Are You…Soul-conscious…?

Are You…Soul-conscious…?

What Does it Mean to be…Soul-conscious…?

How Do You Know if You Are…Soul-conscious…?

Soul Consciousness

…I look back to that early awkward time, and recognize in a young boy of eight years of age–some of my earliest moments of soul-consciousness… I was already asking many questions of life… I soon gave up asking peers, parents and other adults these questions, because my questions to everyone around me…were always met with pretentious ridicule…affectation–the shadow of fear–in one form or another…

Does The Urantia Book Use the Words…Soul Conscious…?

  • Is it possible, even likely, that our ascension through and mastery of the seven psychic circles is also the attainment to personality unification and full actualization of soul-consciousness, as morontia beings (while yet in the mortal material bio-suit) on the four cosmic levels of the personality-expansion and self-realization of the At-onement of the whole self–the entire self?
  • Is it also possible that there is a four step process involved in self-transformation from negative character deficiency to fruit of the spirit “true character” trait?
  • What do you think?

Study the mind map, below:


Personality-Mind Decisions

Soul consciousness: You do not have to search very long and deep to encounter many varying beliefs and concepts about what soul-consciousness is…and is not… You have likely encountered the concept of soul-consciousness, within the pages of The Urantia Book. Let us consider one such passage:

5:2.5 It is exceedingly difficult for the meagerly spiritualized, material mind of mortal man to experience marked consciousness of the spirit activities of such divine entities as the Paradise Adjusters. As the soul of joint mind and Adjuster creation becomes increasingly existent, there also evolves a new phase of soul consciousness which is capable of experiencing the presence, and of recognizing the spirit leadings and other supermaterial activities, of the Mystery Monitors.

First note that the employment of the words…exceedingly difficultis not equal toimpossible of experiencingmarked consciousness…of the spirit activities of the Paradise Adjusters.

In this passage we note the use of the term…new phase of soul consciousness…and we receive the mind mirror recognition of the following evidences of this new level of soul-consciousness

  • capable of experiencing the presence of the Thought Adjuster, 
  • recognizing the spirit leadings, and 
  • other supermaterial activities

of the Mystery Monitors.

  • What and which other…supermaterial activities…?

5:2.6 The entire experience of Adjuster communion is one involving

  • moral status,
  • mental motivation, and
  • spiritual experience.

The self-realization of such an achievement is mainly, though not exclusively, limited to the realms of soul consciousness, but the proofs are forthcoming and abundant in the manifestation of the fruits of the spirit in the lives of all such inner-spirit contactors.

What is Your Answer to the Question…Sick…or…Sickness-freeMortal Death…or…Eternal Now…?

It is my experiential conclusion that every person I have ever met, and continue to meet…has a self-concept of…being sick–of being a…sick person…and one who is inevitably going to…die…

I have never yet met a person who has achieved the self-realization of being…sickness-free–of being a person…free of sickness… and one who is…eternal now…has eliminated the concept of death from his or her vocabulary…

When you become fully conscious of your status as an eternal ascending son of the Paradise Father…no belief will ever hold any power over you…not even the concept of… mortal death…

In my view…there is no place for the concepts of being a sick person and death…not in the truly soul-conscious individual, who is achieving spiritual unity between body-brain-mind–the morontia soul and the indwelling divine Thought Adjuster…

The path–is ever the one of…letting go of all beliefs… And it does not matter who says this to you…

The process of letting go of all beliefs, in order to achieve the integration of all parts of the system that you desire to experience as the wholly unified you…is ever a…personal journey of experiential achievement…and ever a…tremendous struggle…involving sincerity, sincerity and more sinceritydecisions, decisions and more decisions

And it is so crystal clear to me why the journey of ascension through the seven psychic circles may never be exactly defined, except in the most general of terms–a general framework. Outside of this general framework, there is no…one size fits all… The journey for each of us is a…truly unique one…

But here is another mind map, again outlining this journey–conceptually–as a general framework.

CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE (Use Ctrl +,- to further enlarge or decrease image size in new tab)

Soul Consciousness

 Becoming fully soul-consciousness is a

progressively attained experience… a

slowly evolving but increasingly 

super conscious knowing that your

Thought Adjuster and you

are becoming…One…



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