Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority and Save the Earth from Imminent Destruction…


Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority and Save the Earth from Imminent Destruction…

Love–without Changing Yourself and Changing the Way You Live on Earth–is a Hollow Ideal…


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Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority 1

Over Two Feet of Hail Drops on Bogota, Columbia, just two degrees north of the Equator. Is this normal? The Earth is ever-changing. Nothing on Earth ever remains “fixed…,” except human attitudes…

Watch the following Video. Open your eyes to your mind. Understand what the “centralized authority” of mainstream media, will never reveal to you, until it is already too late…

These are NOT isolated events. These extreme weather events have been occurring for over a decade. And they are happening, now, with greater and greater frequency.

Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority 2

Quito, Ecuador, which is located right on the Equator, had three feet of hail land on its residents, just thirty days earlier.

Can you still think for yourself..?

Do you really and truly think for yourself..?


Or do you just parrot the thoughts and ideas of others, who have gone before, left their quotes and writings behind, and/or are still living?

Is it not ever easier just to “follow along…,” appearing to “know something” you don’t know is true in your own experience?

As I daily observe what many of you publish, it is mostly “borrowed” from someone else. Belief systems of every kind “flourish” on the internet, revealing an almost total lack of original thinking. What distinguishes you from the masses, who are asleep? Are you truly awake, when you give no original voice to the real you, the you that is still hiding behind the teachings and sayings of others?


Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority 4

Niagara Falls—Winter 2015—Almost completely frozen solid…


Centralized Authority is the Prison for Your Mind

As long as you can maintain your own way of life…nothing else going on in the world really matters much. Does it? You sign on to the internet, throughout the day, posting pictures with the sayings and quotes of others, make your comments, which are mostly “borrowed thoughts.” Maybe you have a blog and publish, off and on. How much of what you write is someone else’s belief system? How much of what you publish is truly your own original thoughts and ideas?

If you are truly awake…you know that our precious blue planet is being destroyed by greed, corporate corruption, the intentional poisoning of the earth under our feet, the water we drink, the aerosol trails sprayed into our skies, which block out the sun’s rays and are poisonous to all life on our precious Earth.

This destruction is directly the result of corporate greed, the centralization of power into the hands of the few. You may already know, for example, that only five or six corporations control all of the news that you see and hear on your TV. This news you receive into your brain is neuro-linguistic programming; it is almost entirely fabricated.

Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority 5

Central Africa has lost 64 percent of its elephants in a decade. Elephant kills are currently happening at the rate of one more elephant every six minutes, somewhere in the world. How long do you think the elephants, and indeed, all other animal species have, before they become extinct…?

Another handful of very powerful, centralized corporations, own and control almost the whole of our food supply. These commercially produced foods, whether sold to us, as fruits and vegetables, or manufactured “fake foods,” are poisonous to our health, poisonous to our brains, and result in the destruction of our health on a planetary-wide scale. The nutrients—our bodies and minds need for vibrant and optimal health—is missing from these corporate grown and manufactured “sick people” foods.

And if you are like the average person, who pretends to be spiritually awakened, but are still poisoning your body and mind with these commercially grown and manufactured “fake foods,” you are also enslaved to the centralized power of the medical industry; you know…the one which prescribes every conceivable kind of powerful poison, in the form of pills and vaccinations, which may temporarily relieve your symptoms of ill health, temporarily control the diseased state of your body and mind, but are intentionally designed to keep you coming back for more poisonous pills and vaccinations, which keep draining what little financial wealth you already have and put your wealth into the pockets of a few very powerful men and women.

Science will not save human civilization; government will kill its own citizens, en masse, before it will ever give up its increasing power over a nation’s people. Will the Pope save humankind? Will the Dalai Lama save human civilization? Will Allah save the human race? Will Gaia save us from ourselves? Will the Christian God, the Jewish God, the Hindu Gods, the President, Hollywood, or any other belief system on the face of our planet save us from…ourselves…?

It is time to stop living in…La-La Land…

Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority 6

Welcome to planet Earth… Welcome to LaLa Land…where human civilization lives in almost total illusion…where the victim becomes the…victimizer…where they pollute their planet like an open toilet…where the masses give away their power to every centralized authority…becoming both the enslaved and the enslaver…

Why Do You Give Away Your Financial Power to the Greed Driven and Power-seeking, Who Inhabit the Ivory Offices of Wholly Secretive Corporate Power Accumulation within Massive Steel Phallic Symbols?


I will repeat the sentence. It is time to stop living in…La-La Land…

As long as you keep giving away your financial, emotional, mental and spiritual power to centralized authority…you are neither…mindally awake…nor are you…spiritually awake…

So the question remains… Why do you so readily give away your emotional, mental, spiritual and financial power to centralized authority?

When our Local Universe Creator Son, Michael, whom we know as Joshua Ben Joseph, Jesus son of Joseph, Jesus of Nazareth, was incarnated into human form…the Jewish people, as a nation of individuals, were abject slaves of the centralized authority of the Jewish Sanhedrin, the bankers of that era, 2,000 years ago.

Nothing has permanently and lastingly changed in the thinking of the masses of human societies, throughout human history. And the reason is always the same. The masses were asleep; they readily gave away their emotional, mental, spiritual and financial wealth to a centralized authority. Today, the masses are still asleep; we still readily give away our emotional, mental, spiritual and financial power to centralized authority.

Today, there exists the possibility of a great and lasting change in the thinking of the masses of human civilization, because of the internet ushering in the information age. It is readily observable, however, that so many people, perhaps, as yet…the majority are constantly, egoistically and pridefully promoting their own belief systems on the internet and in their personal circles of influence, offline. …The majority appear to simply be unwilling to let go of any and all beliefs, which stand in the way of true spiritual progress on this planet.

But the single greatest obstacle to planetary-wide lasting change is this unwillingness to let go of giving away our emotional, mental, spiritual and financial power to…centralized authority…

There is a way that seems right to women and men…but the end thereof is…destruction and death…

And human civilization keeps rushing headlong toward the edge of the cliff that falls directly into the abyss…

Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority 7

It is the lure of wealth and the lure of giving away our personal emotional, mental, spiritual and financial power to centralized authority that is leading human civilization to the edge of the abyss of no return… When this sickness of the heart and mind is coupled to every imaginable evil act across the planet…we are in danger of losing our souls and finally succeeding in destroying everything that is true, beautiful and good…

As the majority of individuals, which make up human civilization, we are, as yet, unwilling to…let go…let go of our divisive and illusionary belief systems…let go of readily giving away all of our emotional, mental, spiritual and financial power to centralized authorities of so-called religion—religious authority, so-called philosophy, so-called science,  mainstream media, medical industry, government, pharmaceutical industry, commercial food growing and fake food manufacturing industry, banking industry, nationalism, flags, war machines, waging of war, and every other superstitious belief imaginable, to which we continue on giving away all of our emotional, mental, spiritual and financial power…without so much as a second thought…or a simple question, as to…why?

Only You…Can De-centralize Centralized Authority 8

The golden calf is the symbol of what you unwittingly or willingly worship in every act of thoughtlessly, mindlessly giving away your emotional, mental, spiritual and financial power to centralized corporate authority, whether that corporate authority is religious, scientific, philosophic, governmental, medical, slaughtering of animals, commercial growing of poisonous foods, or manufactured fake foods, almost wholly devoid of nutritional value.

No one will ever make you think differently than you do, now.

Only you can discover the spiritual values of truth, beauty and goodness which lead to permanent and lasting change in the way you think and act, on a daily basis.

Only you…can let go of every belief that stands in your way of…true spiritual awakening…

Every thought you think…either forges the new path toward inner spiritual unification with the indwelling God-fragment and the spiritual unity of brotherhood…or builds upon the wall of division…destruction…and…death…

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