Every Thought and Act is Recorded


Thought and Act

is Recorded

Every thought and act is recorded. Human beings are the only…cruel creatures…living on this planet… It is a “choice” to be cruel…evil, sinful and wicked (wickedness is the state wherein no light dwells–soul-less).

And every choice we make has its own…consequences…

Be rest assured. While we may not change the cruel circumstances of one of God’s creatures, any more than we may individually stop 26,000 more children from starving to death, today, and every day…man is creating his own hell on Earth within himself. His life is lived in darkness–the darkness of apathy, ignorance and evil-doing.

And all such individuals, who practice evil upon any other individual, or upon one of our Paradise Father’s creatures, stands in danger of universe judgment. And universe judgment is…eternal death or eternal life…as determined within an individual and by his own will.

Evil Inherently Contains within It–Its Own Seed of Self-destruction…

Like so many others we see around us…within all evil–within every evil act…lies the seed of self-destruction and other-destruction. And nothing that happens, not one single thought or act is ever missed by the universe authorities. Every single thought and act is recorded.

Into the hands of this lowly creature–man–is given mind coupled to the limited range of…sovereign free will choice…

Material mind is the arena in which human personalities live, are self-conscious, make decisions, choose God or forsake him, eternalize or destroy themselves. See with the eyes of the spirit evolving within you; you cannot compel men to love the truth.

Man is only defiled by that evil which may originate within the heart, and which finds expression in the words and deeds of such unholy persons.

  • Do you not know it is from the heart that there come forth evil thoughts, wicked projects of murder, theft, and adulteries, together with jealousy, pride, anger, revenge, railings, and false witness?
  • And it is just such things that defile men, and cause them to become increasingly more materialistic–animalistic, until there is nothing left that is real–salvageable?

It is by this very means of evil self-choosing, the very soul within the human individual…becomes dimmer and dimmer…and…dies… And such a death (soul-death) is permanent…eternal…as if the individual never existed…

Righteousness (Right-use of Personal Power) Inherently Grows toward Light and Life…

Righteousness (the right-use of personal power) strikes the harmony chords of truth, and the melody vibrates throughout the cosmos, even to the recognition of the Infinite….

111:1.4 Material evolution has provided you a life machine, your body; the Father himself has endowed you with the purest spirit reality known in the universe, your Thought Adjuster. But into your hands, subject to your own decisions, has been given mind, and it is by mind that you live or die. It is within this mind and with this mind that you make those moral decisions which enable you to achieve Adjusterlikeness, and that is Godlikeness.

  • What is the status of your own mind, my friend?
  • Are you filled with many…dark thoughts…about yourself…and…others?
  • Regardless of the person you reveal yourself to be around others…do you personally support cruelty and violence?
  • Have you ever considered that the buying and eating of meat is supporting one of the most cruel–most vile industries to ever exist on this planet?
  • With whichever politicians and political policies, attitudes and legislation you support, are you supporting your government’s wars of aggression–the killing of millions of innocent children, women and men–families, as a result of your…nod of approval…by proxy?
  • Do your unthinking and self-serving beliefs unconsciously and unwittingly support a predatory system, which creates mass starvation throughout the world?
  • Why is it…you ask so few questions about the life you are living?

Possessing the opportunity to own a copy of The Urantia Book, and reading it, is only a beginning level of truth-perception of the reality of the life you are living and how what you believe and do affects the lives of our fellow beings, around this world.

Every Thought and Act is Recorded
Painting by Del Parson–No Shoes

Let go of what you…believe to be true…

and become the living manifestation of true character

to the world around you…



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