Do You Have a Concept of Eating, Sleeping, Feeling, Thinking and Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Do You Have a Concept of Eating, Sleeping, Feeling, Thinking and Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

If You Do…Where Does It Begin in Your Thinking?

Do You Have a Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle 3

“The Secret of change is to to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  –Socrates


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The Typical American Neighborhood


As I walk through my neighborhood, most of my neighbors have their TV turned on, up to eight hours or more a day. You rarely see these same people, outside of their homes. And even rarer is to see any of my almost 200 neighbors taking a walk, even in the best of weather! They neither walk alone, with a spouse, nor with their children.

It is, indeed, a sadly obese and direly unhealthy condition into which over 65% of American adults and children (Source: ) have let themselves sink.

In my neighborhood of approximately 125 families and approximately 200 individuals, the majority, both children and adults, are obese. And even the ones who are not obese…are not healthy…

Do You Have a Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle 1

You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living.  –Joel Fuhrman

On What Do You Blame YOUR Unhealthy Lifestyle?

Is having the TV turned on…the cause of obesity? Yes. Turning the TV on and watching it all hours of the day is a lifestyle choice. Is it not? Every individual has the choice to turn off the TV.

Is eating low or no nutrition processed—sick people foods causing obesity? Yes. Eating unhealthily, as well as healthily, is also a lifestyle choice. And this is a choice, each of us makes, whether we do it by default (never think about the choice—just eat what feels good) or by conscious choice of which we remain conscious, every time we choose the foods we stick into our mouths.

I was in a healthy lifestyle food preparation class last evening, a very good presentation given by a CHN (Certified Health Nutritionist). I always learn something new in every one of these classes I attend. I am always interested in furthering my knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle, and how to keep my food preparation colorful, aromatic, tasty and creatively delicious.

After the class was over, six of us stayed behind and had a casual conversation with Sarah, the presenter. When I mentioned that I have been a vegan vegetarian, since 1982, and am working on my 34th year without illness of any kind, the woman who was sitting next to me, remarked that she has tried to give up eating animal flesh, but is always unsuccessful. Her efforts last for about a week. Then she is overcome with the desire to eat meat, again.

As I looked into her face, I could also see a lifetime of periodic illness and increasing inflammation in her body and face, the overtly clear and unmistakable indication of the average unhealthy, poor choices in American eating habits.

Many of my neighbors are frequently seriously ill. I know this by talking with them, looking at the condition of their eyes, faces and body, by the way they talk, by the history of poor health they often divulge to me, by their overt wearing a cigarette in their hand and mouth, and by the number of times the emergency vehicles go screaming down the neighborhood streets to one of their homes. Every now and then, the individual is carried out to the stretcher…in a body bag…

Do You Have a Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle 4

I just woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to feel like that anymore, or ever again. So I changed.

Where Does Your Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle Begin?

In the late seventies, I woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to feel like that, anymore, or ever again. So I set about reprogramming my mind through self-hypnosis. This was not an overnight process. This took several years to really come to a point of making the most dramatic change an individual can make: give up all drugs of any kind…and slowly but surely, set about eliminating all meat, fish, chicken, turkey, pork, wheat and all manufactured (processed foods) from my diet.

I began a…lifestyle change…not a diet. I set about changing all of my habits. And this process of reprogramming my mind continues on to this very moment and will continue until I…graduate…from my mortal pattern form.

Where does living a healthy lifestyle begin in your thinking?

Do You Have a Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle 6

My Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Purified Water

In my thinking…it begins with…daily purifying the water I drink. My good health begins with drinking the cleanest purified water I can consume. And by purified water, I mean purifying the water from your tap with your own filtration system.

It means having a water filtration system attached to my shower head. It does little good to drink purified water, just to frequently bathe your body and brain with a high dosage of chemical laden water, which is readily absorbed through your skin!

I use the exact system, Zero Water, gallon size container with filter, you see in the picture above. The initial purchase comes with a water tester, so you know when it comes time to change the filter.

Do You Have a Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle 7

*When you study the lab test results, above, the choice for a portable home water filtration system should be obvious. Source:

I drink no unfiltered water. Period. End of discussion. Drinking unfiltered water is equivalent to early self-extinction—early onset of disease and death.

No amount of preaching to the choir will ever reach the ears of the choir, if the individual choir member’s ears and eyes are not open. Listen up. I will say this, again, because I know that many of you, who pretend to be awake, but are still asleep, buy and drink branded bottled water.

The branded bottled water you buy from the store shelves and vending machines is not purified water. It is dirty water, simply bottled with a pretty label, so you will pay money for it. The rich get richer. And you get unhealthier by the day.

Do You Have a Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle 8

This is the way the average American eats…extremely low quality, low nutrition, high in sugar, starch and unhealthy fats. Is this the way you eat? And you wonder why you are so frequently sick and unhealthy? You are not living in reality…but in an illusion of your own creation…

Become the Conscious, Diligent Observer of How the Foods You Eat…Make You Feel…Afterwards…

Are you the typical, average person, who sits down to a meal of store bought meat, canned vegetables, cook your foods with Crisco or one or more types of vegetable oil, or more likely, more frequently eats on the go, whatever is cheap, whatever is convenient, whatever tastes and feels good, and while you are chomping away, never giving a second thought to the quality of the food you are eating?

  • How does eating these kinds of foods make you feel?
  • Do they make you feel energized like the Ever Ready Bunny?
  • Or do they make you feel tired and lethargic, involuntarily nodding off, and wanting to lie down and take a long nap?


You have given the power over your health to the giant meat and manufactured fake food processing corporations, the giant prescription poisonous drug industry, to the hazardous to your health medical industry, and to your over-educated Dr. Quacker, who pretends to be something more than a Professional and Licensed Poison Pill Prescriber; these are your gods, which just keep getting wealthier and more greedily wealthier, by the day, from masses of unawake people, just like you…


Do You Have a Concept of Living a Healthy Lifestyle 9

Welcome to the Karma Café… Please Be Seated… There are No Menus… You Will Be Served What You Deserve…

God forbid you should ever muster up the spiritual courage to take direct control of your own health. Right? As long as you remain this lazy of mind…you deserve exactly what you get, in return… In other words…continue to eat whatever you damn well please! Karma always serves up what you deserve…in the end…

But maybe…you really want to change your poor eating habits… Do you? If you do…stay tuned…

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