The Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits as Mind Mirrors of Self-reflection

7 Adjutant Mind Spirits

The Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits as Mind Mirrors of Self-reflection

The 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits 2

For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy. –Bhagavad-gita


What We Call Reality is but Reflecting Mirrors of the Evolving, Creative, Real Spiritual Personality Inside of You…


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The Brain-Mind Matrix

The whole of what we call physical or material reality is but a mirrored reflection in the brain-mind matrix. We know this to be true, because we exactly live within this brain-mind matrix, behind two inches of skull bone. We make contact with the realm of material potentials by means of a physical form, which in and of itself sends electrical impulse signals to the brain-mind matrix by means of the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. The whole of the realm of what we experience as physical or material reality is not solid, but feels solid to us, because the body-brain system is vibrating at the same rate of speed as the rest of this physical-material realm. And so it feels solid to us.

You are Made of Octillions of Atoms ALL Vibrating in Unison–Unity with Each Other!

The 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits 3

According to Jefferson Lab, an average 70 Kg person, that’s about 150 lbs, will have approximately 7*10 to the 27th atoms in their body. That’s 7 followed by 27 zeros (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 7 Octillion). The number of stars in the Universe, which is estimated at 10*10 to the 21, or 10 followed by 21 zeros. (10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 10 Sextillion). So you can see that there are far more atoms in your body than there are stars in the universe. Atoms are the basic building blocks of ordinary matter. Atoms can join together to form molecules, which in turn form most of the objects around you. Now look at a human being (like yourself) and look (imagine) how many atoms you’ve got. These atoms formed, for example, your eye with which you are reading this text now. Besides that, you’re not the only one with an eye, look around you and you’ll see that atoms have similarly formed billions of eyes which perform the same function. We know that the eye is something very complex and not only complex it’s also VERY useful (would you give your eyes away? Even if it’s billions of dollars?). How could an atom that cannot think or see create this ‘eye’ OVER and OVER again? And how could these atoms ever in the best and ordered way work together with each other? This could never be subject to chance. The one who created all this, such a one can only be the Possessor of Necessary Existence, the One Empowered over All Things and Knowledgeable of All Things, the Sustainer endowed with Glory and Generosity. -Nuri Ensing

The Gods, through Their Children, and Their Children’s Children…Descend to Lower and Lower Levels of Vibratory Reality, Until the Lowest Level of Spirit Designed and Spirit-Mind Contactable Reality, the Human Animal Has been Evolved, Achieved, Attained and Indwelt…

The 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits 1

Beyond the beauty of external forms, there is something more here: something that cannot be named, something ineffable, some deep, inner, holy essence. Whenever and wherever there is beauty, this inner essence shines through somehow. It only reveals itself to you when you are present.

Can you conceive of 7 Octillion atoms making up the body-brain system and all vibrating in unison-unity with each other! What a marvelous act of creation in the Infinite Mind of the Master Mathematician and Creator of this Universe of beings and things is this human animal body-brain matrix system that is capable of receiving the gift of auxiliary mind (the 7 adjutant mind-spirits), the gift of personality, the gift of the indwelling god-fragment and the evolving mortal soul of immortal potential!

All of the atoms and photons of light that make up this Universe of beings and things is Mind-created and Mind-directed by the Infinite Spirit-Mind, the Universal Mind, the God of Action, the Third Person of the Trinity of the Paradise Father, the Eternal Mother-Son and the Infinite Spirit.

Out of the conjoint acts of creation of the Gods…there issue forth the eternal children of the Trinity–the Creator Sons and Creative Daughter spirits (Michael Sons and Local Universe Mother spirits, who design, organize, create and bring into existence Local Universes within the 7 major aggregations of whirling matter called…Superuniverses…




Over the unimaginable eons of time, these evolving Superuniverses are destined to become the inhabited material, morontial (semi-material) and spiritual universes of both created and evolving beings of time and space. All three universes…the material, the semi-material and the spiritual…co-exist…parallel to each other…even though we only see and are only aware of the existence of the physical universe of things and beings around us.

Are you aware of the 7 Octillion atoms, which all vibrate in perfect unison-unity-harmony with each other, assembling upon mind-directed command to create the physical human animal form, with which you were born into the world, and presently live in, move and experience your being? No. Yet there is a vast and unimaginable invisible universe happening right inside each one of us…every second of our experience in human animal form!

The Gods–The Paradise Father, the Eternal Mother-Son and the Infinite Spirit-Mind control all of the energies which make up these three universes of the physical, the semi-material and the spiritual realms of beings and contactable forms.

And it is specifically through the Creative Daughter spirits of the Infinite Spirit Mind, which locally control and slow down the vibratory levels of mind, which are able to make contact with the evolving natural mind of the human brain-matrix. This slowed down level of vibratory mind emanates from the creative daughter spirit of our own Local Universe of Nebadon (a vast realm of potentially 10,000,000 inhabited evolutionary planets, roughly comprising the geographical stretch of the Sagittarius star cloud). Seven mind spirits issue from the presence of our creative daughter spirit (our Local Universe Mother spirit). These mind-spirits are designated as:

1. intuition

2. understanding

3. courage

4. knowledge

5. counsel

6. worship

7. wisdom

I want to here clarify the difference between what it means to be an animal that is non human and a human animal. A non human animal can only make contact with the first five of the adjutant mind spirits: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge and counsel. The human animal natural brain-mind matrix makes contact with all seven of the adjutant mind spirits. It is this advancing evolutionary status of the human animal natural mind-brain matrix’s ability to make contact with the spirits of worship and wisdom, which separates the two-legged, upright standing, human animal form from the rest of the non human animal world around us.

What Does the Human Mind-Brain Matrix Making Contact with the 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits Making Contact with the Human Mind-Brain Matrix Really Mean?

The 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits

The 7 adjutant mind spirits making contact with the original life plasm implantations into the warm inland seas of our primitive Earth, approximately 4.2 billion years ago, literally evolved–pulling up–mutating the genetic-based life forms into ever more advancing creatures, until approximately 1,000,000 years ago, the first two true human beings of animal origin were born on planet Earth (Urantia). Today, every time a new human being is born into the world, these adjutant mind spirits are seeking contact with the human animal mind-brain matrix, literally pulling up the human form out of the continuation of the original genetic-containing life plasm–the sperm-fertilized egg within the human female womb. The first five adjutant mind spirits are always the first to make contact with the evolving mind-brain matrix within the fetus–intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge and counsel. It is no accident that we have five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.


The last of two of these 7 adjutant mind spirits–worship and wisdom–can only make contact with the human animal natural mind-brain matrix when the individual exercises the free will in moral choosing between good and evil, truth over error, beauty over ugly machinations of the human animal mind, and goodness over evil, sin and iniquitous thinking and behavior toward self and others. When the human individual does make its first moral choice to seek, find and know God, the Universe Father–Paradise Father of all…the Paradise Father immediately issues from himself the god-fragment, which almost instantaneously traverses the physical universes to invade and dwell within the human mind, as the “pilot light,” the still, small and whispering voice within, which is always directing us to feel “This is the way. Walk in the way of the right-use of your own personal mind-will-power in the world.”

What Influences Do the 7 Adjutant Mind Spirits Have upon the Human Animal Natural Mind-Brain Matrix?

7 Adjutant Mind Spirits 7

It will help you to visualize the 7 adjutant mind spirits, if you view them as “mind mirrors,” in which you…self-reflect…upon your existence–your inner thoughts and feelings, your actions, moral choices involving embracing the higher spiritual nature rather than the lower animalistic self, god dwelling within you, and the urge to be a person of good heart and nature, of higher unselfish service to others with whom you have contact and relationships.


In this article, I only want to introduce you to the 7 adjutant mind spirits, their influences upon the human animal natural brain-mind matrix, and the concept of these mind spirits as “mindal mirrors” of inner self-reflection. We are going to pursue these concepts in depth, in much greater and far more expansive detail.

“Though human beings differ in many ways, the one from another, before God and in the spiritual world all mortals stand on an equal footing. There are only two groups of mortals in the eyes of GOD: those who desire to do his will and those who do not. As the universe looks upon an inhabited world, it likewise discerns two great classes: those who know GOD and those who do not.”  —The Urantia Book, Paper 133, The Return from Rome –  133:0.3 Jesus

those who know GOD and those who do not…


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