Potentials and Actuals: Final Words and Summary on the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Intuition

Potentials and Actuals:

Final Words and Summary on the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Intuition

The More Truth You ARE...

…The more truth you know, the more truth you are, the more of the past you can understand and of the future you can comprehend…


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Completing the Circles and Beyond


O’ Great Spirit,
help me always to speak the truth quietly,
to listen with an open mind when others speak,
and to remember the peace that may be
found in silence.
~Cherokee Prayer

Tree of Life 5

Within the Temple


Within this temple

sacred direction stretch forth

east, south, west and north


Within this temple

sacred protection perceive

only divine thought conceive


Within this temple

sacred correction believe

character flaws behind you leave


Within this temple

sacred connection interweave

a spirit-soul-in-personality identity


Within this temple

I honor you, Father Sky

you give life to every being alive


Within this temple

I honor you, Mother Earth

for all the wondrous beauty you birth


Within this temple

may Great Spirit-wind flow

let me ever walk the good red road


Within this temple

there is only and ever–love

spirit-soul-in-personality, emerging as one…




The Great Goal

Potentials and Acutals 9

  On a material world you think of a body as having a spirit, but we regard the spirit as having a body. The material eyes are truly the windows of the spirit-born soul. The spirit is the architect, the mind is the builder, the body is the material building.

Everything about the human experience is a gift–the gift of the mortal body with which to experience this life, the gift of mind-intellect, gently resting upon the mind of material origin, the gift of personality, the indwelling gift of the spirit from the Universe First Person, the gift of the ministry of the Mother Spirit, the Spirit of Truth of the Creator Son, and the gift of the evolving mortal soul.

As all of these precious and priceless gifts have been so freely given to us, the children of the Universe First Person, so are we compelled, in the reason of the highest sense of faith-loyalty, trust and universe duty, to freely give ourselves away, back to the First Source and Center, and to all of his other children. And in so doing…we fulfill the commandment to lay down one’s life for one’s friends…,” to set aside the ego and freely give of our precious gifts–love–of doing good to one another…so that we all may rise, together, above our lowly estate…

Potentials and Acutals 1

You must be willing to let go of who you have been to become who YOU ARE meant to be…

To the Newly Awakening Intuitive


If you are reading this, you are one of the most intuitively perceptive and aware persons, with whom I have ever communicated.

I did not choose, both consciously and unconsciously, an easy path, but rather, a challenging one…

There have been many challenges, along the way, indeed, and there still are, presently, and ahead.

The challenge for one, who is awakening and has awakened, is to ever-increasingly learn to still the mind, by becoming the ever-momentarily aware “observer” of what the thoughts, which come into the mind…represent…

As an awakened intuitive, you will readily recognize, there are three levels of thought, which come into the mirror of the conscious mind–from:

1. the material body-mind,

2. the subtle mind (spiritual urges-impulses within the intellect) and

3. the still, small voice within…

Section 1.
The Real You…

The real you is your personality–the “I am” consciousness, which may unify all three levels of thought, into an ever-evolving and increasingly cohesive “living philosophy of life (faith-insight),” based on the intellectual, moral and philosophical decisions you make, along the way.

The god-fragment, the gift of absolute divinity-reality, which the First Person God (the Absolute Personality Reality), has given to each of us, to indwell the mind, is weaving your soul for the future life, with each and every decision you make, arising out of these “life lessons.”

Not only the source of the “still, small voice within,” this god-fragment of pure divinity is destined to become one with the personality-identity in the soul, the direct source of our ascension to divinity levels and entrance into the spiritual universe, in actuality, our divine partner for the journey back to the First Person.

This happens by ever-momentarily choosing the will of God, consciously or unconsciously, along the path to self-control and self-mastery.

And it is this path–this intense struggle to recognize those thoughts of human animal-origin, and choosing whether to dominate-rise above them–“let go of them,” no matter how long it takes, which slowly but surely allows the personality to shine forth as “true character,” the real you, indistinguishable from the soul, which is being spun into the perfect form, and ready to emerge into the worlds to come, as an ascending son or daughter of the Paradise Father of all beings and things…

Potentials and Acutals 2

VALUES – “Great values are built on strong moral foundations. Men become great when they allow these values to take root within their souls and live by them.”  –Lincoln Patz

Section II.
Moral Reminders


Not long ago, I was asked by a friend, why I chose to invest so much thought-energy into memorizing the 28 principles of high mortal philosophy, during my mid-twenties.

I replied that I felt strongly compelled to do so, realizing, half consciously (at the time) that by memorizing each moral principle, I would be able to recall the individual principle, which fit the “moral life lesson” to be experienced, whenever a conflict or challenging situation arose.

This strong compelling to memorize the 28 statements came to me, during the “dark night of the soul.” So I felt compelled to do this, out of desperation, as much as it may also have been a mind-spirit influence.

In being able to recall the principle, which fits the challenge–decisions I made, the applicable principle(s), became my “life lesson(s).”

Soon…these became “instantly recallable,” even before a challenging situation manifested, but one I could often foresee coming…

This process of “seeing the principle” to be experienced, even before the life-lesson fully manifested, gave me the greater power of self-control, so that I made “wiser” life-lesson decisions.

And, in effect, these 28 principles became “moral reminders,” both before and after the challenge-conflict and decision-making process.

Of course, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth and the indwelling Thought Adjuster were the reality-izers of the “life lesson,” truth, the Thought Adjuster weaving a morontia counterpart of the “life lesson-value” into creating the morontia counterpart in the ongoing evolutionary growth of the soul.

Potentials and Actuals 3

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.

Section III.
Adjutant Mind Spirits – the Spirits of Promise


  …the unifying and co-ordinating spirit-mind of the evolving planets, ever and unitedly leading the races of men towards higher ideas and spiritual ideals.

It may be a valuable insight to understand that each of the successively following principles is an expansion upon all of the previous principles. And collectively, as a whole, all twenty-eight principles represent the achievement of a balanced personality–the achievement of self-control and self-mastery–true character.


How Does Principle No. 1 Relate to the Spirit of Intuition?


Let us consider the characteristic impulses–drawing power of the spirit of intuition, in the way a material mind and human response feels them, as being those of quick understanding, scientific curiosity, morality–virtue and realization of duty, translating into the development of specialized skills, cleverness, spiritual capacity and true character.

Then it follows that specialized skill grows out of quick understanding, cleverness grows out of scientific curiosity, spiritual capacity grows out of morality–virtue and true character grows out of realization of duty–loyalty and trustworthiness.

1. Body-mind impulse–quick understanding. About all the human infant has to draw upon, at birth, is intuition–the ability to intuitively–to quickly perceive through quick reasoning–know and grasp the meaning of an experience, and evolve an associated understanding, over time.

  • 1a. Experiential impulse–development of specialized skills. Out of these intuitive responses, the infant child experiences associated meanings, evolves greater and greater levels of specialized skills.


2. Body-mind impulse–scientific curiosity. As early as age two, the infant child intuitively begins to manifest some degree of scientific curiosity–the urge to explore things–tear them apart, take them apart–look at their inner workings, and put them back together, again.

  •  2a. Experiential impulse–development of cleverness in the use of specialized skills. There is nothing inherently wrong or evil in developing cleverness, in the use of associated physical and mental skills. Clearly both are needed for survival. It is the misuse and abuse of one’s skills, when the motivation and intent is to hurt, control, even kill other beings, both human and nonhuman, and without remorse, which is evil. A serial killer, for example, has an expert level clever mind, in the use of a wide variety of skills, which he employs to deceive, overpower, control, and then murder his victims.


3. Body-mind-spirit impulse–morality–virtue. Inevitably, whether earlier in childhood, during the teens, or later in adulthood, the sum total of these body-mind impulses culminate in the worship-response–the recognition of a power greater than the individual–the moral recognition of a higher power–God.

  • 3a. Experiential value–expansion of spiritual capacity through moral decision-making and subsequent growth in virtue. As the infant grows into child into teen into adult, there are ample opportunities for conflict decision-making through interactions with others. Through embracing of philosophic principles of living, both consciously and unconsciously, a truer character begins to emerge through the experiential-values growth in the soul.


4. Body-mind-spirit-soul impulse–realization of duty. The transcending of belief, into a living faith-trust in God; firstly, that of a small child, and subsequently out of a sense of belonging to the family of fellow believers, eventually leads to the soul-awareness of citizenship in the government of God, the realization of duty to be and act, as a loyal and trusted citizen within God’s government–to be a good son, because the Father is the Absolute embodiment of the eternal values of truth, beauty, and goodness; he is an eternally truthful, beautiful and good person.

  • 4a. Experiential values–growth of loyalty and trustworthiness manifest as true character–soul growth–God-consciousness. Either the soul is growing or it is dying. Either the individual is growing into the reality of true character, or receding further and further into non-reality. Spiritual gravity will inevitably draw the body-mind-spirit connection God-ward, or the human will be drawn by material gravity into the unreality of a God-less existence. Experiential values, collectively, bear the fruits of the spirit in the growth of the soul, into a manifest real and truer character expression of the personality, and which has unified the body-mind-spirit connection into a synchronous, harmonious Whole.

Potentials and Acutals 4

Cleverness—Lies vs. Truth


It is helpful to remember, at these beginning levels, the child which has made his or her first moral decision, in life, has instantaneously received the Thought Adjuster; the individual has entered into a belief-faith relationship with God, and is already expressing a truer character of the personality than he or she was, before making the first moral decision.

In saying this, however, the child is taught to wear the mask of cleverness (character flaws), in effect, creating a false persona–a false personality. Some individuals, out of fear, wear the mask of cleverness, in one form or another, and at differing levels of development, for the whole of their mortal existence.

Lying, cheating, stealing, stealthily hiding one’s actions, blaming others, self-justification, and more, all conceal the personality behind the mask of cleverness.

Compare learning to be evilly clever with the child that is taught to be virtuous, by the consistent example of loving parents, who are progressively and largely stripping away all conceit and deceit–living lives based on integrity, loyalty, honesty, self-less service to family and friends, and self-aware of the great need to be consistent in their behavior, both toward their children and with each other.

A child, reared in a consistently virtuous environment has the opportunity to develop a truer character, early on in his or her life.

Every thought may be worn, as a mask, concealing the personality, or revealing a truer character–truer personality traits of the person living within the material form.

As we shall see, the great goal of life is to reach that place of wisdom, in which, the argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained–where inner and outer potentials and actuals are inversely proportional, attaining to the state of thoughtlessness.

This does not mean that the individual no longer thinks. This is the state of the full attainment of self-control and self-mastery.

Potentials and Acutals 11


  Man, in his spiritual domain, does have a free will. Mortal man is neither a helpless slave of the inflexible sovereignty of an all-powerful God nor the victim of the hopeless fatality of a mechanistic cosmic determinism. Man is most truly the architect of his own eternal destiny.

In the last several articles on the sensory perception of intuition, the adjutant mind spirit of intuition and the evolution of spiritual intuition within the moral realm of experiential sincerity in decision-making—belief evolving into faith into the reality of the Paradise Father and the choosing to do his will, we are describing the very starting point of the birth and evolution of the soul of the human individual.

Since the twenty-eight principles of mortal philosophy are a synthesis of the highest levels of human moral reasoning and decision-making, it is vital to adopt philosophical principles, which portray to human mind-personality…the ideals of human thinking, reaction and conduct in one’s affairs and relationships with all other fellow beings.

Human civilization is overflowing—literally flooded with an abundance of individuals, who have an abundance of ideas, but are literally poverty-stricken in ideals.

Each of these first four principles, as well as the other twenty-four, I call “points of light,” literally specific tonalities—frequency tones—intellectual…mind mirrors, in which one may see the reflection of his or her own behavior toward others and oneself.

Does this first set of four principles really have to do with the initial stimulation of of the sensory perception of intuition, as intuition so vitally functions as the most basic and inherent beginning instinctual skill, seemingly inherent in the five sensory mechanisms of perceptual contact with and survival in the material body of animal origin?

Are these first four principles, the specific frequencies, through which the adjutant mind spirit of intuition is using to stimulate the growth of specialized skill and cleverness into spiritual capacity and true character, fear and fraudulent behavior into faith-sonship-true character, by responding to the Spirit of Truth of the Creator Son, to the guidance of the seraphic assistants, and to the indwelling divine spirit of the Paradise Father, through the elevation of belief into faith ascending into the enlargement of greater intellectual-mind-spirit capacity for higher and deeper spirit values of truth, beauty and goodness, and finally, as an evolving mortal child of God, laying hold of the superconscious realization of the great and unlimited spiritual riches which have been bestowed upon our humble earth animal origin—the spiritual riches which are our true spiritual inheritance?

What is the mind-killer? Fear not only is a killer to the spirit origin and expansive functioning of the mind, it is the…intuition killer…as well.

Pride in one’s evolved and developed skills, prowess, maleness, femaleness, force of will, personal material successes, intellectual accomplishments, possessions, power over others, position, self-aggrandizing wealth, control and enslavement of others, education, legal authority, social status, and on and on…is the single greatest danger and threat to the forward momentum growth of the mortal soul of immortal potential.

Everything I have described and far more are all involved in the completion of the requirements of the seventh psychic circle, and indeed, carry over into the requirements of the mastery of all seven psychic circles of experiential and cosmic soul growth.

The beginning point in every child’s life is the discovery of a truer self, a self that takes origin in the cosmic mind, and whose soul is the joint offspring of the experiencing mind-personality and the indwelling god-fragment—the Thought Adjuster; this child of destiny, both of animal origin and divinity, is the child of spiritual destiny, the child of universe finality, and is supremely loved by the Paradise Father of the Universe of universes.

Potentials and Acutals 12

You are…the child of spiritual destiny…the child of universe finality…and you are…supremely loved by the Paradise Father of the Universe of universes.

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