Relations of Adjusters to Individuals Mortals

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Disappear in Chariots of Fire…

(Written June 17th, 2014)



Ezekiel glory depart fire
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Many, if not the vast majority of human beings have hazy concepts of what the human soul is. 
  • Is the soul energy?
  • Is it a perfect spiritual being?


The Urantia Book

Paper 110 – Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals


(1212.3) 110:7.2 When a human being has completed the circles of cosmic achievement, and further, when the final choosing of the mortal will permits the Adjuster to complete the association of human identity with the morontial soul during evolutionary and physical life, then do such consummated liaisons of soul and Adjuster go on independently to the mansion worlds, and there is issued the mandate from Uversa which provides for the immediate fusion of the Adjuster and the morontial soul. This fusion during physical life instantly consumes the material body; the human beings who might witness such a spectacle would only observe the translating mortal disappear “in chariots of fire.”


morontia being
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In my view, the soul is composed of our experiences of contact with moral and spiritual values; personality which, through these value-experiences, while itself, changeless, expresses itself in increasingly greater perfection of character, increasingly blending with the indwelling spirit of God, which weaves all of these factors into a new mind-energy form, neither human nor spirit, but which is able to rapidly adapt and become a full-fledged spirit on the worlds to come… 

5. The Adjuster’s Mission

(1191.2) 108:5.1 The Adjusters accept a difficult assignment when they volunteer to indwell such composite beings as live on Urantia. But they have assumed the task of existing in your minds, there to receive the admonitions of the spiritual intelligences of the realms and then to undertake to redictate or translate these spiritual messages to the material mind; they are indispensable to the Paradise ascension.

(1191.3) 108:5.2 What the Thought Adjuster cannot utilize in your present life, those truths which he cannot successfully transmit to the man of his betrothal, he will faithfully preserve for use in the next stage of existence, just as he now carries over from circle to circle those items which he fails to register in the experience of the human subject, owing to the creature’s inability, or failure, to give a sufficient degree of co-operation.

(1191.4) 108:5.3 One thing you can depend upon: The Adjusters will never lose anything committed to their care; never have we known these spirit helpers to default. Angels and other high types of spirit beings, not excepting the local universe type of Sons, may occasionally embrace evil, may sometimes depart from the divine way, but Adjusters never falter. They are absolutely dependable, and this is equally true of all seven groups.

(1191.5) 108:5.4 Your Adjuster is the potential of your new and next order of existence, the advance bestowal of your eternal sonship with God. By and with the consent of your will, the Adjuster has the power to subject the creature trends of the material mind to the transforming actions of the motivations and purposes of the emerging morontial soul.


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