Are You Trustworthy?

Are You Trustworthy?

Are You Trustworthy
Are You Trustworthy? Is trust just a word with little meaning to you–all about your being able to trust others, but not about whether you yourself can be trusted?

What is Your View on Trust?

Trust is Just a Word…Until You Become the Spiritual Value…

Are you trustworthy? Most individuals I ever meet have a very selfish–self-centered view on what it means to be trustworthy. In their view…being trustworthy is a one way street. It is okay if another breaks trust. “I had my reasons for doing what I did. You should know and understand that–without my even having to explain it to you! What kind of friend are you, anyway?” But the moment you act in a manner viewed as…less than trustworthy…the individual disappears…without explanation…

Yes, such persons are not trustworthy, have no concept of what it means to be trustworthy and their life-experiences are…all about them…and no one else…

  • Are you trustworthy?
  • How trustworthy are you?
  • How far can you be trusted?
  • Do you easily violate trust in friendships–when it serves your own self-interest?

I have had so many opportunities, during the course of my life, to hold grudges. I do not hold grudges. Holding a grudge is a betrayal of self-trust–trusting oneself to do the right thing by oneself and by others; grudge holding is a state of maintaining a secretly angry and unforgiving attitude toward another or others. And grudge-holding–anger–unforgiveness–is a prison for the mind, from which there is no escape…short of the act of…repentance…the changing of one’s state of mind in the…act of forgiving…letting go of this fear-based and fear-reinforced self-imprisoning system of beliefs…

48:7.20 18. Impatience is a spirit poison; anger is like a stone hurled into a hornet’s nest.

What Does it Mean to Forgive?

Are You Trustworthy 2I can readily say all of these things, which come so easily from within my mind and personality, because I have lived through these great challenges–often very challenging and tragic experiences, wherein the immaturity of all involved carried with it a great price to pay, as the natural consequences, perhaps, of puerile and selfish–self-serving attitudes.

  • What does it mean to forgive someone?
  • Are you forgiving?
  • Do you live in the past–hold grudges–can’t let go of the believed wrong that was done to you?
  • How about the wrongs you have done to others?
  • Easier to let go of those memories?
  • Just put them out of your mind–altogether?
  • The wrongs you committed against others are so easily forgotten you just…never bring them to mind…?

I understand your reasons for behaving the way you do–acting immaturely. You must experience the “right-ness” or “wrong-ness” of your own choices.

And in understanding youI forgive you–by choosing not to hold a grudge.

This is the principle by which I chose to live, many years ago. And consistently living by this principle, allows me to be…at peace within…

Trusting You, However…that is a Different Story, Altogether.

  • You want back in my life?

Okay…we can move in that direction, but you must demonstrate that you can be trusted. And if you cannot…there is the door. Do not return, again, until you know…within yourself…you can be trusted. I will keep the door open and the light on to that possibility…

In the meantime…the sign on the front entry will say

“No Admittance.”

Even the Angels Must Demonstrate Trustworthiness

Even the higher orders of morontia beings must demonstrate their trustworthiness in advancing from a position of present trust into one requiring greater trust. They are actually tested to determine the degree of trustworthiness.

When the higher orders of sonship break their sacred trust of upholding truth, in they positions in which they serve…it is a…life and death consequence…the difference between maintaining their status of…eternal life…or losing that status…becoming segregated and isolated…awaiting trial within their local universe jurisdiction.

So are we also tested, as we pass through the worlds to come. Testing, in fact, appears to be an integral part of the order of the universe–one vast educational university…

And in this life, as well, when trust is broken and lost, it is never easy to regain that trust, again.

In my younger years, at the beginning of my twenties, I had an immature concept of what trust and being trustworthy really meant. And I broke trust with those closest to me, not once, but multiple times; the cost was great. And it took several years for me to come to grips with the tragic consequences of what I had done. It does not matter that the others involved also broke trust; all involved, including me, proved less than trustworthy. The trust that was broken…has never been…regained… The trust and closeness that once existed in those friendships has never been regained…to this day…

The High Cost of Being Less than Trustworthy

Maybe you, too, have experienced the great tragedy and painful consequences of friendships lost, due to the breaking of trust. And you well understand the…high cost of acting immaturely and in a manner less than trustworthy.  I would only ask you to consider this much more…

The cost of hanging on to the past carries with it a far greater price to pay than the experience itself.

Always remember: Even being a reader–even a long time reader and studier of The Urantia Book does not mean you are immune to your human attitudes you’ve been taught by your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, peers, teachers, friends, managers and employers, along the path you have traveled.  Does it?

It is ever up to the individual to question and challenge his or her own shortcomings–immature attitudes toward the self and others.

  • Are you trustworthy?

How can you truly be trustworthy…

as long as you are unforgiving–

holding on to the past…?


Forgiveness is not a one time event. A forgiving attitude must be…ever-momentarily present… Maintaining an ever-momentary state of freely forgiving another is… freedom from the prison of a selfishly focused mind…

Are You Trustworthy
“Forgiveness is the final form of love.” –Reinhold Niebuhr

Or is it…just the reverse…?

Love is the…final form of forgiveness…?


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