If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water…You Are Poisoning Your Body and Brain…

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If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water…You Are Poisoning Your Body and Brain…

How I Personally Deal with Fluoride and Other Heavy Metals in My Drinking Water

This is a follow-up article on Self-Poisoning and Spiritual Health series.

One of the spiritual principles I chose to live by, long ago, says… “It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function — when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development — that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being.” How can we be receptive to the maximum of truth, love and light…when our very temple is polluted with every manner of poisons?

If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water… 2

I want to tell you a true story from my youth to illustrate how deadly fluoride and chlorine are.

At the time my first spouse and I were separating, I took my oldest boy with me and headed back to my home state of Indiana, where I was born.

We lived with my dad for about six months. I needed a job. Jobs were scarce, even then, where I grew up.

I saw a job listing for the North Webster sewage treatment plant. So I applied.

When I sat down with the Manager in his tiny office, we talked a bit. He asked me about my work history. Then hired me on the spot. I thought that was a bit unusual.

If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water… 7

Sodium Fluoride is the main ingredient in most rat poisons.

Next, he walked me out to the back of the office building. He looked at me and said… “I didn’t want to scare you off, before I hired you. So after what I have to tell you next scares the hell out of you…it should. And if you want to leave…I’ll understand.”

I looked at him penetratingly and questioningly, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

He continued… “The last treatment plant operator worked here for about five years. Then about six weeks ago he got careless.” The Manager had keys in his hand and proceeded to open up the door on the backside of the building. As he opened the door…it revealed two tanks on the inside.

The Manager then explained… “You see, he got careless in hooking up a new tank of fluoride gas… And even in the open air…one whiff of either one of these tanks will kill you instantly! There is no reviving you. You are dead…”

If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water… 4

The average American may be the most poisoned, submissive, passive, lethargic, I.Q. damaged and generally ignorant nation of people on the face of the Earth.

I continued to work there for awhile in fear for my life, but desperately needed the money. To this day, however, I have never forgotten the words he spoke to me that first day.

Even then…it took me a long time to wake up to the need to filter all of the water I drink and with which to take a bath or shower.

So the balance of this follow up article is about how I personally deal with these deadly toxic heavy metals in our drinking water.

I did not begin to filter my water in the home, until after my second marriage of twenty-one years ended in 2003. I have gone through a number of brands of water filtering systems, suspecting that none of them were taking all of the fluoride, chlorine, mercury and other toxins out of the water. I knew, however, that some filtering was better than none. Still it was and is the ignorant individual’s approach to filtering water.

One day…about a year ago…I came across articles on the internet relating to the testing of water filtering systems. One of these is on a site called NaturalNews.com, established by a professional by the name of Mike Adams, for whom I have the utmost respect.

As I suspected, all of the major brands of water filters, not only do not remove all of the fluoride, chlorine, etc., from drinking water, to my shock they actually add more fluoride, chorine, et al, to the water you drink, after it is filtered!

The one brand, which stood out from all the rest is…Zero Water. Zero Water removes 100% of the fluoride and chlorine, and up to 99% of the rest of the toxins. You can see the test results for Zero Water Filters, as well as all of the major brands at NaturalNews.com at this link: Water Filter Labs Test Results

If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water… 12

I do not profit in any way from telling you about Zero Water filtering systems. I benefit by knowing I have given you the best information possible about improving your health.

So I immediately went to ZeroWater.com. I discovered I could buy their products locally at Target, Walmart, Home Depot and other retailers. My initial investment for the gallon size Pitcher/Dispenser container, which includes a 30-60 day filter was $32.00 U.S. I also bought a two pack of filters which costs $39.00. This normally lasts me for a 120 days or longer, depending on how much water I actually filter. The manufacturer also includes a water tester, which tells you exactly when you need to replace the filter.

I use to buy Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. And if you do buy Tom’s you have to carefully read the label to insure it does not contain fluoride. And this is why I no longer buy Tom’s. I don’t buy any products which support government, corporate or small business poisoning of water and food, including imported products, especially those imported from China. This violates my personal philosophical principles by which I choose to live my life.

If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water… 13

So I presently use NOW brand Xyli White Toothpaste. I especially like the Cinnamon flavored. And to my knowledge…NOW does not produce any products which contain fluoride. If I discover they do this, the search will be on, again.

I decided to do a separate article addressing shower head water filters, alternatives and fluoride/chlorine body and brain detoxification. This is a very involved subject, in and of itself.

I hope this helps. Many people, whom I share the fact that I’ve not had any illness of any kind, including colds and flu, for the last 34 years, look at me as though I am lying. This is unbelievable to them, because their lives are filled with frequent colds, flu, pneumonia, allergies, and disease. But it is a fact, nonetheless.

I have enjoyed an adult life free from sickness. And it is time I begin to share my pre-adult history of being continually sick, and how I achieved 34 years of being free of illness of any kind.

Watch for future articles…

If You Are Not Filtering Your Drinking Water… 10

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