The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner from the Outer and the Outer from the Inner…

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner from the Outer and the Outer from the Inner…

(Thank you, Mathew, for inspiring this post.)

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The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 8

The Greatest of All Wholly Natural Errors

It is wholly natural for us humans to socialize our inner spiritual experiences. The great error is in calling it…religion

Everything that emanates from the will-mind-intellect is not religion. Every system of organized practice of ritualistic magic, prayer and worship of Force, Power, Spirit or God is not religion.

Nothing that has built up out of individual inner spiritual experience, since the beginning of the first human pair…can be called religion. It can, however, be called…religious expression…religiosity…the imperfect and second experience of the real.

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 2

In 1971…I purchased a book by Buckminster Fuller, called “No More Second Hand God.” I had really just begun my thinking on this deep challenge of understanding the difference between the genuine inner spiritual experience which is the reality of…true religion…inner spiritual contact with the indwelling spirit-fragment of God and the outer…the second hand, disingenuous, often twisted and less than factual and truthful expression of the inner…

Reading Bucky’s book became a separate validation that I was on the right track in my thinking about this perplexing and profound challenge of separating clearly the inner from the outer and the outer from the inner…

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 7

The Risk of Indiscriminate Sharing of Inner Spiritual Experiences

I can tell you about the many profound dreams I’ve had of inner contact with this divine spirit, of contact with angelic beings, of visions which occurred while awake. But the moment I tell you or any other person, I risk the possibility of creating a new ideology and ism–a new division between the mortal children of God–a new schism, which might create a few or massive followers and believers, were I to choose to download the muse and become a charismatic leader.

But this is not religion, even if it becomes the most elaborate and powerful ideology, ism and corporate, even sovereign state structure in the world. It ALL grew out of a second-hand account of a genuine inner experience.

Are these ideologies and isms necessary, presently, in human experience? Yes. Are they religion? No. And it is this inability, and more often than not, unwillingness of the mortal individual to think deeply about the inner, juxtaposed with the outer, in order to redefine what is true religion and what is religiosity, which is the greatest challenge of this age.

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 6

Intellectual and Philosophical Uniformity Vs. Spiritual Unity

What we are really talking about, here, is the difference between intellectual uniformity and conformity versus spiritual unity.

Intellectual uniformity and conformity requires that we all believe, pray, meditate, and worship a higher power the same way, in order to find acceptance, to be accepted by a particular group practicing a particular set of beliefs. It is this very selfish and self-serving attitude of the egoic self, which refuses to acknowledge that we all are His mortal children; there are no chosen groups.

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 4

We are all spiritually equal in the sight of God, all being endowed with the same indwelling spirit-fragment.

And it is specifically this refusal and selfish egoic attitude, which creates the division–the ideology, ism and schism.

The great irony is that such ideologies, isms and schisms were/are all based on the distorted, second hand recounting of the inner genuine spiritual experience of one or more individuals, occurring in the past/present.

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 5

Spiritual unity only requires that we all realize that we are one family of the mortal children of God, being endowed with the same indwelling spirit. And thus, God, becomes the central focus of all believers, of all human civilization, no matter how great the differences in belief and practice.

There is only one Father-God of the Universe of universes. And this Father-God is above and beyond every second hand thought, every second hand philosophy, every second hand scientific calculation, and every second hand religious belief and every second spirituality belief.

Until human civilization can make this distinction, the religious struggles, conflicts and wars that have backed us up to the edge of the precipice of the abyss of great destruction still looms large in front of us…

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 3

“A house divided against itself cannot stand…” And neither can a planetary human civilization…

The Great Challenge of Clearly Separating the Inner 9


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