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A Daily Psalm

(Written in 1996)



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O Universe Creator, our Eternal Teacher, You teach us to rest in the stillness of a calm spirit.

You illuminate our thoughts with enlightened ideas and divine results.

You daily rejuvenate our souls with Your Radiant, Life-giving Energy.

Our inner nature is dual; the limitations of our human origins assail the awareness of our divine heritage. Your Light, within us, prevails… Our dualities are unified.

Heavenly Father, You have thus spoken: Knock—and the door shall be opened unto you. Ask. And you shall receive. In the awakening , within us, of the divine law, let there be neither fears or doubts.

Paradise Father, You have endowed us in the likeness of Your Person; through the rebirth of the spirit are we translated into a more perfect universe form. Let us experience increasing joy, in increasing spirit-perfection.

O First Source of all life, Your blessings are abundant—like flowing rivers of virgin spring water…without end… From Your Eternal Abode they perpetually flow to daily quench our thirst and hunger—even in our ungratefulness.

All good things that belong to our spiritual destinies, we claim as our rightful inheritance, now, for right-use, in the uplifting of every soul on Earth.

It is our will that Your Will be done.

We will ever still our minds and hearts to listen to the whispers of Your Presence and Voice within our hearts, minds and souls.
And Your spirit, within us, and we…shall be as…one…

shall be as…one…


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