God’s Love has No Boundaries and No Limitations…

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God’s Love has No Boundaries and No Limitations…

And So I Ask You…Why do You Insist on Drawing Boundaries and Limiting Your Love…?

(Written July 14th, 2014)

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  (1592.1) 141:5.3 “Your spirit unity implies two things, which always will be found to harmonize in the lives of individual believers: First, you are possessed with a common motive for life service; you all desire above everything to do the will of the Father in heaven. Second, you all have a common goal of existence; you all purpose to find the Father in heaven, thereby proving to the universe that you have become like him.” 

(1592.2) 141:5.4 Many times during the training of the twelve Jesus reverted to this theme. Repeatedly he told them it was not his desire that those who believed in him should become dogmatized and standardized in accordance with the religious interpretations of even good men. Again and again he warned his apostles against the formulation of creeds and the establishment of traditions as a means of guiding and controlling believers in the gospel of the kingdom. 

–The Words of Jesus of Nazareth, The Urantia Book – Paper 141 – Beginning the Public Work

eternal pattern 1Are you living “spiritual unity?” If you are living spiritual unity…your motive is…pure… Only spiritual unity can bring lasting peace and harmony between the whole of the individuals making up human civilization… What is your common motive for life service? Do you truly desire, above everything, to do the will of the Father in heaven? Or do you have an intellectual agenda? If you are hiding behind an intellectual agenda…you will fail to harmonize with the lives of greater numbers of your fellow human beings…
  • Intellectual honesty
  • Whose language are you speaking?
  • Are you speaking with your own original and unique voice…?
  • Or are you speaking through the language, thought concepts and mind-filter of another?

Invisible Tree of Life 1Even revelation will not save you from the seemingly “safe cave hole—mind-hole” of intellectualism—parrotism… There is no safety therein…

Maintaining your focus upon doing the will of your heavenly Father transcends all intellectual and personal agendas… Is your life focus to find the Father in heaven—to become like him? If this is not your focus…

  • Intellectual Honesty
  • Is your motive, in reality, to convince others of the superiority of your belief system?
  • Are you, in reality, living on the level of mind, but are rejecting spiritual contact with the indwelling divine presence?
  • Are you a moral and spiritual coward—never or rarely acknowledging God, as a Person, nor His indwelling divine spirit?

(1590.5) 141:4.2 In answer to Thomas’s question, “Who is this God of the kingdom?” Jesus replied: “God is your Father, and religion — my gospel — is nothing more nor less than the believing recognition of the truth that you are his son. And I am here among you in the flesh to make clear both of these ideas in my life and teachings.” 

–The Words of Jesus of Nazareth, The Urantia Book – Paper 141 – Beginning the Public Work

  • Intellectual Honesty
  • Do you know God as a Person—the Source of your very personality—your very life, mind, soul and His spirit indwelling you?
  • Do you know God as your Father—the Paradise Father, who transcends all beliefs about Him?
  • Do you accept that God’s Love has no boundaries and no limitations?

If you truly believe that our Paradise Father’s Love has no boundaries and no limitations…


  • Intellectual Honesty
  • Why do you continue to defend the dogma, creeds and belief systems of others, behind which, you presently hide?
  • Why do you focus upon attacking others, rather than seeking to understand their motives and viewpoints—to love them as brother, sister and friend?
  • Why do you continue to attempt the impossible…to impose boundaries and limitations upon God’s Love for all of his children on this planet and on every world throughout the Universe of universes?

There is No Substitute for Intellectual Honesty…

(1730.6) 155:6.2 You have come out from among those of your fellows who choose to remain satisfied with a religion of mind, who crave security and prefer conformity. You have elected to exchange your feelings of authoritative certainty for the assurances of the spirit of adventurous and progressive faith. You have dared to protest against the grueling bondage of institutional religion and to reject the authority of the traditions of record which are now regarded as the word of God. Our Father did indeed speak through Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Amos, and Hosea, but he did not cease to minister words of truth to the world when these prophets of old made an end of their utterances. My Father is no respecter of races or generations in that the word of truth is vouchsafed one age and withheld from another. Commit not the folly of calling that divine which is wholly human, and fail not to discern the words of truth which come not through the traditional oracles of supposed inspiration. 

(1732.5) 155:6.12 You must cease to seek for the word of God only on the pages of the olden records of theologic authority. Those who are born of the spirit of God shall henceforth discern the word of God regardless of whence it appears to take origin. Divine truth must not be discounted because the channel of its bestowal is apparently human. Many of your brethren have minds which accept the theory of God while they spiritually fail to realize the presence of God. And that is just the reason why I have so often taught you that the kingdom of heaven can best be realized by acquiring the spiritual attitude of a sincere child. It is not the mental immaturity of the child that I commend to you but rather the spiritual simplicity of such an easy-believing and fully-trusting little one. It is not so important that you should know about the fact of God as that you should increasingly grow in the ability to feel the presence of God.  

(1733.1) 155:6.13 When you once begin to find God in your soul, presently you will begin to discover him in other men’s souls and eventually in all the creatures and creations of a mighty universe. But what chance does the Father have to appear as a God of supreme loyalties and divine ideals in the souls of men who give little or no time to the thoughtful contemplation of such eternal realities? While the mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature, it is indeed the gateway thereto. 

(1733.2) 155:6.14 But do not make the mistake of trying to prove to other men that you have found God; you cannot consciously produce such valid proof, albeit there are two positive and powerful demonstrations of the fact that you are God-knowing, and they are: 

(1733.3) 155:6.15 1. The fruits of the spirit of God showing forth in your daily routine life. 

(1733.4) 155:6.16 2. The fact that your entire life plan furnishes positive proof that you have unreservedly risked everything you are and have on the adventure of survival after death in the pursuit of the hope of finding the God of eternity, whose presence you have foretasted in time.


(1733.5) 155:6.17 Now, mistake not, my Father will ever respond to the faintest flicker of faith. He takes note of the physical and superstitious emotions of the primitive man. And with those honest but fearful souls whose faith is so weak that it amounts to little more than an intellectual conformity to a passive attitude of assent to religions of authority, the Father is ever alert to honor and foster even all such feeble attempts to reach out for him. But you who have been called out of darkness into the light are expected to believe with a whole heart; your faith shall dominate the combined attitudes of body, mind, and spirit.

(1732.2) 155:6.9 The religions of authority can only divide men and set them in conscientious array against each other; the religion of the spirit will progressively draw men together and cause them to become understandingly sympathetic with one another. The religions of authority require of men uniformity in belief, but this is impossible of realization in the present state of the world. The religion of the spirit requires only unity of experience — uniformity of destiny — making full allowance for diversity of belief. The religion of the spirit requires only uniformity of insight, not uniformity of viewpoint and outlook. The religion of the spirit does not demand uniformity of intellectual views, only unity of spirit feeling. The religions of authority crystallize into lifeless creeds; the religion of the spirit grows into the increasing joy and liberty of ennobling deeds of loving service and merciful ministration. 

–The Urantia Book – Paper 155 – Fleeing Through Northern Galilee

Always Remember: Spiritual unity is neither religious unity or mere coexistence… Spiritual unity transcends all religious, philosophical and scientific boundaries…

The religion of the spirit does not demand uniformity of intellectual views, only unity of spirit feeling.

Spiritual Unity
The Tetrahedron is the underlying perfect, eternal and infinite pattern of all universe reality… It can neither be created…nor destroyed…

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