Are Questions the Keys which Unlock the Doors to Full Soul Consciousness?

Are Questions the Keys

which Unlock the Doors to

Full Soul Consciousness?

are questions the keys


Are Questions the Keys?

How many questions do you–are you–willing to ask?

If you take the time to look over the course of your life path, thus far, how many questions have you been willing to put forth the intellectual-mental effort to ask…of yourself…of life…of God? Being sincerely honest with yourself…would you say you have…

  • asked no questions…
  • few questions…or
  • many questions?

What and who is holding you back from asking…more…and more…questions?

Do you find it difficult to formulate questions? If so…what do you believe is possibly holding you back from asking more questions?

  • Is it the early and continuing use of mind-altering and body-damaging drugs?
  • Is it a poverty of intellectual development?
  • Is it poor language skills?
  • Is it…laziness?
  • Is it the unwillingness to be sincere with yourself?
  • Is it…intellectual dishonesty?
  • Is it…lying to yourself…intellectual fraud…self-deceit?
  • Is it fear?

Are you…weak of character…?

What is the single greatest weakness of character…holding you back…from reaching your greatest development of…true character? Are you…

  • lost in the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch?
  • lost in the one hundred and one daily details of living?
  • self-absorbed with the people, places, events, wrongful words and actions of others, in your past?
  • self-absorbed with worry about what the future holds for you, personally?

Are you a…selfish person…or a…self-less person? Is your world view that of a black field on which there are but a few good souls? Or is your world view that of a white field on which there are a few evil souls?

How closed–self-imprisoned–is your thinking?

Can you conceive of the possibility that developing the ability to ask more questions is a skill, like any other, which must be frequently, even daily, practiced? Can you fathom the idea that asking questions is an…art form…? What would be the desirability, in your view, of becoming an…artist…in the asking of questions? In developing the ability to ask more questions…would not the following also be desirable?

  • …the development of better language–writing and speaking skills?
  • …the daily forcing yourself to develop the habit of writing down your thoughts onto paper?
  • …the development of the skill of…keen observation of your thoughts…?

What is your level–capacity for super conscious self-awareness?

Do you have a…golf-ball-sized awareness of yourself and your relationship to others? How well do you understand the intentions and motives of everyone to whom you are directly connected? How deeply do you understand yourself–your own feelings, thoughts and actions toward yourself and others? How much more of…super conscious–soul-conscious…self-mastery…may be attained…by the asking of far more questions?

Is it not possible, my friend, that the greatest of all human challenges, should we be so privileged to live long enough, to realize the great challenge–is “letting go” of everything we “believe” to be true–in favor of “knowing” the truth through dynamic faith experience?

When we are…living the truth…the living truth manifesting through us…needs no defense; the argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained?

When it dawns on you…that every sentence within this article has been asked as a question–will the deeper significance of what I have illustrated rise up–grow up into your soul-consciousness?

And when you begin to slow down your mental processes sufficiently to “see what you are thinking…” will you also be willing, after asking the most obvious questions…to listen…really listen…?

Is it not “the mark of a truly educated mind”

to be able to entertain a thought

without accepting it…?

Are Questions the Keys

which Unlock the Doors to

Full Soul Consciousness?

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