Affectation–the Fear-eaten Barren Soul…


the Fear-eaten Barren Soul…

(Fear is the Mind-killer and the…Soul-eater…)

Regret by Bree Hodges

Do I need to show remorse?
Do I need to show regret?
You tell me I should
For what I have done,
Is horrible, spiteful, and wicked
I answer,
‘Why should I, when what’s done is done?’
You can turn the hands of a clock back,
But that doesn’t mean that you have changed time itself.

Psalm 19:13  Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression.

The Great Transgression of which ALL are Guilty?

The affectation–presumptuous arrogance, pride and self-deceit–the shallow and materialistic “pretentiousness,” which infects whole nations of people, indeed, the whole of human civilization, with a “cancerous apathy and ignorance,” an anti-developmental–anti-intellectual state–which becomes wholly lost in self-aggrandizement–predatory capitalism, consumerism, statism, secularism, anti-nuclear family, anti-traditions, anti-culture–the celebration of apathy, ignorance, materialism and godlessness–wars of aggression and genocide–is a most terribly tragic thing to behold. For it observably predates and foretells the fall of that nation of people, even the fall of the whole of human civilization…

I contend that affectation–the ridiculous attempt of the ignorant soul to appear wise, of the barren soul to appear rich–is not a new phenomenon in American culture; it was there from our very pre-beginnings and devolution into a nation of moral cowards. There is a myriad of manifestations and exhibitions of…pretentiousness…within the human individual…and when interacting with one’s fellow beings–puerile, selfish emotions and behavior.  And if there is a form and outward display of pretentiousness not yet invented in the deviously clever human animal mind…someone will discover, embrace and manifest the form of affectation–pretentiousness–out of the fear that takes root in…all moral cowardice…

Affectation–the Fear-eaten Barren Soul…Any group of people, who would sponsor terrorism and genocide (poaching scalps for profit), as an invading murderer of the 10,000+ years old Native American settlements…European invaders–ever moving westward–genocidal murdering and conquering in the name of their own tribal god, had a tremendous amount of inner darkness, which has carried forward into every generation, since; this American nation of people, who ignore truth, beauty and goodness–the traits of highest consciousness–soul-consciousness–true character manifestation–have resisted change, until that inner darkness is now consuming the whole of everything with which it comes into contact.

How convenient is it…to never know where you have come from–because you are remain too self-absorbed to ever take a few moments out of your focus on the 101 daily details of living–to ever question, investigate and research, in order to expand your self-awareness and insight into the present time, in which you are living?

Within every evil thought and act–concept-action…lies the seed of its own destruction…

We are simply witnessing the death of a nation of people, whose inner darkness is eating them from the inside out. I witnessed this inner darkness, in almost everyone I ever met and knew, from my earliest memories onward. I am still witnessing it in almost everyone I meet and know, today. It is affectation–barrenness of soul–which darkness grows out of the delusional void of moral values, almost wholly suppressed by extreme fear.

Fear is Not Only the Mind-Killer…It is…the Absence of Light…the Abyss…Cancer…

Affectation--the Fear-eaten Barren Soul...

Fear is not only the mind-killer…it is the absence of light…the abyss from which consciousness may never escape…cancer…the brain and body in a state of rapid cellular decay…

And fear–the shadow of the real, my friend, is the root of all cancer, all disease, no matter how it may manifest on the physical level; it first manifests on the level of the brain-mind matrix, as extreme selfishness, almost the wholly animal level–the mechanical level of the dead center of five senses conscious existence, wherein the individual focuses on everything but the truth about the selfish animal self, focuses on 101 details of daily living, in avoidance of moral and spiritual progress.

I began to recognize the principle of mind mirror self-reflection, long ago…

I am still trying to bring the animal self into perfected self-control. It is hardly less than a very great challenge to reach this place of perfected control over the…beast…whose mark may only ever be eradicated by the recognition of sovereign free will choice and an exertion of will-choice to ever fan the flames of desire to become your truest self, on the physical, mid-spiritual and spiritual levels of mind-values experiential comprehension of…universe reality…

Affectation, no matter to what extreme levels it is descending in the American individual, is not a localized phenomenon, but a universal one, throughout the whole of human civilization. Affection–barrenness of moral values through the embrace and descent into increasing apathy and ignorance, in its myriad manifestations–is the visible evidence of the ever-present threat in an intellectually and spiritually retarded civilization of human animals…to descend into total barbarism…the total fear-driven state of anarchy, chaos, murderous rage, cannibalism and…cosmic insanity…

Are the True Moral and Spiritual Heroes Mostly Invisible…?

Will a sufficient number of moral heroes arise to lead human civilization out of this current state of…cosmic insanity…? Once human civilization, as a whole, descends into madness–cosmic insanity–how much self-destruction must it unleash upon itself, before it may ever regain some semblance of inner moral fortitude–inner moral balance–putting the indwelling divine spirit–the still small voice of the Paradise Father–the will of God within the mind–at the center of individual conscious existence?

There are many times, along my own path, wherein I thought the best way to achieve the greatest level of self-correction, self-control, self-direction and self-mastery–truest character–super conscious–full soul-conscious living–was to completely detach myself from this almost wholly affectatious–apathetic and ignorant American culture and spiritually barren nation of individuals who so readily embrace an almost absolute secular and materialistic level of dead center–mostly unconscious animal level of five senses daily living.

I have since clearly understood that the increasingly super conscious individuals will ever be seen as…living outside of the “herd mentality,” anomalies, something strange which should be feared and cannot be understood, because they do not “fit in.” Any individual with strange ideas about pointing the finger inward instead of outward is not to be trusted in a culture where an inverted mentality of extreme self-focus is the norm–everything is “happening to the individual.” Everything and everyone, external to the individual consciousness is the…”stimulus to which the animal self must autonomically respond…” There is no free will choice; everything external is to blame–is the cause of the individual’s fear and resulting unhappiness, sorrow, bitterness, anger and use of force to…get one’s own way–selfish desires and selfish goals of an almost wholly materialistic existence.

All such moral and spiritual heroes walk an invisible path of worldwide influence…avoiding self-aggrandizement in every form…but whose influence, nevertheless, as sowers of the seeds of truth carry with such selfless acts…a spiritual leverage, the power of which cannot be underestimated.

The Great Sleep…

This is to be understood as…the great sleep…from which human civilization is ever struggling to…wake up…or descend into total insanity… And this…sleeping state…stands quite apart from…those who consciously embrace evil, sin and iniquity–wickedness–the state of total darkness–wherein there is a love of doing the most vile–evil acts imaginable…and…unimaginable…

We may ever become the judgmental expert in identifying the level of deception we see in everyone and everything external to the self; it ever seems a truism, however, we are blind sighted when it comes to super conscious recognition of our own fear-based self- deception, which results in dead-center-of-consciousness, affectatious behavior toward the self and others. I know I am…ever the judgmental expert…

I am still dealing with levels of…self-deception… And the most deep-rooted are always the greatest of challenges to uproot–slowly but surely replacing self-deceptive behavioral patterning with superior–healthier habits on the physical-intellectual-mind and soul levels of living…

The Great Goal…

Affectation–the Fear-eaten Barren Soul…And if these challenges were not greatly difficult in their eventual attainment to self- mastery–truest God-conscious character, self-expression in unselfish interaction with our fellow beings–how would we ever become something more than we presently are…?

The great goal of human striving is the attainment to the…highest reality… And the highest reality is that state of unselfish service to others–wherein spiritual courage is required to see beyond the humanly selfish reactions of the animal self–spiritual understanding–seeing the reality of our own limitations in our fellow beings–and allowing the indwelling divine spirit–the will of God–the will of the Paradise Father–to work through us–speak through us–because self-correction, self-control, self-direction and self-mastery in the unification of the material-intellectual–the morontia soul-consciousness–and the indwelling divine spirit–is now free of the ego to manifest the truest character manifestation–expression of the Paradise Father’s matchless personality–through his own personality…the will of God fully present in the living actualization of the revelation of the true mortal personality of another ascending son of God on Urantia…At-one…fully a morontia soul-conscious being…ready to emerge…from the human cocoon in which it was grown…

One Way to View the Great Goal



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