An Exploration of Consciousness

An Exploration



NeuralCorrelatesOfConsciousness1.jpg |Date= 6 December 2007 |Author= Fmorm
Neural Correlates Of Consciousness1.jpg |Date= 6 December 2007 |Author= Fmorm

  1. the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
    “she failed to regain consciousness and died two days later”
    • the awareness or perception of something by a person.
      plural noun: consciousnesses
      “her acute consciousness of Mike’s presence”
  2. the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.
    “consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”

An Exploration of Consciousness: I invite your Thought Adjuster into this sharing with you. I welcome you to do the same–invite my Thought Adjuster into this sharing. In this way our Thought Adjusters will connect us with each the other. It is possible we will be connected, even if we never meet in person. When, however, you should make the choice to connect with me, directly, we will remain connected throughout the remainder of our life path progression, and eternally beyond our experiences, here, in the material bio-suit.

An Exploration of ConsciousnessI want to make it unequivocally clear, at the inception of sharing these thoughts with you, this is, indeed, an exploration. I could not sleep beyond 4:00 a.m., today, as these thoughts were appearing in the mirrored reflections in my contact with the higher level of super conscious mind.

I want you to watch the following very short video on the deceptive nature of human perception, before going deeper into this exploration:

 I have thought long and hard about the concept of human experience being a continuous inversion–every feeling arising from “challenge-stimulus-reaction” is first experienced in the mirroring quality of the mind-consciousness of self.

  • What is the self?

A Deeper Understanding of the Self

To more fully comprehend the self, as an individuated life form…let us consider the concept of the original life plasm, brought to a very young concentrated packet of condensing material energy called…Urantia…

The original life plasm itself was but…an inert life-projection formula…

Because Urantia was a designated as an experimental decimal planet, the Life Carriers brought with them this approved modified experimental “formula for life projection.” But it was not yet organized into a living thing–an animated vehicle for the expression of life–until the Life Carriers organized and implanted the life plasm into the shallow warm sea waters and land locations, with the final act being the imparting of the touch of the “mystery of life-activating spark” into the life plasm.

36:3.4 The vital spark—the mystery of life—is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them. They do indeed supervise such transactions, they formulate the life plasm itself, but it is the Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential factor of the living plasm. From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit comes that energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind.

  • And it was at this moment the Life Carriers imparted…what…more exactly…?
  • Isn’t this the…more interesting question?
  • What exactly was imparted through the Life Carriers into the life plasm?
  • Was it and is it…the mind-consciousness of the Creator?

“From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit

comes that energy spark which

enlivens the body and presages the mind.”

Let us understand the meaning of “presage.”

  • presage
    noun pres·age \ˈpre-sij, also pri-ˈsāj\1.  something that foreshadows or portends a future event : omen
    2.  an intuition or feeling of what is going to happen in the future
    3.  archaic : prognostication
    4.  warning or indication of the future
  • presageful play \pri-ˈsāj-fəl\ adjective

In the sense it is used in the above sentence, presage may likely be best interpreted as a “pre-shadowing of the arrival of free-will-endowed mortal mind,” when understood in the reading of the entire Paper 36. – The Life Carriers.

Later in Paper 63 – The First Human Family – we read the following:

63:1.4 The decision of Andon and Fonta to flee from the Primates tribes implies a quality of mind far above the baser intelligence which characterized so many of their later descendants who stooped to mate with their retarded cousins of the simian tribes. But their vague feeling of being something more than mere animals was due to the possession of personality and was augmented by the indwelling presence of the Thought Adjusters.

63:0.1 URANTIA WAS REGISTERED as an inhabited world when the first two human beings—the twins—were eleven years old, and before they had become the parents of the first-born of the second generation of actual human beings. And the archangel message from Salvington, on this occasion of formal planetary recognition, closed with these words:

“Man-mind has appeared on 606 of Satania, and these parents of the new race shall be called Andon and Fonta. And all archangels pray that these creatures may speedily be endowed with the personal indwelling of the gift of the spirit of the Universal Father.”

An Exploration of Consciousness AndonWe may glean from reading this Paper 63 that Andon and Fonta were the first “thinking” and not merely reacting-to-stimuli beings; therefore did they become…self-actualizing…through the acquisition of experiential knowledge, the contact with and now functioning of the last two adjutant mind spirits of worship and wisdom (the vague feeling of being something more), the mind-choice-decision to separate from the inferior tribe-mentality, and the receptive functioning of the gift of personality, along with the reception of a Thought Adjuster.

The gift of consciousness is the gift of the “spark of life” itself. All things are minded and conscious. But among all of the things and beings which make up what we perceive as the material world, only the human animal is…conscious that he consciousconscious of being conscious…capable of becoming the super conscious observer of the material and mindal self.

The Body is Perceived as…Vibrational Reality…An Illusion…A Shadow of the Spiritual Universe…

The Life Carriers came with only the approved formulated plan for life projection…the “formula for the life-projection.”

  • Was the projection of that original life plasm formula its atomic organization–made up of atoms at the nuclear level?
  • Is it the transmittal of the “spark–the “attenuated touch” of the Universal Mind through the Life Carriers, plus this atomic organization of a chemical-based life pattern,” that which…constitutes life?
  • Approximately how many atoms may there have been in the original life plasm?

If the original life plasm was a single-celled structure, containing the DNA material within it…An Exploration of Consciousness Life Plasm

On November 2, 2009, according to the National Geographic, “Each cell in the human body contains about 100 times as many atoms as there are stars in the Milky Way. As we all know, the milky way has ~ 200 Billion stars. so, 200,000,000,000 X 100 = 2.0 × 1013. Long story short, it’s about, 20 trillion.

But the human body is a complex organism that is made of, not of one cell, but of approximately 100 trillion cells. And we know that there are 100 trillion atoms in each cell.

According to a study from Washington University, there are approximately 100 trillion atoms in a human cell. Approximately the same number of cells are in the entire human body, meaning that 10 octillion atoms, or a 1 followed by 28 zeros, make up each person. What does this number look like?

Therefore…70 kg body would have approximately 7*1027 atoms.

(7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 7*1027 atoms.)

  • Are atoms…conscious…?
  • Or do they simply obey the laws of physics?
  • Is this “life-projection” the formula for the genetic DNA structure, plus the chemical make up and organization of the cell, plus the transmission of the spirit mind spark, which constitutes “life as natural conscious mind within its electro-magnetic field and chemical organization containment mechanism?”

Seen from this view…the human body, along with all other living bodies, are…chemically organized, electro-magnetic containment fields. And this is why I personally refer to my own body as a…material bio-suit…

Let us go back to the second definition of consciousness:

2. the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world. “consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”
And let us consider, along with this definition, the fact that we…live, move and have our being within the Universal Mind of the Infinite Spirit–not outside of the Mind of the Third Person of Paradise Deity.
Remember how I stated in the beginning…
I have thought long and hard about the concept of human experience being a continuous inversion–every feeling arising from “challenge-stimulus-reaction” is first experienced in the mirroring quality of the mind-consciousness of self.
An Exploration of ConsciousnessThe human bio-suit is, indeed, a center of consciousness, which has a natural mindedness, the ability to organize information into coherent thought-idea patterns. And so we natural tend to think of ourselves as being in…possession of a mind… But we are informed in The Urantia Book that mind is only on loan to us for the duration of the mortal material life experience. And therefore…

Mind is On Temporary Loan…

Mind is not a possession; the conscious mechanical intelligence circuits make contact with the higher vibration levels of the seven Adjutant Mind circuits, which are the mind mirror with which the electro-magnetic field generated by these conscious material intelligence circuits may make gentle contact, and in which the the natural dead center consciousness of human animal mind may become…self-reflective…conscious of being conscious…something more…and thereby begin its journey of morally reflective decision-making–the choice to become increasingly more sincere and unselfish…the choice (at some point) to align the human will with the will of God…which is the choice of the eternal life connection–the unconscious or conscious responding to and following the spiritual leadings of the indwelling divine Thought Adjuster…

Do you perceive what I am saying…differently? Why not leave me a comment, below, share your perceptions with me? Maybe, in so doing, we can engage in a creative and spirited communication, which would lead to even clearer and deeper comprehension of these concept-ideas.

111:1.5 …Human consciousness rests gently upon the electrochemical mechanism below and delicately touches the spirit-morontia energy system above…


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