Oh, God! The Circularity of the Future-Past…Present!

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Oh, God! The Circularity of the Future-Past…Present!

The Fuzzy-minded Thinking Dilemma of the Upright-standing, Two-legged Animal’s, Microcosmic-sized Brain…Clarified…



Oh God The Circularity of the Future Past...Present 2


As my future thoughts stream onto this virtual article…each word becomes a fossilized record of a present thinking moment as it consciously occurs.

There is a sacred space within each of us where we are increasingly less time-conscious. You may not attain to this state of being by instantly  “thinking it into reality.”

The state of being increasingly less time-conscious is…evolutionary… It evolves out of time-experiences with the making of many mistakes, wrong choices, even immoral choices, as well as moral choices–choosing the higher good, by and through which both the choosing of the lesser (potential evil) and the higher good (embracing eternal values of truth, beauty and goodness), with the choosing of the higher good winning out, slowly but surely, becomes the superconscious and increasingly “eternal present,” due to both consciously and unconsciously following the leading of the indwelling spirit.

This gives us, then, a basis for entertaining a conceptual framework that is very difficult to comprehend, whereas the reality beyond the framework cannot be comprehended in present human animal form.

Paradise, also called Absolutum, has a fixed location beyond time and space. It is at the center of all reality. It has not and will not move from its fixed location, throughout all time, eternity and infinity. Absolutum is the Abode–the Eternal Home of the Gods–the Universal Father (Paradise Father), the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit-Mind.

On Paradise…time does not exist…

Paradise is the source of all space and motion in the Universe of universes. Pure energy, energy beyond matter is projected and directed, from  the nether side of Absolutum, into the Universe of universes, as gigantic circular wheels of creation that revolve around the Center of All Reality.

It is upon this originally blank canvas of space that the Infinite Spirit-Mind begins to paint the Universe of universes, as though with an outstretched hand and a cosmic-sized brush. And this is when time begins, from the mortal perspective.

The human animal is the ongoing evolutionary product of 4.6 billion years of Earth’s evolutionary history.

A human mammalian is conceived in the womb, passing through every major evolutionary stage before it takes on its final human form, just before passing out of the womb, through the birth canal and into the world, as we know it.


Oh God The Circularity of the Future Past...Present 4


As the child grows, he or she is faced with challenges to a naturally circumscribed, puerile and self-centered pattern of behavior.

When the child reaches that place where he or she is always butting the head against his or her own limitations…the normal and natural evolution of human thinking is to seek a higher understanding of the self, in relation to other beings of its own kind.

This stretching of thought, reaching inward and upward for something greater…something beyond the self…induces the belief in a higher power…a higher authority… And should this natural reaching toward the spiritual lead to making the first moral decision to do better, to be a better person toward others…the Paradise Father immediately bestows a fragment of His eternal and infinite nature, which instantly traverses time and space, literally invading–impregnating itself into the human mind, as the divine spirit, the eternity-compass, within the fixed center of mind, and just beyond the human child’s growing consciousness.

This is the moment when we become conscious of being a time-space bound creature–conscious of being conscious. Without the birth of the superconscious mind–the soul…we are merely living, mechanical creatures…conscious without knowing we are conscious…

It is within this superconsiousness of the evolving mortal soul that we become increasingly aware of the human animal experience, as a segmented series of temporary experiences, occurring within the eternity-stream of time and space creations.

Our movement, through the extremely short-lived human experience, is like a motion picture; as we grow, experience and make choices, we build upon each moment of conscious-superconscious experience, frame by frame.

As we grow toward the divine light within us…we are growing into superconscious, soul-awareness of our destined eternal nature… The human animal mind-personality-experience is beginning to encompass small degrees of increasing liberation from being a wholly time-space-bound creature…

This increasing liberation from time-space imprisonment within the human animal body-brain-mind matrix is what we call…God-consciousness…

And this attainment to the sacred space, within us, where the human consciousness-superconsciousness makes contact with the indwelling divine spirit, is that state of being—of becoming increasingly eternity-conscious… And as long as we do not break or permanently destroy this connection to the divine presence within us…maintaining faith in our eternity-existence…wisdom continues to grow to that point where the human existence appears ever more shadowy and the spiritual universe, co-existent with the material universes…becomes ever more real to the personality-experience-soul-spirit-identified union…preparatory to the personality-experience-soul’s release from the material-mind-cocoon…to continue the ascension journey to and through the countless worlds to come…circling ever inward to Paradise…evolving in appearance ever more divinely brilliant, in order to  sometime stand before and in the presence of the Gods–the Creators of our former, humble, human animal existence…


Oh God The Circularity of the Future Past...Present 3


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