The Sayings of Tim R Walls

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The Sayings of Tim R Walls

(Written Over Time – Collected and Published June 3rd, 2014)



How do we make this world a brotherhood-sisterhood? How do we make it a world, wherein every individual realizes his or her spiritual connection to the Paradise Father and to each the other?

The following is a list of sayings I have spoken to others, over time… You may use any of these, verbatim, as long as you attribute the saying to the author.  And if you quote me, a link back to this blog site would be greatly appreciated, so that others may also find it and discover the treasures herein. Otherwise, rewrite them in your own words. And either way make them a conscious part of you.
  • Only the experience of knowing the Paradise Father-God of all beings in the Universe of universes, through his indwelling spirit, will quench the internal spiritual thirst, which almost all of us experience, while we are here. If you listen to the still, small voice within, your thirst will be quenched. If you ignore it…until you no longer hear it…you are destined to wither and die in the desert of your own self-isolation…
  • It is only this firsthand connecting to the First Source and Center of our very existence, which provides the fullest and most satisfying of human experiences–the soul-satisfying and soul-growing experience of knowing our heavenly Father, firsthand, not second-hand, through an intercessor or intermediary.
  • Lift the word from the printed page; let it become the sound, form, rhythm, meaning and pulse of life within your living experiences — overflowing with the spiritual truth, beauty and goodness, which springs forth from the Eternal, and which lasts for eternity…
    ‘’In my own life “life lessons” path… I have always been taking the more challenging evolutionary road, even when at times, I thought I was taking an easier one… For some of us…it is just…meant to be…?
  • In the beginning…”little I” grew increasingly aware of “Observing I”… Now, Observing I is all there is…
  • Not one of us fully understands the way in which the consciousness of the whole planet is unfolding…how soon…or how far away…the full awakening will occur… It is a fact, however, that this super conscious awakening of human civilization, indeed, of the whole planet will only take place…one awakening human individual, at a time…through the unselfishly loving service of each of us who are already awake to every one of us, who is still asleep…
Black Kettle Hypocrisy Meter
black kettle hypocrisy meter
  • The pot universally calls the kettle “black,” while prideful arrogance, ignorance and apathy reign supreme over the individual mind…?
  • As ambassadors of spiritual love–unselfishly and freely giving of truth, beauty and goodness unto our fellow beings, we experience the actuality of the our Paradise Father’s love for each and every one of us. As ambassadors of truth we are the lights of spiritual truth shining in the room and in the world, so that all may be drawn to the light of saving love, which love saves us from a slavish existence of ego-centric self-inflation and self-importance.
  • I have stated, throughout the whole of my life, that “organized science” and “organized religion” are but flip sides of the same coin. But true science and true spirituality are, indeed, one and the same.
  • Rather than seeing the lack of kindness and love in the world, be the kindness and love that keeps the darkness at bay.


  • It is a sad spectacle to observe that to have the greatest revelation of our lives, in our hands, the Fifth Epochal revelation, but see so few spiritually courageous readers and believers, who know that we ALL are our Father’s ambassadors of revealing the truth through the lives we live; we are not just here to perpetually read the Urantia Book, and attend study groups… The spirit-light must be placed in the open center where it may offer light and be shared in by every sister and brother, we have the opportunity to meet and with whom to interact, at any moment, anyplace and anywhere on this planet…
  • It is almost always so far less complicated than we make it… We miss it… The simple answer could be staring us in the face and touching our noses; we can smell, taste and touch that it is within our reach…and yet…we ignore it, until often the simple truth smacks us on the side of the head, knocking us down, and daring us to get back up and step into the truer self we have been seeking all along…
  • For many, it is but a small shift from believing oneself to be in a prison, out of which there is no escape, to seeing, in retrospect, there was no prison… The prison cell door was always open to walk out, at any time. It was only the self-imprisoning belief which kept the individual there…for as long as the belief remained…




  • On the way to expenditure city, I lost my wallet and “oh, what a pity!” Couldn’t buy a couch for any amount of money. And now my wife says… “There’s your new home–the dog house…honey.”
  • I often relate to others, how that in looking back upon my own “dark night of the soul,” which was the greatest period of adversity and personal tribulation I have ever faced…was, in fact, my greatest blessing, which forever shaped and molded the cast of the true character, into which I have, ever since, been growing…
  • It is the inherent and self-protective, subjective animal fear of objectively acknowledging our character defects, which character defects, we often hide behind, so that we do not have to put forth the effort to grow into our true selves–the true character of the fully conscious soul of divine origin…
  • We must choose to greatly elevate our thinking and our lives to become Ambassadors of Truth, whose lives are unselfishly devoted to manifesting and revealing the way, inward and upward, to up grasp the indwelling spirit of the Paradise Father, which dwells within each of us, while the indwelling spirit is simultaneously descending downward and outward to become one in personality and soul-consciousness, so that our lives shine with spiritual radiance in the love of each other and in unselfishly serving the needs of the children of our heavenly Paradise Father.
Paradise and the Surrounding Circuits
of One Billion Perfected Worlds

by Artist Gary Tonge


  • When all eyes are focused upon the Paradise Father, who is above all tribal, community, and national gods based in organized scientific, philosophic and religious authority, then will the whole of human civilization be…truly awakened…  —
  • Whenever someone, along my path (and there have been more than a few) said to my face (mostly behind my back) they thought I was crazy, eccentric, off the deep end, schizophrenic, lost my mind, weirdo, etc., they made me all the more certain I was on the right path to discovering my true self. And every single one of them proved me right.
  • True character is revealed openly when the self that clamors for attention and ego-inflation has been relegated to a quiet clerical position in the back office, while the spirit of God speaks and works through the fully conscious evolving mortal soul.




  • While I agree with this statement…it has been my own personal experience that it is far easier to see the betrayal that comes from friends and loved ones than to ever see and acknowledge our own betrayal, both of friends and loved ones…as well as our betrayal of ourselves…
  • Why are we ever so eager to point a finger outward at others…before first pointing that finger inward to acknowledge the same or greater faults that lie within ourselves?
  • There are still so many ignorant, apathetic, prideful and arrogant individuals we may encounter, all along our paths in life. What is at the surface of the person and what is in the heart are often two different realities. When we learn to listen with the heart, we may bypass the fragile ego, the small selfish child at the surface, to discover the bigger, more mature, and better person hiding away behind fear, but really wanting someone to encourage him or her, and show the little and fearful person how to escape into the reality of the bigger, more mature, more real and truer self–this truer character of the person, who is wanting desperately to leave the dark cave of fear and walk openly in the light…





  • My friend, I was so impatient, in my youth, it led to entering the dark night of the soul for nearly four years of my mid to late twenties. One day I read a passage that included the following statement: “Do not be discouraged by the discovery that you are human.” Even though I recognized the truth in this statement, I was, even then, so impatient that I cursed this idea. What do you mean–do not be discouraged by the discovery that you are human?” And I fought with myself, in my impatience and anger, over this concept, until the truth won out.
  • I was, indeed, discouraged by the discovery of not only my own human imperfections, but the imperfections of those I loved and believed in, whom I felt had become disloyal and had betrayed me. The disloyalty and the betrayal were my own, reflecting in the minds and lives of those I loved and believed in…
  • The person I am, today, is living proof that, if we desire to grow in the greater experiences of truth, beauty and goodness in our lives, we will, indeed, acquire the virtues of patience, understanding, courage, listening with the heart, nobility, loyalty, trustworthiness and the increasing unselfish love of our fellow human beings–becoming, with age, the real person we inwardly desired to be, in our youth.


where few dare to travel


  • Dare to explore the road less traveled… There is no doubt you will face many dangers, even life and death challenges; the reward is a life of increasing self-control, self-mastery and the integration of body, mind, spirit and soul.     
  • When Jesus of Nazareth talked about “casting pearls before swine,” this was a metaphor for not handing greater truth to others on a silver platter. They will knock the platter out of your hands with their noses, ignoring the greater truths on which they were delivered and continue rooting in the same muck they were before you showed up… Truth not experienced is truth not earned. You simply cannot short-circuit time.




  • The more deeply immersed in the five senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch you obsessively become…the less likely you are to recognize the truth of the meaning of your own life and the lives of others… What I am talking about is the descent into debauchery, lies and self-deception so abundantly in evidence–the shadow existence of materialism which is presently engulfing and drowning humanity, like a 100 foot tsunami…
  • Perhaps the greatest miracle in the world is the change that may occur within each of us…when we respond to greater truth…
  • You will never change the mind-set-in-stone of those self-righteous individuals, who believe their mission-from-God to be…righteous…no matter at what cost to their own lives and the lives of others…
  • The world of today is characterized by an outstretched hand, continually asking for greater level of entitlements, and financial support for an individual cause or mission. My life has been characterized by…self-reliance…never asking from another what I am capable of doing for myself. When I have exhausted every possibility…then and only then, do I ask for assistance…in return for something I can do for the other…which solves both of the challenges we mutually face.
  • It is the great responsibility of stewardship of money and wealth not earned with my own two hands that prevents me from playing the lottery, gambling or accepting money without remuneration to the other.
  • Keep it real. No one else in the universe can do that for you.


14 - 1


  • A great sculpture is not finished until everything that doesn’t belong on it is chipped off and sanded away…
Hiawatha by Augustus Saint-Gaudens


A logical and consistent philosophic concept of the universe cannot be built up on the postulations of either materialism or spiritism, for both of these systems of thinking, when universally applied, are compelled to view the cosmos in distortion, the former contacting with a universe turned inside out, the latter realizing the nature of a universe turned outside in. Never, then, can either science or religion, in and of themselves, standing alone, hope to gain an adequate understanding of universal truths and relationships without the guidance of human philosophy and the illumination of divine revelation.

The Urantia Book, Paper 103. – The Reality of Religious Experience, (1135.7) 103:6.5


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