What Are The Fusion Papers?

What Are The Fusion Papers?

the fusion papers


To resonate with spirit is to resonate with Love…a Love that gives and forgives without boundaries… This is the supreme challenge of the path onto which I awakened from a very young age.

  • Is this not the path we are all on (whether you realize this or not…?)

To more fully understand what The Path to Fusion is…you must be willing to abandon all fixed beliefs currently imprisoning your mind, in favor of moving–by living dynamic faith–into the realm of the inner space explorer… If you are not willing to do this…you deepening comprehension which moves far beyond the average intellectual framework of reasoning…will have to wait upon your resurrection in the first of the seven Mansion worlds…

  • Are you ready to take the leap, my friend?

If so, let’s get started, together, on your new journey of exploration through inner space…



You are free to enter The Path to Fusion. Over time…there will be much new content and many new links to explore… You may want to bookmark this site to make it easier to return. You are not free to copy any of the posts or pages content of this site, without prior permission from the Author.

Attention...Now Boarding... Your Eath Departure Time is...

What Are the Fusion Papers


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