The Temptations of Little Betty Svincker

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(The Temptations of) 

Little Betty Svincker

(Written 9/22/2014)



Little Betty Svincker 1

Little Betty Svincker stuck her finger in pie, pie
stuck her finger in her mouth and said “Oh, my, my…”
it tastes like berry cherry and it tastes like lime
tastes like candy apple…m-m…tastes mighty fine!
stuck her face in the pie and she began to eat
she liked the warmth…liked the fresh smell… oh what a treat!
there was pie on her chin, on her cheeks, on her eyes
on her hands, on her dress, on her feet…a disguise!
when mommy found her…she got spanked and got a bath
and put to bed…without dinner…she knew mom’s wrath
little Betty Svincker learned her lesson…learned it well…
the very next time you sneak in to eat pie, pie…
you better hurry out the door… run like hell, hell…
’cause if you stay in the kitchen…you’ll die, die, die!

Little Betty Svincker 2

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