Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit? A Sower of the Seeds of Spiritual Truth? Or Sound-bite Flit?


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Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit 2

Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit? A Sower of the Seeds of Spiritual Truth? Or Sound-bite Flit?

A Cleverly Constructed “Religious Philosophy” or “Mimicry” of a Religious-Spirituality-Philosophy (and ALL of the Symbols and Trappings of Ceremony)… is NOT a Substitute for the Experience of Embracing the Living Spiritual Values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness!

Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit 3

I came out of a totally controlling Pentecostal experience at a very young age. What remained with me was a strong faith in Jesus. Jesus’ words in The Urantia Book ring more true with me than anything I have ever read and anything anyone has ever said to me.

However, in spite of 45 years of reading the Urantia Book, I continue to choose to live what I have absorbed and continue to absorb from it, rather than be a mere “intellectual believer,” a proselyte convert, intellectually, to the living truth it contains.

I have ever been the “protagonist” when it comes to a “letter of the law” interpretation of the contents of The Urantia Book or any other book, sacred or otherwise. My ever attacking those that interpret the written records of men as either “absolute” or “in error,” (so just throw the baby out with the bathwater), has never been well received, neither amongst Urantia Book readers, nor by anyone else. And neither has it ever stopped me from pointing out that “mental masturbation” is not and never will be a substitute for interpreting all of human experience, in accordance with the “spirit of the law,” as Jesus taught and lived.

Since absorbing living truth from the Urantia Book, which ever pointed the way to acknowledging and inwardly seeing my direct and living relationship to the indwelling Thought Adjuster and my Paradise Father,  I chose and choose to never allow myself to become a convert to another bible, sacred book, shaman, pastor, priest, guru, or other leader of any religious, philosophical or scientific philosophy, not even to the big blue book itself (which I view as a tool to be used for enhancing, clarifying and embracing self-control and self-mastery, and not be a blind and unquestioning adherent to the book, continually quoting from it and seeking converts.)


I do not “believe” in the Urantia Book. I “know” it is what it claims to be. I never expected the Urantia Book to be perfect. But it is the greatest spiritual guidebook of our age. I simply acknowledge the truths it contains and seek to live them, according to the spiritual blueprint I intuit from my Thought Adjuster, which is the “living will” of the Paradise Father within me.

“It’s amazing how Buddha was not a Buddhist, Mohammed was not a Muslim and Jesus was not a Christian. They all stepped away from the religions of their times and became Bright Lights on this dark world. And they all share the fact that their followers created a belief system “around” their Personal Religious Experiences. The time has come for “Spirit Led” people to look beyond creating and following new religions about Spiritual Leaders and their Teachings, and instead strive to Live Up to the EXAMPLE and Moral Standard that was set by the lives they lived. Are you ready to become the next Bright Light on this dark world and share your experience as an inspiration for your brothers and sisters?” –Pato Banton

To be the “Bright Light” does not to me mean being the center of world media attention and have influence over the masses. To me…every Bright Light, together in spiritual unity (not intellectual uniformity), creates an increasingly Brighter Light Reflection of the Spirit of Truth and our Paradise Father’s will than any one of us may achieve, individually. A Bright Light, in my view, is like a spiritual Johnny Appleseed, who simply goes about living the truths he or she disseminates–casts out upon the many plots of human soil all around. Some will take root and grow. Some will not. All of what takes place, after the seed is sown, belongs to the Father and is in His Hands.

Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit 5

The Urantia Book came to me…quietly…not once, but twice. The first time I was barely nineteen years of age, after having left the wholly fear-bound, fear-enslaving and totally fascist-controlling Pentecostal experience, only about a year and a half earlier. The second time it found me, I was halfway around the world, in Turkey, near Istanbul, and on a remote U.S.A.F. TAC communications site of only twenty-two or so individuals. The second time I could not ignore it.

At that time in my life, my biggest challenge was…dyslexia… I was also unable to concentrate and had a very poor, almost illiterate grasp of the English language. I almost gave up attempting to read The Urantia Book, not once, but on multiple occasions. I simply could not grasp many of the seemingly complex thought structures in the book.

But I recognized the vast arena of profound truths in The Urantia Book. And so I forced myself to read it, literally keeping a large dictionary by my side, in order to look up the meanings of the many, many words I did not comprehend.

Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit 4

In so forcing myself to read The Urantia Book, whether I immediately understood the thoughts or felt thoroughly lost in the attempt, my vocabulary grew. The more I wrote down my thoughts, as prose, or attempted coherent streams of thoughts, the more the wiring in my brain…changed…growing into something more… The mental pictures became clearer and clearer and have never stopped becoming ever increasingly more clear.

And so The Urantia Book comes quietly to each and every one of you, who visits my site. I recently installed the whole of the Urantia Papers, with audio, onto the back end of my site. I did this, not because I want to convert anyone to The Urantia Book, nor to anything I have to say, herein. I simply want to present and provide the quiet opportunity to become acquainted with The Urantia Book and its contents, just as I was quietly introduced to it, by a true friend.

The question remains…

Are you a “Bright Light” or a dimly lit wit? The oxymoron in this statement is that we all have a…dimly lit wit…as well as a…bright light…inside each one of us. We choose one or the other…whether by default (not making a choice) or actively choosing.

I encourage you to make the active choice to become a “Bright Light” in a world that desperately needs as many “Bright Lights” as we can freely give to so many, who are wandering aimlessly in ideological darkness…lost in belief systems that screw up the mind, distort it, and lead to nothing but mystical and metaphysical confusion.

Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit 1


I know I will transition out of this material life-form…soon… I know that only a handful, or less, care to any degree at all, whether I am alive or gone. It is neither significant or consequential to me.

No one will come to my funeral…because there won’t be one. Only a handful, or less, will miss me.

I know you are scared to be more than you desire and want to become…and this is why you abandoned friendship with me or why you are mostly silent where I am concerned…

And I know who my real friends are, both seen and unseen… In the meantime, and as I have done throughout my life…I will continue to be…a sower of the seeds of spiritual truth…

The rest…is in my Paradise Father’s hands…  –Tim R Walls

Bright Light or Dimly Lit Wit 6

I haven’t given birth to the child I am carrying within me, yet… But I feel the child moving, stretching and preparing to emerge from its material cocoon form…


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