(Published June 2nd, 2014)



I use to publish

I have been building blogs and publishing for over a decade, now. And what I can tell you is that I’ve bought and used many different softwares. Some got the job done very well.

But looking back, I do not believe the price justified the end product, not in even one single purchase.

In every instance, where I paid a lot of money of money for the privilege of using a software, backed by a lot of hype, I found a free software alternative, which was equal to or superior to the purchased version.

So for some of you, what I post here will be of little interest. But for others, I thought you might find it helpful to know which free software tools I use to create and publish on this blog site.

Background Music – Creative Commons


Desktop Audio Extractor

HTML Editing

Default Browser

Images Sourcing

Online Audio Converter
Online Audio Cutter

Online Audio Joiner

Online Audio & Video Conversion

Online Audio from Video Extractor


(Slide Creation)

(*Built in editor)
(*Windows Live Essentials)

Screen Capture

*Windows Built-in Snipping Tool

Voice Recording

(*I use an M-Audio, Producer USB Microphone, mounted on a mini-stand with an attached pop screen. I set it about 1.5 feet away from me. The microphone is angled slightly downward and turned to a 20 degree angle.)

Video Creation
(*Windows Live Essentials)

And that’s about it. As I think of or discover more useful free software tools, I will include them, here, for your benefit. This list is comprised of the free software tools I have consistently used over the last several years. It is the result of a lot of testing and trying out different softwares. These are the ones I depend on.

I hope you may find them useful, as well…

Tim R Walls

P.S. You are welcome to contact me regarding the use of these free software tools or any other subject on your mind. Smile

P.S.S. If you think my blog looks great…the secret is in “the doing.” Nothing ever happens without what seems like “endless trial and error,” making mistake after mistake until you attain to a higher level of professionalism. If you could compare my efforts ten years ago to what I do now, you’d go “OMG that was ugly way back then.” And yes, indeed, it was. Professionalism in publishing does not happen overnight. It takes consistent practice, practice, more practice, even…endless practicing…


Religion is nothing more of less, but exactly the conscious soul discovering the Divine Source within…and following the leading of the whispers of the spirit to the soul during the brief course of the human experience… 

–Tim R Walls


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