Let Go

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Let God

(Written January 21st, 2014)

Let god of Tomorrow
for tomorrow may…never come…
let god of Yesterday
and every detail, yet undone
embrace Today and its
battles to be faced, lost and won

Let god of Tomorrow
tomorrow takes care of itself
let god of Yesterday
and its store of lies never tell
embrace Today and its
potentials, explore and work well

Let god of Tomorrow
whether it may be bright or black
let god of Yesterday
and only from distance look back
embrace Today and its
values save and problems attack

Let god of Tomorrow
by inner spirit, peace attain
let god of Yesterday
only what is real will remain
embrace Today and let
spirit values reveal the plane

Let god of Tomorrow
each moment you begin, anew
let god of Yesterday
mirrored distortions will be few
let god of Today–your goal
is to let god of your own view

and in this ego-less state…
become…one with the spirit..inside you…

(*Written from three lines that came into my mind, upon awakening, Today…”Let go of Tomorrow…let go of Yesterday…embrace Today…)


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