What is Consciousness? How Do I Work?

What is Consciousness?

How Do I Work?

What is Consciousness

What is Conscious?

We know it all… Don’t we? But in terms of the conscious human experience, we know nothing… We understand nothing… And yet we are such an arrogant and prideful “know-it-all,” two-legged, upright standing human animal species.

Even when we are so clearly wrong…we are still right…

We name, segment and classify everything that exists out of the fear of what we don’t truly understand on any level other than the intellectual material. At the level of materialistic intellectual belief…by naming, segmenting and classifying everything that exists…we thereby support both individual and group instinctual belief systems that we are in control of the thing named, segmented and classified.

We are so clever animals. Aren’t we?

Those individuals, who call themselves scientists, being the so very clever human animals they are…are mostly dead certain that the brain is what gives rise to consciousness.

But what if they are just…spiritually dead wrong…have it…backwards?

  • How could anyone with common sense reasoning…conclude anything other than that natural consciousness, arising from the gift of the spark of life from the Infinite Spirit, exists within every cell of the human body…and brain…?

Let’s Talk…Alien Implantation of Life on Earth…

What is Consciousness TLFor anyone, who is not a studier of The Urantia Book…this following section from Paper 36 – The Life Carriers would likely come across as either…too incredible to accept and understand…or evidence of…aliens bringing the “life seed” to Earth…


What is Consciousness ILC art
Imaginative Portrayal of Life Carrier

36:3.1 Life does not spontaneously appear in the universes; the Life Carriers must initiate it on the barren planets. They are the carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life as it appears on the evolutionary worlds of space. All life of the order and forms known on Urantia arises with these Sons, though not all forms of planetary life are existent on Urantia.

36:3.2 The corps of Life Carriers commissioned to plant life upon a new world usually consists of one hundred senior carriers, one hundred assistants, and one thousand custodians. The Life Carriers often carry actual life plasm to a new world, but not always. They sometimes organize the life patterns after arriving on the planet of assignment in accordance with formulas previously approved for a new adventure in life establishment. Such was the origin of the planetary life of Urantia.

36:3.3 When, in accordance with approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided, then do the Life Carriers catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the vital spirit spark; and forthwith do the inert patterns become living matter.

36:3.4 The vital spark—the mystery of life—is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them. They do indeed supervise such transactions, they formulate the life plasm itself, but it is the Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential factor of the living plasm. From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit comes that energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind.

36:3.5 In the bestowal of life the Life Carriers transmit nothing of their personal natures, not even on those spheres where new orders of life are projected. At such times they simply initiate and transmit the spark of life, start the required revolutions of matter in accordance with the physical, chemical, and electrical specifications of the ordained plans and patterns. Life Carriers are living catalytic presences which agitate, organize, and vitalize the otherwise inert elements of the material order of existence.

36:3.6 The Life Carriers of a planetary corps are given a certain period in which to establish life on a new world, approximately one-half million years of the time of that planet. At the termination of this period, indicated by certain developmental attainments of the planetary life, they cease implantation efforts, and they may not subsequently add any thing new or supplemental to the life of that planet.

36:3.7 During the ages intervening between life establishment and the emergence of human creatures of moral status, the Life Carriers are permitted to manipulate the life environment and otherwise favorably directionize the course of biologic evolution. And this they do for long periods of time.

36:3.8 When the Life Carriers operating on a new world have once succeeded in producing a being with will, with the power of moral decision and spiritual choice, then and there their work terminates—they are through; they may manipulate the evolving life no further. From this point forward the evolution of living things must proceed in accordance with the endowment of the inherent nature and tendencies which have already been imparted to, and established in, the planetary life formulas and patterns. The Life Carriers are not permitted to experiment or to interfere with will; they are not allowed to dominate or arbitrarily influence moral creatures.

36:3.9 Upon the arrival of a Planetary Prince they prepare to leave, though two of the senior carriers and twelve custodians may volunteer, by taking temporary renunciation vows, to remain indefinitely on the planet as advisers in the matter of the further development and conservation of the life plasm. Two such Sons and their twelve associates are now serving on Urantia.

What is Consciousness PA Lifelong and Ongoing Exploration…

In my view of limited understanding and comprehension…it makes far more sense (to me) that this “spark of life” is the consciousness of The Infinite Spirit of infinite consciousness, which animates the whole of the Universe of universes, is everywhere present in all things.

In God…we literally move, live and have our being (of reality-consciousness)…

And this “spark of life,” from the creative daughter spirit, our Local Universe Mother spirit, transmitted from her…is the spirit spark of pure and infinite consciousness of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of the Paradise Trinity godhead.

Therefore, from my perspective…this spark of life exists within every cell of every living creature on this planet… In us, as human moral creatures, evolved from this original life plasm…consciousness is more highly organized in both the body and the brain…allowing this personality endowed with highly organized consciousness…to make contact with, not only the first five adjutant mind spirits of…

  1. intuition,
  2. understanding,
  3. courage,
  4. knowledge, and
  5. counsel,

but also with the last two adjutant mind spirits of…

6. worship and

7. wisdom

And it is our human animal consciousness contact with the spirits of worship and wisdom, which separates us from the rest of the animal world. Without this ability to make contact with these final two adjutant mind spirits of worship and wisdom…we are nothing more than two-legged, upright standing human animals–mechanical beings, animated by the spark of consciousness from the Infinite, but nonetheless limited to the primary senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch.

The Mechanical Human Being Endowed with Consciousness…? Or the Super Conscious (Soul-conscious) Being of Moral Capacity…an Ascending Son of God?

What is Consciousness SRThis is also the clear explanation (from my viewpoint) of why so many two-legged, upright standing human individuals are so lost in the five senses…so almost entirely animalistic and materialistic in their manifest behavior toward themselves and others…

So many, many of us on this planet have never yet made contact with the last two of the adjutant mind spirits of worship and wisdom. So many, many of us simply and mostly instinctually-unconsciously follow the herd…without question…

Such mindless following of the herd (whatever the herd leaders, teachers and peers believe) requires no real questioning or reasoning…only assent…

But because we are endowed by our Paradise Father with personality and sovereign free will choice…we see the great evidence, on Urantia, of the devastating results of unbridled free will choice…continual death and destruction…

We are an infant civilization…still very immature on every observable level…

We imprison the super mortal mind endowment (the contact of human consciousness with the seven adjutant mind spirits, the Spirit of Truth and the leadings of the indwelling Thought Adjuster)…with every conceivable name, segmentation and classification of fear-control…

We have invented every conceivable system of belief, which we cling to with a…life or death…grip… And like the wild badger…will not only fiercely defend our (belief) territory…come too close…invade that belief territory…and like wild badgers…we will tear, rip and shred what we perceive as…an invader…of the secretive, fear-based inner self-imprisonment of the mind-consciousness with the falsely sacred matrix-framework of intellectual illusion–fear-based fraud we practice upon our own evolving souls…and upon the evolving souls of our fellow beings…

48:7.8 6. To enjoy privilege without abuse, to have liberty without license, to possess power and steadfastly refuse to use it for self-aggrandizement—these are the marks of high civilization.

The great challenge ever before us…is to individually place and keep the Paradise Father at the center of our conscious-super conscious evolution, while engaging the challenges of making our best–our highest moral decisions, in this brief instant of mind-personality-spirit experiencing within the material bio-suit…

In a related article…I am going to go very much deeper into…what is consciousness… And how do we work…


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