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True Character 

Spirits Having Material Life Experiences

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True character: What are you passionate about? My journey has been a passion for investigating intellectual and spiritual concepts about my material life experience. What does this mean?

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How many individuals, were the opportunity to become a machine, suddenly available, do you suppose would rush forward, to the promise by transcendalist scientists, and attempt to have their consciousness uploaded into a walking and talking computer? I think the number of persons, who have unwittingly bought into this fallacy are…many…

Many people believe they are a human being having a purely intellectual “brain” experience in a virtual reality that is self-created. When you die…you die. There is no God. And there is no afterlife.

Others believe they are a body in which the spirit of God dwells, only if you allow the organized belief system, to which they are an adherent, dominate and control your thinking.

I know we are all of origin in the the spirit-mind-energy of God, the Universe Father of All, individualizing from Him and having a uniquely individual material life experience.

As individual personalities, the direct bestowal gift to us from the Paradise Father, ours is a journey to find our ways back to True Character, from which we came. If you have not entertained or before been introduced to this concept, it may seem like a radical idea. The concept is hardly new or radical.

My focus, however, is on true character. It has always been on true character. It has only taken six decades of living for me to become fully aware that this where my true focus lies. It could have taken much longer.

If all human beings were suddenly able to become awakened to their uniquely individual journeys to attain to their own true character, the earth would literally be transformed overnight.

What is True Character?

And How Do You Know When You Have Attained to True Character?

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“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” -Sherlock Holmes

I didn’t always realize that I am an investigator of truth and true character. And the reason I relate so much to this saying is due to the way in which I am investigating truth and true character. It is by process of elimination and illumination. What does this mean?

The Major Character Flaws

True Character Spirits Having Material Experiences 5

How Many of These Common Character Flaws Do You See in Yourself?

True Character Spirits Having Material Experiences 6

Well…there are all of these and many, many more… Aren’t there?

One analogy and metaphor I use to portray and understand this process, personally, is to look at each individual human life as a white field upon which there are a few too many black spots. The white field is truth and true character. The black spots are character flaws.

In my own material life experience, it is up to me to investigate and identify my own character flaws. And if I so choose, I may quickly ascend beyond some character flaws.

Others at the five senses level are not so easy to rise above and beyond. These take time. They may take a lifetime. But when I choose to ascend beyond my character flaws, I am left with an increasingly white field that has fewer and fewer black spots. When all of these black spots are removed, I will be left with the truth of my own true character.

True Character Spirits Having Material Experiences 3

Final Thoughts for this Article

The thoughts I have shared with you are but a single knock at the portal to deeper understanding, knowledge and wisdom as it pertains to truth and true character.

You are welcome to leave any thoughts, life experiences, emotional responses and spiritual insights of your own.

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