How Big is Your Brain? How Small is Your Understanding?

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How Big is Your Brain?

How Small is Your Understanding?


When you watch this video, the most important takeaway is the realization that science validates its supposed and assumed authority to define the origins of the universe and life, by experimentation and conclusions based on mathematical computations. In the end…the answers to the most important questions of why we are here…elude every pair of eyeballs attached to not quite three pounds of pinkish-grey flesh… Ultimately, the scientist is left with…conjecturing…conjuring up ideas regarding the infinitessimally large and the infinitessimally small…and that is…a religious belief system… And this is why I have always said, since a small child, that so-called science and so-called religion are but flip sides of the same coin…

The Inter-galactic Fight of the Millennium

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’re gathered here, tonight, in the Las Illuminas Infinity Hotel, for the fight of the millennium.
In this corner, weighing in at a mere 1360 grams, 2.99 pounds, dressed in pinkish grey flesh is the The Human Brain, whose record of wins over the last 1 million years is knockout after knockout by ego-inflation, self-aggrandizement, wars and more wars, countless murdering and genocide in the name of self-importance, superiority, gold, plundering wastefulness and polluting of planetary resources, and an innate distrust of his fellow brains.
And in the opposite corner, weighing in, with our best guess, at a whopping 100 trillion trillion trillion trillion tons, is the material universe, whose glorious wins are too innumerable to list.


Wait…wait… Unbelievable! The human brain is lying on the matt, as though he has already been knocked out, declaring a “no-contest foul” victory over the universe, before even starting the match! Incredible…just incredible…
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the Human Brain declares victory by default. The match was over before it began! And just when you think you’ve seen it all…comes a level of intellectual fraud and self-deceit, on a scale we’ve never before witnessed! Truly, the Human Brain is lost in its own virtual illusion…

Scale of the Brain Cell vs. the Large Scale Structure of the Universe

How Big is Your Brain 5

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From the infinitessimally small, the singularity (where energy appears out of nothing to form quarks, electrons and atoms) to the infinitessimally large, the large-scale structures in the universe and beyond (where energy-matter disappears into nothing), where does the human brain fit onto this scale?
The single brain cell, on the left, is but a mere three micrometers in width. The single large scale universe structure on the right is billions of light years across, and contains millions of galaxies.
How Big is Your Brain 2

The alien invasion has already begun…

How is it that two eye-balls, attached to a lump of gray matter, small enough to sit on a regular-sized dinner plate, can be so presumptuous to think that all of its eloquent mathematical, philosophical, religious, poetic, and artistic descriptions of the magnificent and eternal universe are any match for the eternal and infinitely Intelligent Designer behind this really indescribable grandeur?
Will small football-sized minds ever be able to let go of their preconceived beliefs, in order to see how incredibly small the human brain and mind is, in comparison to the Universe. We are but specks of dust in a vast ocean of innumerable planets, stars and galaxies.
But the same eternal and infinitely Intelligent Designer of our DNA, our human mind and self-awareness, knows each of us by name, and has names for every galaxy (375 billion galaxies, or more…), every star and planet, inhabited or uninhabited.
Maybe, someday…we’ll be humble enough, as a species, to realize our true place in the Universe, and collectively see with more than just our tiny brains; the Paradise Father-God of the Universe of universes is bigger than our eloquent mathematical theorems, bigger than our highest and brightest philosophies, and bigger than every organized religious belief system about Him. In such a time…far and away…the whole of human civilization may collectively rise above all of these intellectual frauds of self-deceiving belief systems, ideological separatism–warring against, rejecting and killing each other, to embrace true…God-consciousness… And that, my friend, would be the beginning of the brother-hood–sister-hood of humankind…planetary peace…and a glorious future as a Type 1 intelligent civilization…
At present…we don’t even qualify as an intelligent civilization… Our continuous and unbroken history of barbarism, cruelty, deception, wars and genocide precede us on all fronts…
How Big is Your Brain 1

I find it very humbling when I look at myself this way…two eye-balls attached to not quite 3 pounds of pinkish-grey flesh…because this is the reality of the human animal form. This is the internal prison of self-limitations through which every human being ever born into material reality must look through the glass darkly and attempt to embrace universal spiritual unity—true God-consciousness that we are all one—all sisters and brothers in the vast cosmic family of the children of the Universal Father of the Universe of universes…

Isle of Paradise

Embrace universal spiritual unity—true God-consciousness… We are all one—all sisters and brothers in the vast cosmic family of the children of the Universal Father of the Universe of universes…

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