The Cannibal Chicken Pecker Syndrome…

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The Cannibal Chicken Pecker Syndrome…

(Written in 1995)



Chicken Pecker 4
(1866.3) 170:5.20 It is just because the gospel of Jesus was so many-sided that within a few centuries students of the records of his teachings became divided up into so many cults and sects. This pitiful subdivision of Christian believers results from failure to discern in the Master’s manifold teachings the divine oneness of his matchless life. But someday the true believers in Jesus will not be thus spiritually divided in their attitude before unbelievers. Always we may have diversity of intellectual comprehension and interpretation, even varying degrees of socialization, but lack of spiritual brotherhood is both inexcusable and reprehensible.

Cannibalism may follow on from feather pecking, but may also arise independently. Cannibalism has been observed as starting with the pecking of fresh wounds in the back or excretory channels of a hen by nearby birds. This action is observed by other birds, who react similarly. Such pecking does not appear to be aggressive in character but to be part of normal feeding behavior. The attacked birds are usually silent and make little attempt to escape. Pecking often continues until part of the intestine is obtained. Death follows, usually within 10 minutes, but pecking of the corpse continues.

The Mystery of Chickens Lying Dead with a Bloody Neck…

Chicken Pecker 5


The Strange Oldest Son…

Chicken Pecker 3I look back, now, and see that the young boy, the oldest son, lived a farm life that was more isolated and educationally ignorant, than not. 

But the boy was also very observant of others, animals and nature.

Whatever he lacked in social graces, growing up on a Midwest Indiana farm, he made up for with unconsciously making the most of a fortuitous genetic inheritance… He was artistic, sensitive, pensive and asked a lot of embarrassing questions, wherever he went, and of whomever he engaged in conversation.

When his dad made him go hunting for rabbits, squirrels, possum, raccoons and deer…he didn’t just despise the killing of animals, he loathed it to the very core of his being… And so he would inevitably fall behind his dad and next younger brother, who in every way, both good and bad, idolized his dad and aimed in every moment of his life…to be just like him…
Chicken Pecker 6

The oldest son would purposely let his dad and next younger brother get farther and farther, ahead, so that he could find himself alone… 

Then he would set his unloaded rifle against a tree. Next, he would find a tree stump to sit on, while observing the behavior of the wild animals, intermittently looking for wild berries and edible plants to consume…

The smell of meat, both raw and cooked, as well as the eating of it, sickened him. He was as close to what you might call a “natural born vegetarian,” as one could be.

Now that you know something about the nature of the boy, I will tell you it was not the cleaning out of the chicken coops, when I began to observe a mystery that begged to be understood. Rather, it was when I was feeding the chickens and gathering eggs that I would periodically notice another chicken lying dead with a bloodied neck. This is to say that, upon more careful observation, I observed there to be remnants of black feathers, where the open wound occurred.

I took this observation to my dad, whose reaction was…”Don’t worry about it, son. That’s just stupid chickens being stupid; they’ll peck at anything that attracts their attention, like a black feather in another chicken’s neck…”

My dad was not a stupid man. He was an intelligent man, who unfortunately wallowed in shallow and morose thinking all of his short life. I knew that my dad had just told me something very important. I just wasn’t sure what it was, yet.

The Small Black Feather of Chicken Impurity…


I did not immediately understand that my human father had incidentally set my path upon a quest to eventually perceive the deeper meaning of this bird brain behavior. And the answer was not long in coming…

Chicken Pecker 7I began to actively observe the chickens, going into the chicken coop and just standing still, until the chickens would take no notice of me. After several different times of doing this, I finally caught them in the act.

In any brood of White Rock layers, you could easily spot two or three hens that had a single and sometimes two or three black feathers in a single patch in the side of the neck. Dad was essentially correct in saying that chickens mindlessly peck at anything which attracts their attention.

However, it is a fact of animal autonomic reaction to inherently protect the herd, pack or brood from genetically weaker individuals.

Were those chickens, who were all-white, free from attack by the brood? I honestly don’t know. But I can say that I kept observing these White Rock layers for several more years. I never observed an attack on any other individuals in the brood, except those that had inherited the small black feather of impurity…

The first time I witnessed this most interesting phenomenon of animal behavior, the attack would begin in this way…

Chicken Pecker 8
A single individual would approach the unfortunate one with the black feathers in its neck. It would swoop in and take a peck at it. The one pecked rarely reacted to protect itself. Then the same initial pecking hen or another would circle around the targeted hen, and peck, again.

Sooner or later, this persistent pecking, by as many as five other hens, would then open up a wound in the targeted hen’s neck. The victim might survive for several more days to a week.

Invariably the pecking intensified, until the wounding and subsequent infection overcame the targeted hen. And it died. 

But the pecking hens continued to peck and eat the victim.

Even after witnessing these acts of cannibalistic behavior, I did not immediately comprehend the deeper significance of this.

I would not fully understand, until I entered the U.S. Air Force. It was there I daily witnessed the exact same mindless behavior in my fellow human beings…and on a concentrated level of constantly attacking the self-image of every individual, who was considered “cannon fodder.”

It was there, when I would begin to see—eyes wide open…

Birds of a Feather Flap Their Wings, Squawk and Peck, Together…


Chicken Pecker 9I volunteered to enter the U.S. Air Force in June of 1970, over the fear I would have to declare myself a conscientious objector.  I wanted to serve my country and do my duty, but in a peaceful manner. And I knew that if I were drafted into the U.S. Army, I would refuse to train with an M-16, refuse to be herded, like thousands of sheep to the slaughter, onto a C30 cargo plane, headed to Vietnam. Instead, I would declare what I have been, from birth…a peaceful person, who does not believe in violence of any kind.

So I settled on volunteering to enter the U.S. Air Force, as a means to hopefully serve my country, in a peaceful capacity and as an undeclared conscientious objector.
In the military, the officer and enlisted classes do not mix, nor do they socialize, together. Any individual, failing to conform to the standards set for the enlisted classes, by the officer classes, is usually mustered out of the military, by discharge.

Chicken Pecker 10
I quickly became the target of both the enlisted and the officer classes, being intelligent, clever and headstrong. It was my job, as a publications specialist / administrative specialist, to order updated Air Force Regulations and Training Manuals. And I also read them all, in my spare time.

My purpose in reading these manuals, many of them having a SECRET classification, or higher, become a mission to learn to protect myself against inevitable attacks, especially from the Officer classes.

And I carefully observed the constant attacks upon other enlisted personnel, and less frequently, upon junior Officers.

Slowly but surely, I was accumulating a comprehensive and composite insight into the most basic of all human animal actions and reactions, to anything and everything the individual fears and feels he or she must “mindlessly attack,” push away, separate from and even destroy, in order to protect the self from a perceived, but illusory attack from those considered “inferior…”

Chicken Pecker 12Especially after beginning to read The Urantia book, for the first time, in 1971, while stationed on an isolated mountaintop, halfway around the world, in the country of Turkey, my eyes were opened to this “mindless pecking at the great black feather of human impurity,” by my fellow mortals, and myself. I was then set  upon a path of consciously observing how that we “mindlessly” attack each other over the smallest of human character flaws.

I have never yet met an individual, who has mastered this most basic of all human and nonhuman animal reactions. I know, however, it can be mastered, it can be kept in its mental cage, where it can do no harm…

The Legacy of Human Animal Fear…


7 adjuants - 7 psychic circlesIt is this “mindless” pecking at the tiny black feathers of human character flaws, which I believe is at the heart –the dead core center of what the Thought Adjusters must carry forward from the seventh cosmic level to the first, and more often than not, on into the resurrected future existence on the mansion training worlds.

What is the nonteachable level of autonomic reactions in the animal brain-mind, if not this “mindless” fear-reaction to protect the self? What is the “path of least resistance” of the animal brain-mind, if not this unreasoned level of fear-reaction to every thing different from ourselves?

Chicken Pecker 1




What great things can you achieve when you have allotted no time for judging others…but act with a kind, caring, compassionate and courageous heart…?

Sir Nicholas Winton is a humanitarian who organized a rescue operation that saved the lives of 669 Jewish Czechoslovakia children from Nazi death camps, and brought them to the safety of Great Britain between the years 1938-1939.

After the war, his efforts remained unknown. But in 1988, Winton’s wife Grete found the scrapbook from 1939 with the complete list of children’s names and photos. This is a clip of a video where Sir Nicholas Winton is sitting in an audience of Jewish Czechoslovakian people who he saved 50 years before.

5. Spiritual Unity

(1591.6) 141:5.1 One of the most eventful of all the evening conferences at Amathus was the session having to do with the discussion of spiritual unity. James Zebedee had asked, “Master, how shall we learn to see alike and thereby enjoy more harmony among ourselves?” When Jesus heard this question, he was stirred within his spirit, so much so that he replied: “James, James, when did I teach you that you should all see alike? I have come into the world to proclaim spiritual liberty to the end that mortals may be empowered to live individual lives of originality and freedom before God. I do not desire that social harmony and fraternal peace shall be purchased by the sacrifice of free personality and spiritual originality. What I require of you, my apostles, is spirit unity — and that you can experience in the joy of your united dedication to the wholehearted doing of the will of my Father in heaven. You do not have to see alike or feel alike or even think alike in order spiritually to be alike. Spiritual unity is derived from the consciousness that each of you is indwelt, and increasingly dominated, by the spirit gift of the heavenly Father. Your apostolic harmony must grow out of the fact that the spirit hope of each of you is identical in origin, nature, and destiny.

(1591.7) 141:5.2 “In this way you may experience a perfected unity of spirit purpose and spirit understanding growing out of the mutual consciousness of the identity of each of your indwelling Paradise spirits; and you may enjoy all of this profound spiritual unity in the very face of the utmost diversity of your individual attitudes of intellectual thinking, temperamental feeling, and social conduct. Your personalities may be refreshingly diverse and markedly different, while your spiritual natures and spirit fruits of divine worship and brotherly love may be so unified that all who behold your lives will of a surety take cognizance of this spirit identity and soul unity; they will recognize that you have been with me and have thereby learned, and acceptably, how to do the will of the Father in heaven. You can achieve the unity of the service of God even while you render such service in accordance with the technique of your own original endowments of mind, body, and soul.

(1592.1) 141:5.3 “Your spirit unity implies two things, which always will be found to harmonize in the lives of individual believers: First, you are possessed with a common motive for life service; you all desire above everything to do the will of the Father in heaven. Second, you all have a common goal of existence; you all purpose to find the Father in heaven, thereby proving to the universe that you have become like him.”

(1592.2) 141:5.4 Many times during the training of the twelve Jesus reverted to this theme. Repeatedly he told them it was not his desire that those who believed in him should become dogmatized and standardized in accordance with the religious interpretations of even good men. Again and again he warned his apostles against the formulation of creeds and the establishment of traditions as a means of guiding and controlling believers in the gospel of the kingdom.


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