Are You the Source of the Problem?

Are You the

Source of the Problem?

are you the source of the problem

Are you the source of the problem? The majority of human beings will never comprehend that…the imprisonment of the mind…has nothing to do with some external power of programming; the root source of the human condition lies solely within the individual himself or herself…self-imprisonmentself-programming…blind acceptance and unquestioned adherence to systems of human belief… At the deepest level…fear…is the illusion which continually reinforces the self-imprisonment of the mind…

How You Create the Imprisonment of Your Mind…

                       Scene from The X-Files Season 3 Episode 24: Talitha Cumi 

Smoking Man: This becomes a responsibility. The thing I am now called upon to put right and put down. Certainly, you expected nothing less?

Jeremiah Smith: I am not ashamed of my actions.

Smoking Man: Ashamed? You’re not allowed the luxury of human weakness and penitence. You’re not allowed to put your indulgences ahead of the Greater Purpose.

Jeremiah Smith: I no longer believe in the Greater Purpose.

Smoking Man: …Then your fate is just.

Jeremiah Smith: My justice is not for you to mete out. You may have reason; you have no right; you have no means, now.

Smoking Man: You presume to dictate duty to me? Do you have any idea what the cost of your actions is–what their affect might me? Who are you to give hope? Who might you be…to give them hope?

Jeremiah Smith: What do you give them?

Smoking Man: We give them happiness; they give us…authority…

Jeremiah Smith: The authority to take away their freedom, under the guise of democracy.

Smoking Man: Men can never be free, because they’re weak, corrupt, worthless and restless. The people believe in authority. They’ve grown tired waiting for miracles and mystery. Science is their religion. No greater explanation exists for them. They must never believe any differently, if the project is to go forth…

Jeremiah Smith: At what cost to them?

Smoking Man: The question is irrelevant. And the outcome…inevitable… The date is set.

Jeremiah Smith: At what cost to them…for your own selfish benefit? How many must die at your hand to preserve your stake in the project?

Smoking Man: I’m not impressed by your miracles and moved by your trickery. Your justice will be meted out.

Jeremiah Smith: By whom this time? And by what tool?

Smoking Man: By those who possess the tool of your destruction. It’s only a matter of time, now…

Jeremiah Smith:  You put me in a cage…within a cage… Why are you so afraid of me?

Smoking Man: I’m not.

Jeremiah Smith:  Yes, you are. You live in fear…of your own life…

Smoking Man: You don’t know anything about me.

Jeremiah Smith:  I know everything about you. You think the miracles I perform are the extent of my power.

Smoking Man: You think you are God? You’re a drone…a catalog…chattel…

Jeremiah Smith:  What you’re afraid of is…they’ll believe I am God.

Smoking Man: It doesn’t matter. Most of them have ceased to believe in God.

Jeremiah Smith:  Why?

Smoking Man: Because God presents them with no miracles to earn their faith.

Jeremiah Smith:  You think if a man ceases to believe in miracles…he rejects God?

Smoking Man: Of course.

Jeremiah Smith:  You rule over them in God’s name.

Smoking Man: They don’t believe in him, but they still fear him. They’re afraid not to, because they’re afraid of freedom.

Jeremiah Smith:  And you give them…happiness…

Smoking Man: We appease their conscience. Anyone who can appease a man’s conscience…can take a man’s freedom away from him.

Jeremiah Smith:  And if you can’t appease their conscience…you kill them… But you can’t kill them all… Can’t kill their love…which is what makes them, who they are. Makes them…better than us…better than you…

Smoking Man: You talk. I’m not one of you!

Jeremiah Smith: No. All you want is to be a part of it–to be one of the combatants…when the process begins… But you are wrong…

Smoking Man: Oh, am I?

Jeremiah Smith: Yes. You are dying of lung cancer.

Smoking Man: It’s a lie.

Jeremiah Smith: You think it’s a lie?

Smoking Man: You want to save your life.

Jeremiah Smith: And you?

The Naked Truth No One Wants to Face?

Are You the Source of the Problem?
Young girl hypnotized by the Idiot Box TV mechanism for programming the human brain.

Every human individual born into the material space suit easily and readily accepts programming into the human brain.

If there is a universal sin committed by all human individuals…it is the…sin of omission…

  • What does this mean?

The universal sin of omission is the fear-based unwillingness to let go of the programmed systems of belief.

Our whole history is one of struggling, fighting, warring–killing–murdering over our systems of belief.

Every individual, to one degree or another, and without exception maintains a death grip on his or her system of beliefs. It makes no difference what state of spirituality–wisdom and enlightenment the individual believes he or she has attained; the system of beliefs is still intact–imprisoning the gift of mind to this prison-matrix.

  • Is this precisely the root cause of the present disastrous state of human civilization–sitting on the precipice of self-annihilation and self-extinction…or…sitting on the precipice of an enthralling new age?

Urantia is an…Evil Place…or…Urantia is a…Good Place…?

Black field, black field, have you any good? No, sir, no sir…just crime, war and blood…

White field, white field have you any good? Yes sir, yes sir…filled with truth and beauty, as it should…

are you the source of the problemTo be free from violence is a choice, even if you must live and die in the midst of and due to the violent acts of others. The choice to be free from violence–choosing the path of the peace warrior–and living by this choice, does not mean lying down and letting the world run over you. It does mean…becoming the light of truth in the world…ever choosing to speak to the truth which comes from within…taking an aggressive stand against the evildoing and wickedness of the elite rich, in their control of governments, banking and mega corporations.

Living the life of the peace warrior does not employ violence; he perceives the truth of the principle that violence only engenders more violence and neither resolves nor solves the root of the human condition of unconscious human animal existence–living in the self-created and self-imposed imprisonment of the belief-system scaffolding built up around the mind, rather than the spiritual liberty experience in the super conscious mind, wherein self-correction, self-control, self-direction and eventual self-mastery become the path of daily living.

You cannot ever merely “want to be free from violence–want to be…beyond it…” You must choose to be free from violence–choose to live beyond it; you must choose the principled life of the peace warrior, whose religion is rooted in alignment with the Universe Source of ALL reality, in order to experience true and lasting inner peace.

When there is…equipoise…the achieving of the inner alignment between the heart-intellect-mind, super conscious identity and the indwelling Source of one’s reality–a balanced view of sex, food and position follows… And regardless of the choices of others, even when such choices require the…”laying down of one’s life for one’s friends–even for the whole of human civilization…” this state of inner balance cannot be destroyed, even to the last gasp of breath…

This is my religion–an inner creative and living connection to Source, while progressing through the course of experiencing this shadowy reality inside the…material bio-suit… And such an inner reality requires only that I ever be willing to let go of every belief, which has no survival value, and embrace the path and direction, wherever the truth leads me…

Can you consider yourself to be awakened spiritually, when you are blindly and unquestioningly supporting your government’s evil, sinful and iniquitous invading, warring and killing of millions upon millions of innocents around the world, hegemony, world domination, police state fascism, false flag terrorism and ever threatening other nations with new wars? 


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