The Root of ALL Attachment is…Fear…

The Root


ALL Attachment



the root of all attachment is fear

The Root of All Attachment is Fear

In my own experience, the deeper meaning of this philosophical concept “The root of suffering is attachment” is this: at the root of all attachment is belief and at the root of all belief is…fear…

Attachment to belief is the prison the human individual constructs for the mind…

Otherwise, the mind has no limitations, its source being the Universal Mind–The Infinite Spirit–the Conjointly Created Offspring of the Universe Father and the Eternal Mother-Son.

In my own experience…I am still attempting to let go of all belief… It is the greatest of all challenges in the human life path experience… And personally, I will never settle for anything less…than the perfection of self-mastery over the human animal form…

How Sincere and Honest Are Your Answers to the Following Questions?

Maybe you already find yourself asking…what are the examples of this concept that fear-illusion underlies all attachment to individual, as well as collective systems of belief? And I would ask you to sincerely and honestly answer the following questions, within yourself…

  • What is it that you personally and individually believe, my friend?
  • Are you willing to let go of your belief system?
  • If not…what is it that keeps you attached to your system of beliefs?
  • Have you experienced events, about which events, your beliefs have caused you to suffer?
  • Are you fear-less?
  • If you are…truly fear-less…why would you not just…simply walk away from…let go of…release yourself completely from everything you…”believe to be true…?”

Standing in front of the reflection of yourself in the mirror of your mind, can you sincerely and honestly say, in the presence of the indwelling divine Thought Adjuster…”I am free?” Or is your fear-attachment to your belief system distorting your view of material, morontial and spiritual realities?

Consider the relationships in the following mind map:

Child is taught one of two views--paradigms--about human civilization

What I would hope that you get out of this mind map is the view that your own belief system is either that of a black field upon which there are but a few good souls in the world…or…the white field view upon which there are but a few evil souls in the world.

The honestly sincere individual will assess which view he or she is embracing.

Questions to consider:

  • Is it possible to read The Urantia Book, not once, but many times and still hold a…black field view of reality…?
  • How combative are you? Do you find yourself–ever in disagreement with the position which others take?
  • How warring within yourself are you? Do you have a lot of conflicts going on inside of you?
  • How often do you simply observe–allowing others to say their piece–their own beliefs–their own view of the world and reality–without feeling compelled to…correct him or her…?
  • Is the intellectually-mentally lazy mind–the one that fears to ask questions–the one that mostly unconsciously resists receiving the full benefits of contact with the seven adjutant mind spirits?

The Greatest of All Human Tragedies

What is, in my view, the greatest of all human tragedies…is that so few of us are willing to walk out of the self-constructed, fear-based, prison belief system limiting this otherwise limitless mind; the fear that keeps the personality imprisoned within the belief system is the illusion and delusion that the individual cannot simply walk out of this illusion-delusion.

And yet…there is no locked prison door, because there is no cell door.

Every human individual, of normal mind-function, could simply choose to walk out of this self-created belief-prison, but rarely ever will, during the course of the whole human life path experience…

And this, my friends, is what keeps human civilization imprisoned at the hands of…slave masters…those who understand these concepts…and…knowingly choose the path of evil, sin and wickedness…constructing the global matrix for the continued enforced slavery of the human mind…attempting but slowly failing to keep human minds from waking up and seeing the illusion-delusion for what it really is…fear…

Walk away from the fear… Simply choose to walk away… And you will discover…spiritual freedom…love, peace and joy within…which no man may take away from you…

The root of suffering is, indeed, attachment–just requiring a deeper understanding of exactly where the root of self and other-created suffering really lies…

No Fear–Just…Walk Out of the Prison of Belief…

When once you become willing to walk out of the fear-belief-prison you have constructed around your own mind…letting go of beliefs…releasing your true self from everything you presently believe…you increasingly enter the realm of a dynamic faith-relationship to the divine and thought-adjusting presence of the Universe Father within the mind–the nuclear center of human individual experience.

Self-mastery over the human animal self requires great intellectual-mental effort; the rewards are also great.

True Religion

This dynamic faith-relationship is…true religion…the willingness of the individual to share the inner creative life and self with the Originating Personality of such an opportune life experience in the human animal bio-suit.

Sharing is divine-godlikeness.

And a personality willing to share this inner creative life with his Creator is a loving person, taking on the divine qualities of the Divine Source of all existence–the Original Divinely Loving Person–the Universe Father–the Paradise Father.

Love, my friends…is the highest human reality… And the desire to do good to others is…love…unselfish love…

Let this Injunction


Our Creator Father



…in Your Hearts…

140:9.2  …“Go into all the world and preach the glad tidings of the kingdom. Liberate spiritual captives, comfort the oppressed, and minister to the afflicted. Freely you have received, freely give.”


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