Why Do You Insist on Calling God an…It…?

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Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It…?

When You Refer to a Person as an It…is that Person Real to You…or Just a Thing…?



Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...1
(1098.3) 100:4.6 You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere act of the will. Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments. It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love one more human being. If each day or each week you achieve an understanding of one more of your fellows, and if this is the limit of your ability, then you are certainly socializing and truly spiritualizing your personality. Love is infectious, and when human devotion is intelligent and wise, love is more catching than hate. But only genuine and unselfish love is truly contagious. If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man.
Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...2

When you call God…God…are you calling God an It…? God is merely a concept to you…a force…a power…something outside of and far-distant from you…? Is not the very term “God” equivalent to an…It…? An It…has no personality… It is just a thing…a force…a power… Or is it?

A serial killer might refer to his victim as an “it,” to deny the reality of the person he has killed. The victim is not real to the serial killer…just a thing…an object to rule over, control and destroy…

Would you call your best friend an…it…? Would you call each of your family members an…it…? Of course not.

But here on planet Earth…by and large…we employ many terms to refer to It–God, divine source, universe power, Almighty, the Almighty, being, the Creator, deity, demigod, divine, divinity, goddess, the Godhead, heaven, the Holy Spirit, immortal, the Infinite, Jehovah, Allah, pantheon, the Supreme Being, Yahweh, etc. And does not each and every one of these terms refer to an…It…?

The Grand and Central Universe

I cannot, by any means available to me, convince you of the reality that the Paradise Father is the most real Person in all of existence… I cannot convince you that He is the very Source and Center of personality, the very Source and Center of the personality that you are, that personality is His gift to you, the quality about you which makes you real to yourself and others.

Without this endowment of the “quality of knowingness,” the ability to know and be known…we would live out our lives as mere animals and nothing more… By means of the personality circuit–that which comes from the Paradise Father is directly connected to Him. And each individual, endowed with the gift of personality, the Paradise is directly connected to, experiencing you as you are…

Some many years ago, I came into the conscious realization that everything about this human experience is a gift from the Paradise Father, because He is the Source and Center of all that exists…

Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...3

We are born into this experience with the soon conscious realization that we are sometime going to end as a mortal being. The human body will terminate. You may never have thought of it this way… The human body is on loan to you.

Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...5The human animal brain is an electro-magnetic-chemical organism; it has a natural mind. But without the endowment of a supermind, the seven mind gifts of intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship and wisdom, the natural mind is “merely animal,” dark, vicious, self-protective, selfish and ready to attack, and even kill, anything that is perceived as different, and not a member of the individual’s immediate tribe… So we are endowed with a supermind that ever leads us into greater self-awareness and realization of moral choices, values, truth, beauty and goodness…

Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...6

If you have never experienced the truth of the Paradise Father’s personal presence within you…how can I describe the reality of it to you…? You have the most precious and desired gift to you, in the whole of the Universe of universes…the gift of a divine spirit, which the Paradise Father individuates from Himself (like the gift of personality) and sends to indwell you the moment you make your first moral choice between the lower animal tendencies of selfishness and the higher spirit nature of unselfish and divinely sharing—God-seeking… This divine spirit is called a Thought Adjuster.

Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...7

The spirit never drives…it never coerces… The Spirit only leads… And so the Thought Adjuster is ever playing the role of the “still small voice within…,” which is ever urging us on to greater spiritual attainment, a life path which is filled with difficult and trying situations, great challenges and hard choices, all of which will “try us in the fires of life,” and grow true and great characters through which we express the gift of personality.

And by means of these gifts…we are yet given the most precious gift of all…an evolving mortal soul…destined to become one with the indwelling divine spirit…and thereby attain to…immortality…

Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...13

If we do not discover this great truth, while we are here, we are sometime destined to discover that Love…is the greatest experience in the whole of the Universe of universes… 

To know Love and to give Love is to know God as a Person and our Father…that his very spirit dwells within each of his mortal children, not more of His spirit to one than another, endowing us with the same equality in His eyes…and making each and every one of us…both good and evil…his children…and all of us…brothers and sisters…

Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...4

Love ever seeks it highest expression… Jesus of Nazareth, the Creator Son of God, treated even his enemies as friends, even going the greatest distance the heart, mind and soul can travel…into that place where even the laying down of one’s life for his friends is not a sacrifice…not a duty…not a requirement…but the freewill choice to ever choose to do the will of the Paradise Father…even if it means losing one’s life, both figuratively and literally…for one’s friends…

Love, my friends, knows no enemies…only the potential sons and daughters of a heavenly Father, who is first, our True Friend, and secondly, acknowledging those, who are already awakened to the realization they are children of the Paradise Father, and therefore, not only brothers and sisters, but…friends…

And this, my friends, is the growing realization of the Fatherhood of God and the brother-hood—sister-hood of the children of God, and the reality of our all being connected as “one,” in our Paradise Father’s universe family of His children…

Why Do You Insist on Calling God...an It...
The Universal Father

(21.1) 1:0.1 THE Universal Father is the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. First think of God as a creator, then as a controller, and lastly as an infinite upholder. The truth about the Universal Father had begun to dawn upon mankind when the prophet said: “You, God, are alone; there is none beside you. You have created the heaven and the heaven of heavens, with all their hosts; you preserve and control them. By the Sons of God were the universes made. The Creator covers himself with light as with a garment and stretches out the heavens as a curtain.” Only the concept of the Universal Father — one God in the place of many gods — enabled mortal man to comprehend the Father as divine creator and infinite controller.

(21.2) 1:0.2 The myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many different types of intelligent creatures, beings who could know God, receive the divine affection, and love him in return. The universe of universes is the work of God and the dwelling place of his diverse creatures. “God created the heavens and formed the earth; he established the universe and created this world not in vain; he formed it to be inhabited.”

(21.3) 1:0.3 The enlightened worlds all recognize and worship the Universal Father, the eternal maker and infinite upholder of all creation. The will creatures of universe upon universe have embarked upon the long, long Paradise journey, the fascinating struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God the Father. The transcendent goal of the children of time is to find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine nature, to recognize the Universal Father. God-knowing creatures have only one supreme ambition, just one consuming desire, and that is to become, as they are in their spheres, like him as he is in his Paradise perfection of personality and in his universal sphere of righteous supremacy. From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise have carried this divine exhortation down through the ages and out through the universes, even to such lowly animal-origin creatures as the human races of Urantia.

Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...10


(22.1) 1:0.4 This magnificent and universal injunction to strive for the attainment of the perfection of divinity is the first duty, and should be the highest ambition, of all the struggling creature creation of the God of perfection. This possibility of the attainment of divine perfection is the final and certain destiny of all man’s eternal spiritual progress. 

(22.2) 1:0.5 Urantia mortals can hardly hope to be perfect in the infinite sense, but it is entirely possible for human beings, starting out as they do on this planet, to attain the supernal and divine goal which the infinite God has set for mortal man; and when they do achieve this destiny, they will, in all that pertains to self-realization and mind attainment, be just as replete in their sphere of divine perfection as God himself is in his sphere of infinity and eternity. Such perfection may not be universal in the material sense, unlimited in intellectual grasp, or final in spiritual experience, but it is final and complete in all finite aspects of divinity of will, perfection of personality motivation, and God-consciousness. 

(22.3) 1:0.6 This is the true meaning of that divine command, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect,” which ever urges mortal man onward and beckons him inward in that long and fascinating struggle for the attainment of higher and higher levels of spiritual values and true universe meanings. This sublime search for the God of universes is the supreme adventure of the inhabitants of all the worlds of time and space. 

The Urantia Book – Paper 1 – The Universal Father


Why Do You Insist on Calling God an It...9

Until you know God as something more than an “It…,” how can you possibly know Him as the Truest Friend in the whole of reality…and the Source and Center of the very Love you are capable of giving to others as “friends…?”

If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man.


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