The Blessings of God are Without Measure…

The Blessings of God

Are without Measure…

Who Do You Perceive Yourself to Be…?

The Blessings of God are without Measure: I awakened very early, today, and could not go back to sleep. I didn’t want to go back to sleep. For the thought came to me…

The difference between who you perceive yourself to be in the past and the person you perceive you are striving to be in the future…is the person you are in your acts of today. And the greatest act of today is the perfected setting aside of your human ego in everything you do–every person you touch with your life.

As I almost always do…I immediately entered into worship insight…


The Blessings of God are Without MeasureI am blessed without measure; it is impossible to fully comprehend what an infinitely beautiful person and friend you are to all of your children everywhere throughout the Grand Universe. May these immeasurable blessings flow without restriction into the life of every person, whose life we touch.

Your spiritual gifts make me what and who I am; your mortal ascending son. No value or measure may be assigned to these spiritual gifts of

  • the gift of the sacred material human form for experiencing this mortal level of experience,
  • the gift of natural consciousness within this mortal life form, from you, Infinite Spirit Mind within whom I move, live and have my being,
  • the gift of contact with the spirit mind of you, my Local Universe Mother spirit,
    • the gift of being encircuited into your Holy Spirit, my Local Universe Mother spirit,
      • the gift of the spirit of intuition,
      • the gift of the spirit of understanding,
      • the gift of the spirit of courage,
      • the gift of the spirit of knowledge,
      • the gift of the spirit of counsel,
        • the gift of the spirit of worship and
        • the gift of the spirit of wisdom.
  • the gift of contact with the Spirit of Truth of you, my Creator Father, Michael of Nebadon and my brother–Jesus of Nazareth,
    • the gift of you, my Universe Mother–Eternal Son, who so perfectly reveals the Personality, Love and Character of you, My Paradise Father.
  • the gift of you, my tireless attending Seraphic guardian pair and
    • you, the tireless and loyal Cherubim and Sanobim also attending to me,
  • the gift of personality,
  • the gift of the evolving mortal soul,
  • the gift of the indwelling divine Thought Adjuster–the actuality of your will and divine presence within me, Father.
  • the gift of…the eternal now,
  • the gift of eternal peace–light and life within,
  • the gift of the Supreme to the Grand Universe, and
  • the gift of the Master Spirits to the seven super universes,
  • the gift of the opportunity to ascend beyond the mortal, through the morontial and into the spiritual universes, endlessly swinging inward toward Havona, the central universe,
  • the gift of the opportunity to sometime stand on Paradise, in your presence, Infinite Spirit, Eternal Son and my Paradise Father,
    • the opportunity to actualize as a finaliter of eternal service to the evolving universes both in time-space and transcendent universes now evolving into the eternal and infinite future…ever representing the embodiment of your will to the evolving universes, Father.

Are not all of these gifts…without measure…?

How can you possibly ever fully comprehend the reality of all of these spiritual gifts, while yet in mortal form? I know I cannot, Father. And it is very humbling, when fully comprehending what a lowly creature is this mortal material being that I am.

And how can I truly comprehend the greatest gift of all within this mortal path I walk? …the gift of the opportunity to humbly set aside the human ego, in favor of the mastery of the human animal self–in order to, moment by moment, achieve the perfection of personality synchronous unification between body, mind, soul and spirit within the personality experience of qualifying for the At-Onement Declaration and fusion with you, my most lovely and precious partner in the eternal journey ahead of us–my divine Thought Adjuster?

I am ever more humbled by the attempt to more fully grasp the reality of these…spiritual, eternal and infinite realities–through, from and by which even myThe Blessings of God are without Measure feeble mortal attempt to grasp your precious gift of mortal life is like the mechanical consciousness within a gnat trying to grasp the world into which it emerges–unaware of the greater realities all around it…

Thank you, Father, for the sacred gift of free will choice within this mortal life experience!



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