Body, Mind and Spirit: An Introduction to the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Intuition and the First Four Principles

Body, Mind and Spirit: An Introduction to the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Intuition and the First Four Principles


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Intuition: I have been following my intuition from birth forward. Maybe you feel the same way, maybe not. But there has never been a moment of my life here on this planet that has not involved an intuitive response to the leading of the seven adjutant mind spirits and my indwelling thought adjusting spirit guide and divine indwelling partner in the ascending universe adventure.

My response to inner mind spirit tones, since 1971, has been calling me to write about the twenty-eight principles in The URANTIA Book in relation to the seven adjutant mind spirits and the seven psychic circles.

Body Mind and Spirit 21

How Do You Define Intuition in Your Own Life Experiences?

With upwards of 37,500 searches per month for the keyword term “intuition” and approximately 233,000,000 websites that have the keyword or a keyword phrase in one or more posts and pages, it is a fair assumption to say there is ever a keen interest in the subject of intuition.

In defining the word intuition, we know that the commonly understood secular meaning is:

  • the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning

I also looked at the etymology of the word and discovered that an older meaning was either unconsciously or more likely deliberately stricken from common usage:

  • late Middle English (denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication): from late Latin intuitio(n-), from Latin intueri ‘consider’

For the purposes of this exploration we will consider both definitions as having valid meaning.

I will also mention that the most common definition of intuition is a “gut feeling.”

Body Mind and Spirit 27

From Mechanism of Survival to a Mechanistic View of Human Worth

Alan Watt said

“Intuition is an opposing force, of course, that is suppressed in a technological society. And yet it is one of your main mechanisms for survival.”

Etienne Gilson, a French Philosopher of the early 1900’s talked about how he saw man being dethroned, being turned into a lesser animal, and eventually he is no animal at all; he’s a mechanism, a machine, forced into becoming nothing more than a statistic, an efficient, reprogrammable machine, based on the calculable numerical value of his productivity.

Intuition has not only been greatly suppressed, the vast majority of human beings are constantly being programmed to mockingly laugh at intuition, God and anything spiritual.

Body Mind and Spirit 7

The Focus of this Exploratory Investigation

Throughout this segment of our investigation we are exploring the deeper meaning of specialized skill vs. spiritual capacity and cleverness vs. true character.

Further, I will be streaming ideas and thoughts you may or may not have considered in your own thinking and experiences. Please feel free to leave any feelings, thoughts, ideas and concepts you may have on this subject.

I also want to clarify something that may not be that obvious. I am exploring deeper insights into each of the twenty-eight statements, relating them to the levels of body, mind and spirit…

Body Mind and Spirit 30

In Depth Exploration of Intuition

The following is an outline of what we will be investigating and exploring:

1. Intuition

(556.3) 48:7.3 1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

Body Mind and Spirit 37

Illustration 1.3

BODY: 1.1 Things | Science | Scientific Insights

  • Examples (at the level of cleverness: Scientism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Permanent Death of Soul)
  • Examples (at the level of spiritual capacity and beginning manifestation of true character): Belief in a Higher Being, Realization of God, Faith in the Universe Father-God of All Universes, Beings and Things

Body Mind and Spirit 40

BODY: We start out our material life experiences in and with our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Our first sensory perceptions involve all five of our senses.

All of the sensations of being in the womb and being born, whether easy or painful are recorded inside the brain. While these are unconscious impressions, they are nonetheless there. We immediately experience the feeling of being held. We hear sounds that do not make any sense to us. And we learn to grasp. Don’t we?

The first specialized skills we learn are grasping and sucking.

Beyond grasping and sucking, we begin to see with much greater specialization. We learn to mimic sounds and interpret them by repeated listening and imitation, until the connection in the brain-mind matrix, deepens into understanding of meanings and common usage. We learn to walk, talk and use tools for feeding ourselves.

Body Mind and Spirit 5

This intuitive ability continues to increase to incredible levels of skills specialization throughout our lives. And it is easy to get lost in these five senses, addicted to the five senses themselves.

Some human individuals may never evolve beyond the five senses we share in common with the rest of the animal world. If the human individual fails to break through the level of the five senses, the first five of the adjutant mind spirits, to experience worship and wisdom, such a one is counted among the animals of the Earth, has no soul, and simply ceases to exist.

At this level of the five senses, intuition is constrained to manifest as little more than “instinctual behavior.” We intuitively understand and know what to do through the gift of quick reasoning—intuition. However, this does not signify capacity for spirit receptivity. It is just animal cleverness.

Body Mind and Spirit 4

Eventually, between the ages of five to eight, on average, the human child encounters conflicting emotions.

There is the conscious child who just does what he or she does in the arena of interacting with other children and adults. It involves mimicking what he or she has observed in other children and adults. And it is largely selfish behavior, in which there is no conscious choice to be unselfish.

When the conflicting emotions occur, it can be a very dramatic series of emotional outbursts, wherein the child just suddenly cries for no apparent reason. Neither can the child adequately explain what he or she is feeling. The emotions are conflicting nonetheless.

There is the inner feeling, the mind pictures of seeing the behavior of the other person or persons involved in a fight over a toy, for example. But suddenly there is a new emotion of seeing one’s own behavior, in the self-reflecting mirror of the mind.

The child continues to experience these conflicting emotions which leads to choosing to embrace the higher self without comprehension of what this choice means.

This is the first moral choosing which leads to the birth of the mortal soul.
Depending on how a child is taught to believe, this arena of moral decision making and choosing may involve a belief in a higher power, or not until later in subsequent conflicts and moral insights.

Body Mind and Spirit 6

In my own experience, I was taught from as early as two years of age by my grandmother, who lived with us. My grandmother was, in actuality, my voice of reason and wisdom, my mother and moral-spiritual teacher.

It was her patient urging me on to choose a better way of acting and interacting with other children that led to my own self-awareness moment. That moment came, as a result of constant conflict with my next younger brother.

I could see in my own mind both how my brother was treating me badly, angry that he treated me so badly. But in a series of emotional outbursts of crying, while lying on my bed, I could also see how I was treating him just as poorly as he was treating me. This continued on, fighting with my brother and lying in my bed crying, until I made a decision to be a better person. That decision forever altered my path in life.

Body Mind and Spirit 3

Intuition is beyond mere intellect. It is, at its higher levels:

  • belief in a higher being of creation,
  • the realization of the God of all creation,
  • faith in God as the Universe Father of all universes, things and beings,
  • and instant spiritual communion and communication with the Universe Father-God, whose spirit indwells the mind as the thought adjuster–the spirit guide and eternal partner in eternal destiny.

MIND: 1.2 Mind Capacity | Intellectual Capacity | Intuitive Logic

  • Examples (at the level of mind capacity, intellectual capacity and intuitive logic): Recognizes character flaws, conscious choice to reshape mode of living, establishment of new habit-reaction patterns
  • Examples (at the level of spirit capacity and beginning manifestation of true character): Elevation of concepts to truth meanings (and a desire to experience the real life truth and meanings of conceptual principles of living), desire for the acquisition of the experiential values of truth, beauty and goodness, and the living of a personal inner religion.

SPIRIT: 1.3 1st Adjutant Mind Spirit | 7th Psychic Circle | True Character

  • Examples (at the level of receptivity to adjutant mind spirit influences, 7th psychic circle, and adjuster influence—leading to a conscious recognition of the Universe Father of all): spirit dominates mind, worship insight into spiritual realities, superconscious awakening of the soul
  • Examples (at the level of the beginning of wisdom): awakening to the realization of the need for increasing self-control and self-mastery, a desire to attain to true character, a deep desire to attain to and experience the “kingdom of heaven within,” “light and life,” “Paradise—fusion with the indwelling god-fragment—the Thought Adjuster.

Body Mind and Spirit 2

What is Faith?

I am ever aware that the word and concept of faith is more frequently tied to western culture concepts of Christianity and organized religion. I am herein defining faith as:

Faith–our instant spiritual communication and communion with deity, our living connection to spirit, is all that is required of us to activate the soul, to grow a soul for survival beyond the human existence.

Therefore all that is required to activate the 7th psychic circle of experiential growth is faith.

“The seven circles embrace mortal experience extending from the highest purely animal level to the lowest actual contactual morontia level of self-consciousness as a personality experience.” –

The seventh circle. This level is entered when human beings develop the powers of personal choice, individual decision, moral responsibility, and the capacity for the attainment of spiritual individuality. This signifies the united function of the seven adjutant mind-spirits under the direction of the spirit of wisdom, the encircuitment of the mortal creature in the influence of the Holy Spirit, and, on Urantia, the first functioning of the Spirit of Truth, together with the reception of a Thought Adjuster in the mortal mind. Entrance upon the seventh circle constitutes a mortal creature a truly potential citizen of the local universe.

Body Mind and Spirit 9

Faith, at its lowest intuitive response to reality is a state of instant spiritual communication, communing with, and recognition of the Creator, whom the creature recognizes as having taken origin from, is now connected to, and to which Source and Center he is beginning the journey to return.

Faith, at its highest intuitive response and in and of itself, leads to the development of true character. The way in which this takes place is best spoken by Jesus of Nazareth in his personal affirmation of faith and absolute trust in the Paradise Father’s will.

It may not be apparent that I am also defining true religion as the unbroken communication and communion taking place between the creature and the Creator, as was so eloquently spoken by Jesus of Nazareth, as a personal and living experience.

The Priceless Powers of Personal Choice and Decision Making

“Faith is the living bridge to an uncertain destination along an uncertain path to get there…” -Tim R Walls

At the level of the five senses the human individual is an animal being, born with the potential for self-consciousness–self-awareness. When the individual exercises his or her “priceless powers of personal choice,” and “decision making,” intuition becomes indissolubly linked to “moral responsibility” and the capacity for spirit receptivity. And this is the beginning of the development and manifestation of “true character.”

Body Mind and Spirit 11

Remember how statement number one is worded?

(556.3) 48:7.3 1. A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

Now we can gain insight into the deeper meaning of the 1st adjutant mind spirit of intuition relative to the 7th psychic circle.

Specialized skills occur at the level of the five senses. And these specialized skills give rise to emotional and intellectual cleverness. But this does not distinguish the human individual from his animal cousins.

It is rather the “priceless powers of personal moral decision making” that forever distinguishes the true human individual from the animal world.

Faith is the psychic bridge–the psychic portal and scaffolding that makes possible the transition from the merely human animal to the self-aware and morally responsible being who is becoming a soul and “truly potential citizen of the local universe.”

(*I would make a note of clarification that belief is not faith. Belief is static; belief fixates. Belief can, however, give rise to faith. Faith is dynamic, fluid, expansive and inclusive.)

Body Mind and Spirit 10

From the Cosmic Mind Comes the Gift of Mind on Loan to the Mortal Being

What distinguishes the adjutant mind spirit from the psychic circle?

The human brain is not mind; it has capacity for the receptive functioning of mind, like a radio receiver device. When you comprehend that the brain is an electromagnetic center of gravity, it becomes much easier to visualize that mind rests gently upon the electromagnetic circuitry of the brain.

The level of mind that makes contact with the human brain has been “stepped down,” lowered in frequency from the cosmic mind level of the local universe mother spirit to the level of the seven adjutant mind spirits of intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship and wisdom. These are lower frequency circuits of mind which can actually engage and influence the human brain when it is receptive to these specific spirit mind influences.

The seven adjutant mind spirits are experiential values inducing; they influence the human being to make moral choices that result in the experiencing of spiritual values.

Body Mind and Spirit 25

What then more Specifically is the Psychic Circle?

What distinguishes the psychic circles from the seven adjutant mind spirits?

The psychic circle is the arena within the mind which, through the natural conflicts which arise in social interaction with fellow beings, results in conflicting emotions and behavior, intuitively leading to the self-awareness of having a choice to manifest the higher self–the more godlike self that would interact with others as he or she would want them to interact with himself or herself.

Making the choice to become a morally responsible individual, in control of one’s emotional reactions and behavior toward others is experiential–an experiential value, which releases the raw morontial energy (a dimensional reality somewhat above mortal reality) and with which the indwelling spirit of the Universe Father-God transmutes into the morontial soul of everlasting potential–the future self which lives, moves and has its being in increasingly perfect synchronicity with spirit realities.

The psychic circles are values-experiencing, the raw mind energy which is the sum total of the moral decision joined to the experience itself and is joined to spiritual values by the adjuster which builds the mortal soul of immortal potential, piece by piece.

the adjuster builds the mortal soul of immortal potential, piece by piece…

Body Mind and Spirit 24

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