Through the Looking Glass… Outside In…Not Inside Out…

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Through the Looking Glass…

Outside In…Not Inside Out…

(Written June 19th, 2014)





Through the Looking Glass, Outside in, Not Inside Out, is your own unique version of You in Wonderland.

As a unique mortal soul you went down the rabbit hole when you were born into this human experience.

You are the protagonist in this seven act play called

You are Spirit Having a Material Life Experience.

In this seven act play, there is a unique twist.

The_White_RabbitYou not only unconsciously follow the white rabbit. The white rabbit super consciously follows you through all of your strangely twisted adventures of mind and your encounters with other beings both real and imagined.

The white rabbit is nonetheless your guide throughout the whole of your distorted adventures in wonderland. And it doesn’t end there. The white rabbit will be your eternal partner throughout the infinite adventure that awaits you beyond this material life experience.

(1242.1) 113:1.6 In the ministry to so-called normal beings, seraphic assignments are made in accordance with the human attainment of the circles of intellectuality and spirituality. You start out in your mind of mortal investment in the seventh circle and journey inward in the task of self-understanding, self-conquest, and self-mastery; and circle by circle you advance until (if natural death does not terminate your career and transfer your struggles to the mansion worlds) you reach the first or inner circle of relative contact and communion with the indwelling Adjuster.

–The Urantia Book, Paper 113 – Seraphic Guardians of Destiny

Looking at Human Existence through
the Wrong End of the Spy Glass


From early childhood, it seemed to me that all of life was turned outside in. This is to say that life itself was like looking through the wrong end of the telescope and wondering, in ignorance, why everything looked so small.  At times, it also seemed like I was standing on the other side of the mirror, looking inward at the shadows of the real…
The scientist begins to accelerate the ship. At faster-than-light speed, the planets and stars are expanding in size. Or is the spaceship and he getting smaller?
How would your perception change, if you were suddenly transported to a point outside of the material universe?
In my preteen years, I read a lot of science fiction, the only one in my immediate and extended family, who had any interest in it, at all.

There was a particular science fiction novel, from the 50’s, a story about a scientist, who invents a faster-than-light spaceship, barely escaping Earth, alone, as nuclear war breaks out.

When he finally reaches the end of the universe, he discovers he has landed on a glass field. At first, he doesn’t understand. Then to his horror, realizing too late, he has landed on the glass slide under a microscope of another scientist. In what may be seen as the ultimate oxymoron, he appears to the other scientist as an insect, which the giant scientist promptly squashes with his finger.
Although the concept seems wholly puerile to me, now, it was mind-expanding to me, as a child of eight.


What if You Could Stand Outside the Universe of universes…and Look In…?


You are now looking at all of the whirling and swirling galaxies in their gravitational procession, in their eternal swing around you. All of every existence, spirit, quasi-spirit and material is already a completed and perfected series of space-time events. You see them all as “happening simultaneously.”

You see the whole. You comprehend the whole. You know, in your infinite wisdom, what it all means, where it is all headed, because there is a divine plan.

You see that life is eternal; the universe is eternal; experience is never-ending in its pursuit of perfection.
The divine plan is eternal; the purpose of the divine plan is infinite.

Evolving into the Quasi-spiritual…


On the Outside Looking In...

Looking outside in…the material begins to slowly appear as less and less real. The quasi-spiritual phase (morontia) we are evolving into becomes more and more real.
Slowly but surely you are ascending up through and out of the rabbit hole, while observing reality through the looking glass…outside in…

Jesus of Nazareth expressed the living connection to spirit so beautifully in his affirmation of living faith. “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Jesus was the living manifestation of true character.
This is what

You are a Spirit Having a Material Life Experience

is about.

cegoYour life path has always been to explore what it means to manifest true character, the truth and the life. This is what it means to know you are a spirit having a material experience.

You are a spirit having a material experience, not a physical being having a spiritual experience.

The moment you evolve beyond—transcend the intellectual conceptualizing of your mortal experience, is the moment you stand outside of your limitations to view your material life experience from the super conscious viewpoint of the soul.

why you are here

This transcending the intellectualizing mind is an experience of great subtlety. For the masses of humanity, past and present, the individual experiences small glimmers of standing outside…looking in…before receding securely back into the gravity-grasp of intellectualism.

You, however, are destined to achieve full soul-consciousness, super consciously living in the presence of the divine spirit-fragment of the Paradise Father indwelling your mind.

(1196.1) 109:1.4 Adjusters pass through a definite developmental career in the mortal mind; they achieve a reality of attainment which is eternally theirs. They progressively acquire Adjuster skill and ability as a result of any and all contacts with the material races, regardless of the survival or nonsurvival of their particular mortal subjects. They are also equal partners of the human mind in fostering the evolution of the immortal soul of survival capacity.
(1196.2) 109:1.5 The first stage of Adjuster evolution is attained in fusion with the surviving soul of a mortal being. Thus, while you are in nature evolving inward and upward from man to God, the Adjusters are in nature evolving outward and downward from God to man; and so will the final product of this union of divinity and humanity eternally be the son of man and the son of God.

 –The Urantia Book, Paper 109, Relation of Adjuster to Universe Creatures

(2079.6) 195:7.11 If the universe were only material and man only a machine, there would be no science to embolden the scientist to postulate this mechanization of the universe. Machines cannot measure, classify, nor evaluate themselves. Such a scientific piece of work could be executed only by some entity of supermachine status.

(2079.7) 195:7.12 If universe reality is only one vast machine, then man must be outside of the universe and apart from it in order to recognize such a fact and become conscious of the insight of such an evaluation.

(2079.8) 195:7.13 If man is only a machine, by what technique does this man come to believe or claim to know that he is only a machine? The experience of self-conscious evaluation of one’s self is never an attribute of a mere machine. A self-conscious and avowed mechanist is the best possible answer to mechanism. If materialism were a fact, there could be no self-conscious mechanist. It is also true that one must first be a moral person before one can perform immoral acts.

(2079.9) 195:7.14 The very claim of materialism implies a supermaterial consciousness of the mind which presumes to assert such dogmas. A mechanism might deteriorate, but it could never progress. Machines do not think, create, dream, aspire, idealize, hunger for truth, or thirst for righteousness. They do not motivate their lives with the passion to serve other machines and to choose as their goal of eternal progression the sublime task of finding God and striving to be like him. Machines are never intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, ethical, moral, or spiritual.

–The Urantia Book, Paper 195 – After Pentecost


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