You are the Physician; Do NOT Try to Heal the World, until You…Heal Yourself!

You are the Physician; Do NOT Try to Heal the World, until You…

Heal Yourself!

And You Will NOT Heal Yourself, until You…Know Why You are…


You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 9

Human evolution and spiritual progress are hardly sufficient to enable all men to dispense with religious authority… But in this brotherhood of Jesus there is no place for sectarian rivalry, group bitterness, nor assertions of moral superiority and spiritual infallibility.  —The Urantia Book, Paper 195:10.14


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 You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 4

The cities of the 21st century are the very manifestation of dysfunctionality… And they are…everyone of them…doomed…in their current state of slow decay and moral disintegration…


A Civilization of the Dysfunctional Pretending to Be Awake…


You, my friend, have grown up in an almost wholly dysfunctional world experience; the reasons for your own dysfunction are sparkling clear. Your past is still haunting your present; consequently, you self-medicate with every conceivable thing that exists, except the one thing which will instantly heal you…self-forgivenessother-forgivenessLOVE

The manifestations of dysfunctionality are also crystal clear:

  • violence
  • racism
  • hatred
  • war
  • drug addiction
  • promiscuity
  • pornography
  • human enslavement in any and every form
  • child abuse
  • anxiety
  • self-loathing
  • depression
  • swelling prison populations
  • murder
  • suicide
  • disease manifestations of every imaginable kind
  • a powerful criminal cabal in control of governments
  • sleeping populations
  • out of control corporations
  • the rampant poisoning of Earth
  • the real time, ongoing extinction of species
  • the potential extinction of human civilization
  • barrenness of the soul
  • pride
  • arrogance
  • ignorance
  • fear

Ample evidence and data regarding all of these manifestations are readily observable, and the conclusions of formal investigative studies have been readily accessible for a long time.

You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 3

The world you live in…is not the world  a half a billion other children live in… For lack of a vision…the people perish… Or is  it selfish fear and greed that is the underlying cause of a lack of a vision… Human civilization continues to perish into self-extinction…


Are your eyes and mind truly open…?


God is beyond mere religious belief about Him. God is NOT religion. Religion is what the two-legged, upright standing, mostly-bag-of-water believes about his Creator.

But when this lowly creature of animal origin makes a living connection to the indwelling divine spirit of the Creator, he is experiencing inner living religion–experiential religion–spirituality–the divine spirit of God within him or her.

It is when this animal opens his mouth to describe this genuine inner living connection…it becomes the corruption of divisiveness throughout human civilization, directly manifesting as…godlessness…the worship of every conceivable illusion…in the mind of the individual of animal origin…

…god in a book…god in an electronic box…god in stone…god in gold…god in human form…god in a machine…god in the sun…god in spaceships…god in the sky…god in the clouds…god in earthquakes…god in volcanoes…god in shrines…god in fetishes…god in institutions and corporations…god in government…gods on the big screen…gods on the music stage…and on and on… These are ALL the false idol creations of men…attempting to remake God in man’s own image, so that humans are in control…giving away that control to any and every external authority, except the divine spirit which dwells within..


You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 5

Just as every civilization of the past…both great and small…perished under the weight of its own godlessness…so the civilizations of the 21st century will also pass into extinction… Without a planetary-wide acknowledgment of God, as the center of all human focus—a superconscious awareness which transcends all beliefs about Him…we will most certainly accomplish our own self-extinction–the self-extinction of human civilization, in its present form…and solely by our own hands…


None of This is Divinity…


But the divinity indwelling the mind of the human individual is still leading the individual away from all of this primitive thinking…

No matter what you read or hear…no matter what anyone may say directly to you…the FEAR of letting go of your primitive thinking is far greater than anything that you could possibly imagine on the other side of a fear-less life experience…

The greater the level of fear that is manifesting as dysfunctionality in your life experience…the greater the level of control you must give others you perceive to be in authority and have authority over you, the greater the level of control you must exercise over your own life, over those closest to you, and over everyone around you. And the greater the level of fear…the greater is the chokehold you have around the neck of your mortal soul…until you squeeze the very life out of your future self…

And when you are squeezing the life out of your future self…you are simultaneously squeezing the life out of all human civilization…you are simultaneously extinguishing the light within you and the light of the supreme soul of human civilization.

This is the unequivocal explanation for why human civilization is on the brink of self-extinction… What you do to the divine gift that you are…the divine temple for the indwelling spirit of God…you do to the Earth and everything that is living on Her…

You think you have no choice… This lack of the exercise of free will choice is the very defect of character you must choose to correct…no matter how long it may take you…

You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 7

…The very conflicting presence of truth and untruth, fact and falsehood, constitutes the potentiality of error. The deliberate choice of evil constitutes sin; the willful rejection of truth is error; the persistent pursuit of sin and error is iniquity…. (613:2) 54:0.2

…Man is slow to perceive that contrastive perfection and imperfection produce potential evil; that conflicting truth and falsehood create confusing error…. (613:1) 54:0.1

When you destroy yourself…you become the destroyer of the Earth and everything true, beautiful and good living on Her.

When you love yourself…you love the Earth and everything true, beautiful and good living on Her.

Forgive yourself..and you will forgive your fellow beings…recognizing your true identity in your fellow beings as children of a heavenly Father…heavenly, spirit-filled creatures of a Loving First Person, who first loves you and forgives you…even before you awaken to forgiving and loving yourself…and other beings, both great and small…

Love yourself…and you will love your fellow beings, both two-legged and four-legged.

And when you are finally free of all fear—fear in all of its ugly, destructive manifestations…you will become the living manifestation of…full soul-consciousness—living on Earth as a child of peace, a child of light-energy…aligned with the Supreme Mind of the Universe of universes…one personality-soul identity…one with the indwelling God-fragment…one with the Paradise Father’s will…the healer of self and the healer of Mother Earth…

You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 6

Instead of the…destroyer of self and the destroyer of Earth…you will become…the healer of self and the healer of Earth…the one…truly awakened…


You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 8


You are the Physician Do Not Try to Heal Yourself 2


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