So-called Religion: The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience–The Great Misnomer–The Great Lie…

So-called Religion: The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience–The Great Misnomer–The Great Lie…

How Spiritually Conscious Are You…Really? Or is It…Intellectual and Philosophical—Religious Consciousness—in Disguise…Masquerading as Spiritual Consciousness?


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The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience 10

Now that I am no longer sleeping…I cannot pretend any more to fit where I no longer belong.

The whole of my  younger life has been one of being a round peg trying to fit into a square hole.  Neither society nor I succeeded. I am still a round peg and stopped trying to fit into that square hole…long ago…

In the present, I am ever moving in a strange and mysterious direction, I cannot give adequate voice—cannot possibly explain.  –Tim R Walls

Which Golden Calf Do You Worship?

The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience 8

Almost innumerable objects, animals, and human individuals have become objects of worship in 21st century human civilization. Which golden calf do you worship?

Religion is an inner living experience of the living connection to the indwelling spirit of God. This inner living connection to spirit is THE living spiritual experience—true God-consciousness.

The moment a description of this living inner experience is uttered from the mind through the mouth…it is no longer religionTHE living inner spiritual experience–it is religiousness–religiosity–the philosophical and theological interpretation of THE inner living experience of seeking, discovering, finding, being connected to, and evolving into knowing God through his indwelling spirit.


Kim Raff | The Salt Lake Tribune Surinder Gill pays respect to the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book, during the Sikhs of Utah worship service at the Sikh Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 22, 2012.

To whom or what do you give financial power and psychological authority over you? Which belief system are you elevating to the level of absolute authority—the prison for your mind? Which golden calf of the 21st century is your god?

When two or more individuals agree on an interpretation of THE living inner experience, a theology is formed, and subsequent religious organization ensues, inevitably splitting apart, at some point, into subgroups (endless sects) forming with a slightly different or wholly different theological interpretation.

Given thousands of years of the collection of fossilized writings and ancestor worship that accompanies these historical systems of belief…any one may evolve into a corporate power structure which may attain to questionable authority over great masses of ignorant and unwittingly enslaved devotees, who, in return, bestow great power and authority, and/or great power, authority and wealth upon the power structure of belief and its shaman (sham) religious leaders, who, almost always, are…men…the male priesthood…

This is the one true and accurate explanation for the great falsehood—the great misnomer—the great lie of mis-named, falsely called religions in the world. And every so-called religion, without exception, is organically connected both to the culture, ethics, mores and norms, in which it resides, and to the government which rules over it, subsequently becoming a political-religious organization, which is divisive, at the very least…more often than not…war-supporting, war-like, and even war-waging, whose best idealistic truths become muddled and indistinguishable from the culture, politics and government, in which it takes root and grows…and stagnates…


The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience 3

Erring cultural, metaphysical myths are constantly created and evolved in 21st century religious, scientific and philosophical cultures; it has always been happening, throughout human history, just multiplying rapidly, and beyond conception, in this information age of the internet.

Try explaining to the average devotee to Buddhism that Buddha never taught the doctrine of reincarnation. And yet, with a minimum of effort at research, you discover that Buddha only taught reincarnation to the masses of the ignorant, to instill fear into them to be upright and moral individuals, out of fear that they might return to Earth in a most undesirable form…

And yet…in spite of the small amount of effort to discover the truth regarding this fallacious belief, it is everywhere present on the internet and rules absolutely over the thinking of great masses of individuals—resulting in their ongoing and life-long enslavement to the system of belief in reincarnation.

I compare those who worship so-called sacred books, creeds, doctrines, shamans, gurus, pastors, priests, popes and falsely assumed reincarnated leaders, including those who perpetuate these falsehoods, in any form, to the individual who goes out into the desert, in 120 degree heat. Then lies down in a dry riverbed and begins flailing his arms about in a swimming motion, believing a river runs through it.

All of these are the worshipers of dead men’s bones, and their fossilized writings, as well turning men and women into living gods (so they can worship them, too), who all too willingly accept the religious devotion, adoration, worship and donations of empowering wealth of their followers.


The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience 4

Is there any real difference between what you see in the photograph, above, and the great war machines, which now threaten to take human civilization into yet another third world war, one which, the majority of human individuals is not likely to survive…?

The River of Life is the indwelling spirit of God. And it is our connection to this indwelling divine spirit that is the inner secret gateway and passage to life everlasting.

The realization of this simple truth…universally cancels out the need for ancestor worship, worship of sacred books, creeds, doctrines, shrines, totems, and every other religious symbol, including the impostors, who promote impostor religious belief systems, and set themselves up, arrogantly wrap themselves up with assumed power to control the masses.


The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience 16

To enjoy privilege without abuse, to have liberty without license, to enjoy power and steadfastly refuse to use it for self-aggrandizement, these are the marks of high civilization.

The religious system of the worship of money, wealth, prestige and power is a one way street. All of the worship, adoration, psychological fear-enslavement, money, wealth, prestige and power moves in the linear direction of greatest attraction—greed…


And we are yet…far distant…from the realization of a…high civilization. Currently, we are far closer to total extinction of vital insect, plant, animal and fish species, and self-extinction than we are to anything resembling an…intelligent civilization…


The Great Falsehood of Human Cultural Experience 9

You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.  –Navajo Proverb


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