Personality in Relationship to Self-Consciousness, Self-awareness…and the Spiritual Level of God-consciousness… Part One

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Personality in Relationship to Self-Consciousness, Self-awareness…and the Spiritual Level of God-consciousness…

A New Theory of Consciousness…

Part One

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Personality in Relationship to Self-Awareness… 1


This is a written transcript of the above video content produced by Jason Silva via National Geographic.

Color…is not an inherent quality of objects in the world; color is a construct. Color is an…illusion…created between your brain, interacting with the properties of luminescence, reflectivity and shadow.

Think about the takeaway of that idea!

We can only know the world through the signals that are perceived through our instrument that we call…the senses.

Our consciousness sits in our brain, which sits behind two inches of skull.

Our eyes are not windows with which our brain sees the world; the world is…constructed for you…by your brain, using the limited information it can receive through the senses. The rest is…fill-in-the-blank…

It’s a  theater we put on for ourselves… We can never know the world…directly… All we can know is a representation…a rendering…a cosmic dance between our brain and those signals coming in…

  • And our brain is throwing in…intentions…
  • expectations…
  • preconceptions…
  • stereotypes…

All these things are also informing what we perceive…

We start with this idea that color doesn’t exist. We end with the idea that nothing really can be known…directly… So that everything in and of itself is a…rendering…a simulation…

Personality in Relationship to Self-Awareness… 2

The retina is actually part of the brain. It is the only part of the brain we can see. And it is the part of the brain that is reaching out to the visible, material world of things and beings.

Personality in Relationship to Self-Awareness… 3

The above illustration gives us a very different perspective on how “consciousness” via the human animal brain connects us to the outer realm of forms…things and other conscious beings… Want to learn more about the brain-eye connection? Go here:  Brown University Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences

Just a Few Words before I proceed…

I want to clarify that I stopped embracing belief systems at the age of seventeen and one half years on planet Earth (Urantia.) Although I continued to wade through, analyze and weed out belief systems, and continue to do so, right up to this present moment of life-experience…I do not embrace them. All beliefs and belief systems represent temporary scaffolding, to me, and are to be employed in directed thinking, only to the extent they are serviceable as temporary scaffolding. Then they are discarded as useless, on a personal experience level.

In the next few days, I will complete the installation of The Urantia Book, on the backend of this blog site. It is easy for a visitor to my site, whether a studier of The Urantia Book, or not, to come to erroneous conclusions about my relationship to the book. While I have been a studier of the teachings of The Urantia Book for forty-five years, I am not a believer in The Urantia Book.

While almost the whole of the readership of The Urantia Book, around the world, appears to me to be “believers…” adherents, disciples and proselytizers of the book itself…my relationship to its contents is strictly one of recognizing the fact of direct revelation of truth, beauty, and goodness. Then using this “knowing” recognition of direct revelation as a temporary scaffolding to redirect my thinking into a direct relationship to the…absolute focal point of reality within me…the divine spirit…the Thought Adjuster…God within us…

Personality in Relationship to Self-Awareness… 4

It is this inner place of “knowing,” juxtaposed to merely believing, I may describe to you. I cannot take you there. No man, woman or child may abridge the requirement of personal experiences, over the course of a lifetime, with the spiritual values of truth, beauty and goodness, required to slough off all belief and systems of belief, that this place of “knowing” may be attained. It is an observation that the majority of human individuals will never slough off their beliefs and belief systems. And therefore…never attain to the place of “inner knowing,” not even those, both past and present, who claim to have done so.

The second erroneous conclusion would be that you, the visitor, think I am installing The Urantia Book and publishing this abundance of original thinking, much of which is connected to the book, as being done for you. It is not. I am, first and foremost, doing this for myself. Secondly, comes the desire to make available the “knowingness” of my experiential life wisdom for anyone visiting this site, who has the open mind and open ears to see and hear.

Such individuals, who have open minds and ears, are and will continue to be, the most rare of personalities.

Personality in Relationship to Self-Awareness… 5


Let us represent the totality of the present discussion, regarding the attempt to understand “consciousness,” by all individual human mortals on Earth, as one hundred percent. Then the discussion, regarding self-consciousness, as it relates to the knowing recognition that I am—I exist—I experience, and the subsequent attempt to comprehend anything about self-awareness, and what part personality plays in this consciousness matrix, is likely to be nine-tenths of one percent, or less, of that totality of the current interest, attempt to understand, and discussion of…consciousness in its relationship to the self…

I observe that almost no one ever discusses anything thought concepts having to do with…personality… I therefore observationally conclude that personality is a complete and utter mystery to the mortal individuals of this planet.

Jason Silva’s short video gives us a basis, a temporary intellectual construct, for understanding the relationship of individual consciousness to the outer realm of forms…this illusory construct we experience as material reality. This belief system construct does not, however, give us any useful reference to self-consciousness, self-awareness and the personality.

I want to here introduce a new thought-concept.

Why are you?

You exist…first and foremost, because of the original spark of life-animating spirit energy—universal consciousness-reality transmitted to the original genetic code-containing life plasm, implanted in the shallow warm seas of a primitive Earth, approximately 4.6 billion years ago, which genetic code-containing life plasm was created in the highly advanced laboratories on one of the spiritually created planets, whereon the spiritual order of the material sons and daughters of the Creator Son and creative daughter spirit live, dwell and work to create modified, even genetically experimental mortal life plasm genetics to implant on the evolutionary mortal worlds of time and space.

Yes, that is a deep concept to try to convey in one long sentence.

But it is specifically this life spark of the essence of the reality of the Universal Mind—The Infinite Spirit—The Conjoint Actor—the Third Person of the Trinity Godhead, which initiates life–animates the life plasm and the subsequent genetic, evolutionary and initially mind-directed unfolding of the myriad of ever-modifying life forms, which eventually give rise (often over billions of years) to the first pair of human mortals to exist on an evolutionary sphere.

Personality in Relationship to Self-Awareness… 6

It is more accurate to say that the “spark of life” imparted from the Infinite Spirit Mind initiates and animates life. This essence of spirit-consciousness creates, assembles and organizes matter, at every conceivable level, throughout the whole of the Universe of universes, according to the unfathomable eternal and infinite plan in the mind of the Universal Paradise Father, the Uncaused Cause, in whom all reality lives, moves and has its being.

Without this initial “spark of life” transmitted to the genetic code-containing life plasm, via another order of spirit-beings called Life Carriers, no mortal material life forms can exist.

It is specifically this “spark of life,” which is passed on from spirit-animated mechanical creature to creature by means of some form of sexual, even asexual reproduction, which gives rise to ever-increasing levels of consciousness, eventuating in human self-consciousness… I am and I know that I exist as a self-conscious material being.

In order to keep this article from becoming too long and involved…I am going to conclude Part One, at this point.

Next:  Is Self-consciousness the Same as Self-Awareness? And is self-awareness the same as the spiritual level of God-consciousness?


Next:  Is Self-consciousness the Same as Self-Awareness?

And is self-awareness the same as the spiritual level of God-consciousness?

A New Theory of Consciousness…
Part Two

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