Why So Few Mortals Attain to…Fusion…

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Why So Few Mortals Attain to Fusion…

(Both the Internet and Our Lives are Filled with the Tragic Images of the Results of the Poisoning of the Human Temple)



Why So Few Mortals Attain to...Fusion...2

The bodies and minds of many individuals are like an abandoned temple that is in utter ruin…and desperately in need of repair and restoration…


(1740.4) 156:5.17 The measure of the spiritual capacity of the evolving soul is your faith in truth and your love for man, but the measure of your human strength of character is your ability to resist the holding of grudges and your capacity to withstand brooding in the face of deep sorrow. Defeat is the true mirror in which you may honestly view your real self.

–The Urantia Book – Paper 156 – The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon

When you study the life and teachings of Jesus, you witness God and man becoming one in the personality of the human Jesus. He manifested true character, devoid of character defects.

Jesus remained connected to our Paradise Father’s will to the pain-filled, tortured end of his human life…

Simply attaining to the first circle, while prerequisite, is not enough to qualify for fusion.

  • What are the deepest, most subtle and sublime levels of Adjuster communication, if not the willingness to allow every character defect (potential) to grow into truer character (actual).
  • Would this not mean so identifying with the indwelling divine partner that self-forgetfulness becomes an ever momentary way of living in the presence of the divine?

(51.12) 3:5.13 8. Is unselfishness — the spirit of self-forgetfulness — desirable? Then must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for recognition and honor. Man could not dynamically choose the divine life if there were no self-life to forsake. Man could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.

–The Urantia Book – Paper 3 – The Attributes of God

  • When the individual attains to this place of subtle and sublime communication with the indwelling adjuster, how willing are we to enter into total self-forgetfulness, wherein the Thought Adjuster is Thought Controller…god become man and man become God…?
  • Isn’t this what self-forgetfulness really means…to so completely identify with the indwelling spirit…the transfer of the seat of identity of the personality and all of our experiential values is complete–we become the fully conscious morontial soul–wherein the divine partner has become you and you have become the divine partner…?

(51.13) 3:5.14 9. Is pleasure — the satisfaction of happiness — desirable? Then must man live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present experiential possibilities.

–The Urantia Book – Paper 3 – The Attributes of God

  • And would not “God become man and man become God,” be the attainment of Paradise within…light and life…?
  • Would this not be the attainment of “steady-state…perfected” happiness and pleasure…living a life of total self-forgetfulness in the indwelling presence of the divine…?

(1209.4) 110:6.4 When the development of the intellectual nature proceeds faster than that of the spiritual, such a situation renders communication with the Thought Adjuster both difficult and dangerous. Likewise, overspiritual development tends to produce a fanatical and perverted interpretation of the spirit leadings of the divine indweller. Lack of spiritual capacity makes it very difficult to transmit to such a material intellect the spiritual truths resident in the higher superconsciousness. It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function — when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development — that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being. By such a balanced growth does man ascend the circles of planetary progression one by one, from the seventh to the first.

–Paper 110 – Relation of Thought Adjusters to Individual Mortals

  • But what chance does the individual have to ever experience this attainment to light and life…when he or she is constantly poisoning the body and mind…?


Why So Few Mortals Attain to...Fusion...1

Both physical and mental poisons greatly retard the effort required to stop poisoning the body and mind…becoming a slow but sure…downward spiral…

(1199.4) 109:5.3 But your unsteady and rapidly shifting mental attitudes often result in thwarting the plans and interrupting the work of the Adjusters. Their work is not only interfered with by the innate natures of the mortal races, but this ministry is also greatly retarded by your own preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and long-standing prejudices. Because of these handicaps, many times only their unfinished creations emerge into consciousness, and confusion of concept is inevitable. Therefore, in scrutinizing mental situations, safety lies only in the prompt recognition of each and every thought and experience for just what it actually and fundamentally is, disregarding entirely what it might have been.

–The Urantia Book – Paper 109 – Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures

And this statement is also so very true with regard to the attainment of a true character.

  • What chance does the individual have to grow into this sublime state of inner attainment to light and life, when “preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and long-standing prejudices,” combined with a life of constantly poisoning the mind and body with physical poisons with the low-quality processed foods we choose to eat, the unfiltered water we choose to drink, the alcohol, drugs (both prescription and illegal) and the  smoking of tobacco for the intake of more than 4,600 different poisons, both natural and artificially added to enhance addiction…we choose to ingest into our temples…?

And since this “poisoning of the body and mind” has become the common “character defect habits” of the average individual…is it any wonder, really, that so few of us ever attain to…fusion…?

Why So Few Mortals Attain to...Fusion...3

3. The Evolving Soul

(1218.9) 111:3.1 The mistakes of mortal mind and the errors of human conduct may markedly delay the evolution of the soul, although they cannot inhibit such a morontia phenomenon when once it has been initiated by the indwelling Adjuster with the consent of the creature will. But at any time prior to mortal death this same material and human will is empowered to rescind such a choice and to reject survival. Even after survival the ascending mortal still retains this prerogative of choosing to reject eternal life; at any time before fusion with the Adjuster the evolving and ascending creature can choose to forsake the will of the Paradise Father. Fusion with the Adjuster signalizes the fact that the ascending mortal has eternally and unreservedly chosen to do the Father’s will.

(1219.1) 111:3.2 During the life in the flesh the evolving soul is enabled to reinforce the supermaterial decisions of the mortal mind. The soul, being supermaterial, does not of itself function on the material level of human experience. Neither can this subspiritual soul, without the collaboration of some spirit of Deity, such as the Adjuster, function above the morontia level. Neither does the soul make final decisions until death or translation divorces it from material association with the mortal mind except when and as this material mind delegates such authority freely and willingly to such a morontia soul of associated function. During life the mortal will, the personality power of decision-choice, is resident in the material mind circuits; as terrestrial mortal growth proceeds, this self, with its priceless powers of choice, becomes increasingly identified with the emerging morontia-soul entity; after death and following the mansion world resurrection, the human personality is completely identified with the morontia self. The soul is thus the embryo of the future morontia vehicle of personality identity.


Why So Few Mortals Attain to...Fusion...4

(1219.2) 111:3.3 This immortal soul is at first wholly morontia in nature, but it possesses such a capacity for development that it invariably ascends to the true spirit levels of fusion value with the spirits of Deity, usually with the same spirit of the Universal Father that initiated such a creative phenomenon in the creature mind.

(1219.3) 111:3.4 Both the human mind and the divine Adjuster are conscious of the presence and differential nature of the evolving soul — the Adjuster fully, the mind partially. The soul becomes increasingly conscious of both the mind and the Adjuster as associated identities, proportional to its own evolutionary growth. The soul partakes of the qualities of both the human mind and the divine spirit but persistently evolves toward augmentation of spirit control and divine dominance through the fostering of a mind function whose meanings seek to co-ordinate with true spirit value.

(1219.4) 111:3.5 The mortal career, the soul’s evolution, is not so much a probation as an education. Faith in the survival of supreme values is the core of religion; genuine religious experience consists in the union of supreme values and cosmic meanings as a realization of universal reality.

(1219.5) 111:3.6 Mind knows quantity, reality, meanings. But quality — values — is felt. That which feels is the mutual creation of mind, which knows, and the associated spirit, which reality-izes.

(1219.6) 111:3.7 In so far as man’s evolving morontia soul becomes permeated by truth, beauty, and goodness as the value-realization of God-consciousness, such a resultant being becomes indestructible. If there is no survival of eternal values in the evolving soul of man, then mortal existence is without meaning, and life itself is a tragic illusion. But it is forever true: What you begin in time you will assuredly finish in eternity — if it is worth finishing.

–The Urantia Book – Paper 111 – The Adjuster and the Soul


Why So Few Mortals Attain to...Fusion...6

We are left with only “clues” as to the exact requirements for the individual to attain to full soul consciousness and experience the emergence of the soul from the material human body…

And this may be due to the same reason we are not given a full description of the requirements for attaining and completing the seven psychic circles of experiential growth…because the requirements are different for each individual…

In the final analysis…this mortal journey is an individual and unique experience for each and every one of us…


Why So Few Mortals Attain to...Fusion...5




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