Do You Live in a 4×8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind…?

Do You Live in a 4×8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind…

You Know…the One You Created…And Choose Not to Leave…Even though the Door Has Always Been Open…?

Do You Live in a 4x8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind… 3

1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

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Do You Live in a 4x8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind… 4

2. Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.

Be inspired! You never have to look far to become intimately familiar with the great many challenges of others of our fellow beings near us. This young man, in my view, is the embodiment of…spiritual courage

Is Your Mind Your Prison?

Do you often feel like…you are the worst thing that has ever happened to you…?

Every time you think about setting yourself free—walking out of your self-imprisonment, you tell yourself to…

  • forget that…
  • You know you can’t do that!
  • What are you thinking?
  • You’re stuck…right where you are at…now…
  • And you will never escape your present circumstances!

The most revealing thing I observe about the

  • mechanical,
  • sleeping,
  • unawake mind

is the belief that the

  • people in an individual’s life,
  • life itself
  • is…doing this to me…
  • And I am utterly alone…

The 4×8 Foot Prison Cell


Imagine, if you can, being in the total isolation of a 4×8 foot prison cell with no light coming in and no contact with other than prison guards who regularly beat, torture and sexually abuse you. Under such intolerable conditions…

  • Would you devolve into anger, bitterness, hatred and wanting to kill those who have imprisoned you?
  • Or would you be able to go inward to still your mind and your emotions, in order to gain complete control over them?
  • Would you see and feel only the ugliness–the horridness, the utter injustice of your present dilemma?
  • Or would you be able to see the beauty of life, both inside and out, in spite of the darkness in which you must now live out your daily life…?
  • Would you allow evil and sin to rule your thoughts?
  • Or would you turn to the spirit light within you, communicating with the indwelling fragment of God’s light, who has been with you, from your beginning…?
  • Would you become a depraved animal like your captors?
  • Or would you become an ever-advancing child of God, in spite of the fact your mortal life may end in that 4×8 totally dark prison cell?

Do You Live in a 4x8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind… 2

3. Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.


The Prison Cell Door is only Locked as Long as You Believe It is…


As long as you are experiencing pain within yourself, you are not awake; you are not free. You are still an inmate locked inside the prison of your own making…your mind…  –Tim R Walls

Do You Live in a 4x8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind… 8

4. Few mortals ever dare to draw anything like the sum of personality credits established by the combined ministries of nature and grace. The majority of impoverished souls are truly rich, but they refuse to believe it.

The oxymoron is that the cell door is only locked as long as you say it is… The cell door has always been open… It is you who refuses to walk out…into the light of truth…into freedom…spiritual liberty…

  • What then are the reasons you keep yourself locked up inside this prison of your own making—this prison of your own mind?
  • Do you really think that if you, the self that you are, were whole and complete, you would remain imprisoned…?
  • Why is it you choose to remain incomplete, refusing to mature, unwilling to tackle what needs to be completed within your experiences, in order to awaken into your…completeness…your wholeness…your holiness…your sacred space within your sacred temple of body, mind, spirit and soul-conscious identification with the whole and complete person you already are…?
  • Do you so completely identify with your body—your five senses, your experiences of the past and present, the power-control you unwittingly give others over you, and your emotional-intellectual analysis of these sensory and experiential memories, you cling to in the belief that all of this is the…real you…?

Do You Live in a 4x8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind… 1

  • Are you continuing to inflict suffering upon yourself, your soul and the indwelling God-fragment, because of what others have done to you, what you believe others have done to you, and because you don’t deserve any better?
  • Are you continuing in self-enslavement to a
    • guru,
    • pastor,
    • priest,
    • pope,
    • doctor,
    • psychiatrist,
    • family members,
    • spouse,
    • children,
    • mainstream media,
    • government,
    • a religious doctrine,
    • a new age doctrine,
    • a doctrine based in mysticism,
    • a doctrine based in metaphysics,
    • a doctrine based in spiritualism,
    • ghost fear,
    • black or white magic,
    • the past,
    • the unknown future,
    • peers,
    • drugs (prescription and illegal),
    • smoking (drug), alcohol (drug),
    • job,
    • power-control of a manager or employer,
    • false expectations of others, in general,
    • false expectations of yourself, and
    • fear…?

Do You Live in a 4x8 Foot Prison Cell for Your Mind… 5

I listed fear last, because all dependent, and co-dependent relationships, no matter whether it is a person, a system or a thing, are…fear-based relationships.

All Belief is Self-imprisoning… True Faith is Expanding, Releasing and Liberating!


I have never yet met another human individual, who is not in some one way, form or fashion imprisoned to a belief system.

Belief has attained the level of faith when it motivates life and shapes the mode of living. The acceptance of a teaching as true is not faith; that is mere belief. Neither is certainty nor conviction faith. A state of mind attains to faith levels only when it actually dominates the mode of living. Faith is a living attribute of genuine personal religious experience. One believes truth, admires beauty, and reverences goodness, but does not worship them; such an attitude of saving faith is centered on God alone, who is all of these personified and infinitely more.

(1114.6) 101:8.2 Belief is always limiting and binding; faith is expanding and releasing. Belief fixates, faith liberates. But living religious faith is more than the association of noble beliefs; it is more than an exalted system of philosophy; it is a living experience concerned with spiritual meanings, divine ideals, and supreme values; it is God-knowing and man-serving. Beliefs may become group possessions, but faith must be personal. Theologic beliefs can be suggested to a group, but faith can rise up only in the heart of the individual religionist.

(1114.7) 101:8.3 Faith has falsified its trust when it presumes to deny realities and to confer upon its devotees assumed knowledge…

  • What are you seeking?
  • What is it you believe you are seeking?
  • Do you truly know what it is you are seeking?
  • Or are you pretending to yourself that you know?
  • Are you seeking for the sake of seeking—because someone told you this path or that path will take you where you want to go…to achieve awakening…to reach enlightenment?
  • Do you know what awakening…some form of greater or higher consciousness…some ultimate level of enlightenment means?
  • Or does the idea of awakening and enlightenment remain an abstract concept and a complete mystery to you, privately, not what you are told to believe is…THE EXPERIENCE…which never lasts for very long, anyway. Does it?



When you finally begin to understand, apprehend the truth of what it means to be a whole being—the spirit is the architect, the mind is the builder, the body is the building…for the co-habitation of mind, personality, the indwelling spirit and the newly evolving superconsciousness—the soul…you simply…know the truth of your true identity—your true reality as a child of the Paradise Father—the Universal Father of all beings and things within this Spirit-Mind—Infinite Mind-created Universe of universes.

And it is within this…true awakening…you may begin to integrate all of the parts of your self into the whole of the spiritual unity of self with your higher mind—the mid-mind—your soul-conscious self…you are becoming, moment by moment, and day by day, in time and eternity…

First, open your eyes to see the truth, beauty and goodness already within you…and these spiritual values will begin to reflect outwardly into the life you are living, regardless of your present circumstances…


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