Who Are You, Really?


From mortal to morontial to spiritual identity…who are you, really?

I invite my Thought Adjuster fully into this communication with you. I invite your Thought Adjuster fully into this communication. And I ask you to do the same.

I further bless the water you take into your body, this day. And I bless the total volume of water within your body in gratitude, and may it bring you optimal health and well-being…a…sickness-free life…

Let each moment of your mortal experience be…sacred…

Do You Ever Give Much Thought to Your Mortal Identity?

  • With whom and what do you identify, my friend?

I look out upon all of the sons and daughters of my Paradise Father and I see 7.5 billion souls, who are almost wholly lost in…what they believe to be…their mortal identities.

  • Can you imagine going a full day…without your human identity?From mortal to morontial to spiritual identity

Imagine, for example, having so-called Alzheimer’s…or so-called dementia or just a…complete loss of memory…for a twenty-four hour period.

  • What would that be like?
  • But do your memories determine who you really are?
  • Is the mortal and so-called legal name, assigned to you at birth, who you really are?
  • Or do you just never think about who you really are, in spite of reading the Fifth Epochal Revelation; you just go on from day to day, largely focused on all of the details, responsibilities and obligations facing you, along with your deepening experience, but find no reason to think any deeper on this subject?

Of course you understand and have experiential insights into the fact of being an ascending son of our Paradise Father. But aside from knowing this…

  • Well, you are the name given to you, at birth, and by your earthly dad and mom, are you not?

At least…you solidly believe you are. And likely…you can’t imagine being without an assigned and legal mortal name, by which to be referred to…and…by which to be…known…

  • So why would you ever question this fact of mortal and legal assignment imposed upon you?

And so…you do not question it.

  • Do you?
  • Who, in his or her “right mind,” would ever question who he or she really is, beyond all of the “mind dump” programmed into the brain, emotionally-mentally–a force-imposed imprint upon the brain-mind connection–from birth until the occurrence of the cessation of cellar activity within the mortal bio-suit?
  • That would be “just craziness” wouldn’t it?
  • Or is it…?
  • Is it possible to evolve beyond the mortal identity?
  • Were it possible, in your thinking, to evolve beyond the mortal identity, what would remain?
  • With what would you be left?
  • What is…morontia identity…?
  • What is…spiritual identity…?
  • What is your identity when your Thought Adjuster and You–when our Paradise Father’s will and your will are…onetruly one…?
  • Do you think you will still think of yourself, and refer to yourself, by the mortal name assigned to you, at birth?
  • Why is it, after so many years and great effort exerted in the reading of The Urantia Book, you still do not perceive that everything about you is…spiritualnot material…?
  • And yet…even after your best efforts, you are still largely…lost…in your mortal identity, are you not?
  • Is it possible…that the greatest of all human tragedies…is accepting the information brain dump of other individuals into your own brain-mind connection, without so much as ever formulating and asking a single question about the nature of human perception of…reality…let alone the possibility of ever pursuing to its final analysis the answers to such a deep question…to see…without restriction…where they may lead…?
  • Is not…what you believe to be…your mortal identity…the totality of what you “believe” about others, yourself, your experiences–how they made you feel–what you concluded about your experiences, both about the part you played and the part others played–who was right and who was wrong–what they could have done differently–what you could have done differently–and your insights into and relationship with Deity?
  • If you can find no good personal reason to ever ascend beyond your identification with the totality of what you believe…do you think you will ever even try to ascend beyond the totality of your beliefs, before you transition out of the material bio-suit?

Let us take a deeper look in the reality of who we really are…

42:12.12 On a material world you think of a body as having a spirit, but we regard the spirit as having a body. The material eyes are truly the windows of the spirit-born soul. The

  • spirit is the architect, the
  • mind is the builder, the
  • body is the material building.

0:5.5 The Universal Father is the

  • secret of the reality of personality,
  • the bestowal of personality, and the
  • destiny of personality.

The Eternal Son is the

  • absolute personality,
  • the secret of spiritual energy,
  • morontia spirits, and
  • perfected spirits.

The Conjoint Actor is the

  • spirit-mind personality,
  • the source of intelligence,
  • reason, and
  • the universal mind.

But the Isle of Paradise is

  • nonpersonal and
  • extraspiritual, being the
  • essence of the universal body,
  • the source and center of physical matter, and the
  • absolute master pattern of universal material reality.

0:5.6 These qualities of universal reality are manifest in Urantian human experience on the following levels:

1. Body. The material or physical organism of man. The living electrochemical mechanism of animal nature and origin.

2. Mind. The thinking, perceiving, and feeling mechanism of the human organism. The total conscious and unconscious experience. The intelligence associated with the emotional life reaching upward through worship and wisdom to the spirit level.

3. Spirit. The divine spirit that indwells the mind of man—the Thought Adjuster. This immortal spirit is prepersonal— not a personality, though destined to become a part of the personality of the surviving mortal creature.

4. Soul. The soul of man is an experiential acquirement. As a mortal creature chooses to “do the will of the Father in heaven,” so the indwelling spirit becomes the father of a new reality in human experience. The mortal and material mind is the mother of this same emerging reality. The substance of this new reality is neither material nor spiritual—it is morontial. This is the emerging and immortal soul which is destined to survive mortal death and begin the Paradise ascension.

Personality. The personality of mortal man is neither

  • body,
  • mind,
  • nor spirit; neither is it the
  • soul.

Personality is the one changeless reality in an otherwise ever-changing creature experience; and it unifies all other associated factors of individuality. The personality is the unique bestowal which the Universal Father makes upon the living and associated energies of matter, mind, and spirit, and which survives with the survival of the morontial soul.

The mortal identity of a

  • name, a
  • family identity and a
  • cultural information brain dump into the brain-mind connection

is, at best, a temporary aspect of the constituent parts of the evolving whole system that is the present totality of unifying personality–temporary scaffolding–serving a temporary purpose in the progressing human evolution into an increasingly self-conscious morontia soul-identity.

Consider another passage…

56:4.2 Personality inherently reaches out to unify all constituent realities. The infinite personality of the First Source and Center, the Universal Father, unifies all seven constituent Absolutes of Infinity; and the personality of mortal man, being an exclusive and direct bestowal of the Universal Father, likewise possesses the potential of unifying the constituent factors of the mortal creature. Such unifying creativity of all creature personality is a

  • birthmark of its high and exclusive source and is
  • further evidential of its unbroken contact with this same source through the personality circuit, by means of which
  • the personality of the creature maintains direct and sustaining contact with the Father of all personality on Paradise.

  • Are you aware that at the moment of conception, there is an accompanying “flash of light?”
  • Was there ever a moment that this unfolding fetus, destined to become your…body–material building–mortal bio-suit–was not unfolding under direct contact with one or more of the Adjutant Mind spirits?

From mortal to morontial to spiritual identity 2Presuming you are in possession of the normal range of mental faculties…the mortal fetus was in contact with all of the first five of the Adjutant Mind spirits–intuition, understand, courage, knowledge and counsel.

And this unfolding fetus was also responding to the architectural design of the spiritual universe.

Let us consider the fact that material reality only feels solid because the material bio-suit is vibrating at approximate the same frequency as the surrounding packets of vibrating energy. Radio waves readily pass right through both these seemingly solid objects and through the human bio-suit.

There is nothing about the mortal perception of so-called material reality that is not…spiritual… And we might restate this in other words…

We are spirit-mind beings having a spiritual-mind experience within a  physical bio-suit.

Perhaps, if you have read all the way through these thoughts I am sharing with you…they might be allowed to invoke the question within you…

As I progress from mortal to morontial to spirit identity…who am I, really…?

The whole system of the beliefs you hold inside of you, regarding others, the whole of human civilization, material existence–the meaning of your life–your goals–your dreams–your desires and hopes…these form the collective scaffolding, built up around the mind, and becomes its self-chosen prison…

  • Aren’t you the least bit curious what that greater reality is–what it looks like…when you once make the decision–you once choose to begin transcending all of your beliefs…simply letting go and flying, rather than crawling–with total trust…into the soul-conscious reality that our Paradise Father already knows what you really need in your life and will provide for you…?
  • And that makes…asking him…wholly unnecessary…?

As you progress from

mortal to morontial to spiritual identity…

Who are you…really…?

To the extent you are attached to the collective whole of your system of mortal beliefs…is the degree of your remaining attached to mortal identity…still searching for the clues…to progress from the mortal into the morontial and eventually into the spiritual…true character identity…with the Original Personality…

from mortal to morontial to spiritual identity


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